Best Citrus Juicers: To Make Juicing A Breeze

Many would agree that juicing is the best of way of enjoying a glass of your favorite drink filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. All you have to do is assemble the citrus juicer, take the fresh fruits, place them on the juicer and start squeezing. And using the best citrus juicers just make thing easier.

But wait. Are you sure you are getting enough juice out of your fruits? Are you content with the amount of pulp in the juice? Is your juice free of dangerous chemicals? All of this also depends on the juicer you use.

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9 Best Citrus Juicers of all time

If you’re interested in purchasing a citrus juicer that is perfect for your kitchen, you have to find and compare many citrus juicers and choose the best from the bunch. Not an easy job, is it? Well, that’s the reason we have made a list of the best citrus juicers that will save your time while also helping you make the right choice.

  1. BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer
  2. Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor –
  3. BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
  4. Dash Citrus Juicer Extractor: Compact Juicer
  5. OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer
  6. HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout
  7. Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer
  8. Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer
  9. Proctor Silex 66332 Juicit Citrus Juicer

So lets check out the juicers we have in store for you.

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer

Many people buy citrus juicers mainly for a glass of lemonade or orange juice while many others like to use this machine to extract the juice or pulp for other recipes. If you are someone who likes to use the leftover pulp, this citrus juicer is for you. With a pulp basket to collect the pulp and adjustable pulp control, it will satisfy juice and orange cake lovers alike.

Maximum extraction

People would always like to get the most juice out of their fruits. Extraction of additional juice is one of the things BLACK+DECKER is built to do. The powerful action of auto reversing cones ensures that the job is done.

Adjustable pulp control

The amount of pulp in your drink affects its taste as well as absorption of nutrients. Different types of juicers also produce juice with different quantities of this substance, which can be a problem for many when switching to a new type of juicer. But with this BLACK+DECKER juicer, you can adjust the amount of pulp to your liking. A feature that makes it one of the best citrus juicers.

Comes with pulp basket

Many people throw away the pulp but some people try using it in other dishes. This juicer collects pulp extracted from the fruits in a pulp basket. The basket’s contents can be easily taken out and is also easy to clean.

Clear, visible measurements

Citrus fruit juice isn’t always consumed as a drink but also used in cooking. Most dishes need precise amounts of ingredients for perfection. The visible measurements on the clear 32oz container allows you to collect and use the right amounts of juice.

Drip free pour spout

Pouring juice out of a container with a poorly designed spout can make a mess. But the BLACK+DECKER’s pour spout is designed to save all of your juice.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning kitchen gadgets is probably one of the biggest reasons many people think twice before buying them. However, this juicer is dishwasher safe. So cleaning is as simple as disassembling it and turning the machine on.

Built in Cord Storage

The cord can be kept in a storage pocket in the juicer. This feature reduces the risk of damage from water and sharp objects.

  • Auto reversing cones
  • Adjustable pulp control
  • Comes with pulp basket
  • Large 32 ounce capacity
  • Clear measurements
  • Well-built pour spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Built-in cord storage
  • Noisy
  • Juicer may expose you to styrene and BPA.

Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor – Large Capacity 34oz (1L)

Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Electric Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor

The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line is another machine that has earned a place in our best citrus juicer’s list. This citrus, juicer with all its features, will surely satisfy its owners.

Powerful motor

Our time is quite precious. We can’t spend a lot of time on a glass of juice every day. That’s why this feature is so useful. Equipped with a 40% more powerful motor, the juicer’s action saves more of our time.

Auto reversing cones

Like the previous juicer, this machine has 2 auto reversing cones designed for fruits of different sizes. They also increase the amount of juice extracted.

Large capacity

A small juice container fills up quite quickly and has to be emptied several times when juicing a lot of fruits. Fortunately, the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line has a large container that is capable of storing up to one liter of juice. Another way it saves some of our time.

Adjustable pulp control

Some people like to have more pulp in their drink while many others prefer to have most of it removed. But citrus juicers with ineffective filters or screens will remove a lot of pulp while many better ones remove a lot of it. Fortunately, the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line can adjust the amount of pulp in the drink, so everyone can have juice with the taste they want

Longer shelf life

Are you worried about your drink separating quickly? Don’t worry. The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line’s juice remains fresh up to 72 hours.

Clear measurements

The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line’s container has clear measurements on it. These measurements allow you to juice fruits for your favorite dishes.

Easy to assemble

Many citrus juicers are not very easy to take apart. Some parts need a lot of force to open, which can damage any product. But the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line is built to be easily taken apart and put together making cleaning easier.

Dishwasher safe

The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line only has a few parts that need to be washed. To make washing easier, all you need to do is put the non electric parts in the dishwasher.


The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line has one feature that even some of the best citrus juicers don’t. It’s juicing action may be similar to a lot others but has a big difference, it’s quiet. This makes juicing more relaxing.

  • Powerful motor Auto reversing comes
  • One liter capacity clear measurements
  • Ball control
  • 72 hours shelf life
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quiet
  • Automatic on/off may stop working

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer

When it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, features and quality material are important. The OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer’s features are what make it stand out.

Dual Cones

There are citrus fruits of many different sizes ranging from tiny lemons and limes to grapefruits. That’s why this juicer comes with a small and a large cone. These cones will let people deal with the fruits with ease.


The amount of juice used in recipes maybe written in milliliters, ounces, or cups. To save the time spent on using measuring tools, the Oxo Good Grips has all three of these measurements.

Well-designed Body

A good citrus juicer is one that makes your work easier. The Oxo Good Grips’ body is built for a comfortable grip with a drip free pour spout that helps avoid spilling the drink. It certainly makes juicing better.

Easy to Assemble

A juicer with more parts will take longer to assemble and be harder to clean. This juicer only has a body and two cones that can be easily attached to the rest. It is also very easy to clean.

Made of BPA-free Material

Even some of the best citrus juicers are made with material that could expose one to BPA, a harmful chemical. The OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer, however, is made of BPA-free material.

  • Small and Large Cones
  • Measurements
  • Body for Comfortable Grip
  • Drip Free Spout
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Made of BPA-free Material
  • Some detergents can make it cloudy

Dash Citrus Juicer Extractor: Compact Juicer


The Citrus Juice Extractor is another powerful citrus juicer that let’s juice lovers enjoy their drink with less effort. With its auto reversing cones and compact design, it is something one could keep anywhere they want.

Dual, auto reversing cones.

People want to get the maximum amount of juice from their fruits. This compact juicer’s auto reversing cones allow it to extract as much juice as possible.

Adjustable pulp control

More juice extraction produces more pulp. To prevent all that pulp from entering the drink, the juicer has a strainer which not only filters the pulp, but can also adjust the amount of it in the juice.

600 mL capacity

The Citrus Juice Extractor can store up to 600 mL of juice in its pitcher. The high capacity allows one to mix other ingredients in the fresh juice.

Made of BPA-free material

Safe material isn’t always used in kitchen appliances. Even the best citrus juicers may be built with material that is not good for your health. Those who want to avoid this may consider getting this citrus juicer built with safer, BPA-free material.


Space is one thing many forget about when looking for an ideal kitchen gadget. But size and weight do matter, which is why this citrus juicer’s lightweight and compact build will come in handy.

Easy cleaning

If cleaning is a big deal to you, you’ll be glad to know that cleaning this gadget is not hard. All the non electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

Easy to use

Assembling the juicer is pretty easy and so is juicing and taking it apart. Its container can store up to 600 ml of liquid which can be poured through a drip free spout.

  • Adjustable pulp control
  • 600 mL capacity
  • Dual, auto reversing cones.
  • Measurements
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Drip free spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Build of bpa-free material
  • Noisy

OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer

OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer

Not all people juice lots of fruits. Many people only need enough juice for cooking. Such people may be looking for a small manual citrus juicer, like the OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer.

Unique cone design

The cones of citrus juicers largely determine how well your fruits are juiced. That is why the reamer of this juicer has a unique shape. It is designed to juice fruits more efficiently.

Secure fitting

The small citrus juicer only has two parts, the cone and the container. They can be assembled easily and securely.

Drip free pour spout

Many customers may overlook the spout, but a drip free spout is important as it allows you to pour juice easily without making a mess.


A small juicer like this one is mostly used for cooking. That is why the accurate measurements printed on it will help a lot when you use it.

Made of BPA-free material

The OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer is not only an efficient juicer, but also a safer choice. It is made of safe plastic that does not produce BPA.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning the juicer is easier than using it. Just take the juicer apart and put it in the dishwasher. The machine will take care of the rest.

  • Efficient cone
  • Secure fitting
  • Measurements
  • Drip free spout
  • Made of BPA-free material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Too small for larger fruits
  • Tips over easily

HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout

HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout

The HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout is a small juicer made completely out of heavyweight glass. Unlike the other citrus juicers, this one will resist damage caused by acids while also keeping the juice free of harmful carcinogens.

Pointed cone

The HIC Citrus Juicer’s cone is pointed to make juicing easier. Many have found this cone more efficient than those with gentle angles.

Made of heavyweight glass

Most of the juicers in our list of the best citrus juicers are made of plastic or steel. This one is different; It is made of heavy weight glass. Heavyweight glass does not produce carcinogens and is not affected by acidic fruits.


People often find it hard to store large kitchen appliances. It is even harder to deal with them in already unorganized kitchens, but the HIC Citrus Juicer is compact and easier to put away.

Easy to wash

When it comes to cleaning, many think that dishwasher-safe items are the only ones which are easy to clean.

This glass juicer is not built for dishwasher cleaning, but gentle hand washing is enough for the juicer. Try not to apply much force and you’ll be fine.

  • Pointed cone
  • Made of heavy weight glass
  • Compact easy to watch Easy to wash
  • Small is Reservoir.
  • Not for large fruits
  • No strainer

Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer

Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer Manual Lid Rotation Press Reamer

The Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer is another unique juicer designed to help you juice as many fruits as you want. It’s special lid design makes juicing a breeze. Need to take one with you? This lightweight hand juicer is perfect for carrying around.

Fixed position lid design

The 12 pin fixed position lid design allows you to juice fruits with ease. The lid attaches the fruits to the cone properly. This increases the amount of juice squeezed out of it.

High quality strainer

The strainer of the hand juicer filters out the seeds and heavy pulp leaving the fresh juice to pour into the container. The strainer can easily be attached to the container.

16oz capacity

Worried about the capacity of the container? The container can hold a decent amount of juice, you can juice 4/5 oranges without any problem. Its maximum capacity is 485 ml or 16 ounces.

Rubber padding on the bottom

Now you may be wondering if the Hand Juicer tips over or not. The citrus juicer would have been quite easy to knock over if it wasn’t for the rubber padding that keeps it in place. Thanks to this feature, you won’t be that afraid of knocking it over and making a mess.

Made of Premium material

Looking a juicer built of food grade plastic. The hand juicer is made using premium BPA free ABS that will not do you any harm. Your juice would remain as safe as it was in the fruit.


Putting the hand juicer away is no big deal. It is compact and does not take up much space so you can keep it with other items if you want. It is also light which means you don’t have to wrestle with the juicer.

Dishwasher safe

Nobody likes to fight with dirty utensils until all the grease and other stuff is removed. And if you really don’t like cleaning, you’ll be relieved to find out you can just toss this juicer into the dishwasher.

  • 12 pin fixed position lid design
  • Heavy pulp strainer.
  • 16 ounce capacity
  • Made of Premium material
  • Compact
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubber padding on the bottom
  • Top cap may become moldy.

Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer

Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer

The Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer is a heavy press citrus juicer built for squeezing as much juice as possible with little fatigue. It also has a strong build that makes sure it can be used for a long time without any trouble. Its strength and efficiency places it among the best citrus juicers.

Efficient Press

Citrus juicers are easy to use. But it’s not always easy to get the most out of your fruits. The Gourmia Large Citrus Juicer is built to juice a lot of fruits both efficiently and easily.

Durable Construction

A lot of citrus juicers are made of plastic or glass. When misused, they can deform and break altogether. But would it be that easy to break the Press Citrus Juicer. This 15 pound juicer made of cast iron and stainless steel is able to deal with the toughest fruits and still serve you a lifetime.

For fruits of all sizes

No matter which fruit you want to juice or how tough it is, You can always use your Gourmia citrus juicer to do the job. It’s much better than having different juicers for different sized fruits.

Suction caps

It can be difficult to use the Press Citrus Juicer when it keeps sliding every time you press down. That’s why suction caps are placed at the bottom. They help keep the juicer in one place.

  • Efficient Press
  • Durable Construction
  • Perfect for Large Fruits
  • Suction Caps
  • Heavy

Proctor Silex 66332 Juicit Citrus Juicer

Proctor Silex Juicit Electric Citrus Juicer Machine for Orange

The Proctor Silex 66332 Juicit Citrus Juicer is an electric citrus juicer ready to juice your fruits with its auto reversing cones and collect the drink in its large capacity container. The Juicit Citrus Juicer is also capable of preparing marinades and salad dressings.

Auto reversing cones

By now, you must be familiar with auto reversing cones and what they can do. These cones automatically change the direction in which they rotate increasing the yield of the juice. The juicit comes with a small and a large cone.

Pulp control

Pulp control is another feature found in electric citrus juicers. This feature allows you to control the amount of pulp in your juice. It is useful for both drinking and cooking.

Large capacity

All the juice produced is collected in a 34 Oz container. You can use the container to add other ingredients to the juice and serve the drink directly from the pitcher. It also has measurements for cooking.

Dishwasher safe

The cones, container and all other non electric parts are dishwasher safe. They can also be gently hand washed.

Easy to store

The juicit is quite easy to store. The juicer is already compact and comes with parts that nest and a built-in cord wrap. You won’t have to worry about making more space.

  • 2 Auto Reversing Cones
  • 34oz Container
  • Pulp Control
  • Measurements
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Nesting Parts
  • May Make Noise.

Buying guide for the best citrus juicers

To buy a perfect citrus juicer, you need to know what makes a citrus juicer perfect. Not all customers know what features a good, high quality juicer has, which is why we have prepared a buying guide for citrus juicers. This will help a lot when comparing the best citrus juicers on our list.

Strong, powerful reamers

The cone or reamer is the most important part of a citrus juicer. So a good reamer is obviously a part of a good juicer. The cone must be strong enough to deal with tough fruits. Size is also important as it allows the fruit to fit nicely and juice every part of it at once. For electric citrus juicers, the best cones are those with a good motor and auto reversing feature.

Efficient strainer

The second most important part of these juicers is the strainer, which can affect the taste of the juice. Without the strainer, the juice would be full of pulp and taste chunky. The strainers which can control the pulp content are the best strainers.

Strong build

Many citrus juicers are not quite tough and may break when a lot of pressure is applied. So a good citrus juicer should be able to resist damage caused by pressure. This will make sure the juicer lasts longer. But remember that excess force is not good for even the best citrus juicers.

Easy to clean

Nobody likes to deal with hard to clean kitchen appliances. That goes for citrus juicers too. Luckily, a lot of them can be simply put in the dishwasher.

Safe to use

Not all plastics are safe to use in food containers and kitchen appliances. They can produce harmful chemicals like BPA, so it’s best to choose the citrus juicers made with safer, BPA-free material.


Q: Can the citrus juicer deal with other types of fruits?

A: No, the citrus juicer is best at juicing citrus fruits.

Q: How much force is needed?

A: For an electric juicer, you need to apply enough Force to keep the flute and place for manual juicers. You would need more pressure, but try to avoid damaging it.

Q: Are the electric juices very noisy?

A: You can hear them from a distance, but they are not very annoying.

Final words

This is the end of our list of the best citrus juicers. The list shows different products, each with its own set of features and drawbacks. Now, it’s your turn to use these sets for comparison and find your ideal citrus juicer.

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