Best Cutting Board Set: Improve your Cutting Skills

Cutting, chopping, mincing, and slicing are very common ways of preparing meat and vegetables for a dish. All of these activities require the usage of kitchen knives. But although kitchen knife do most of the work, cutting boards do play a role in providing the proper platform for the job. And using the best cutting board set can improve your cuts and support both amateurs and professionals.

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11 best cutting board sets for cooks and chefs

Have you realized the importance of these simple tools? If you have, here are the best cutting board sets that we recommend cooks of any level to try out.

  1. Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board, 3 Piece
  2. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece Set
  3. Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove 3-Piece Set
  4. ROTTOGOON Cutting Boards et for Kitchen
  5. Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3
  6. Carrollar Small Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats Set
  7. Smirly Bamboo Cutting Board Set
  8. Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Kitchen Cutting Board Mats Set
  9. Utopia Kitchen 3 Piece Natural Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards
  10. Simply Genius (8 Piece) Extra Thick Cutting Boards set
  11. Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board Set – (4 Piece)

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the details.

Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board, 3 PieceGorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board, 3 Piece

Let us introduce you to this set of three strong and sturdy cutting boards. These boards don’t only provide a large area for cutting, but also bring color to your kitchen.

Set of three

This set includes three separate cutting boards for you to work with. This is great as this allows you to use all of them together when you need to prepare both meat and vegetables and don’t want to use the same board for all of them


Size is a big deal when choosing boards. All three boards have different sizes, which is an advantage as you can choose how much workspace you will need and use.

Juice grooves

Juices from lemon and other foods can easily spill from the board and all over the countertop. To prevent such a mess, the board comes with juice grooves that are deep enough to hold a lot of liquid before filling up.


It’s certain that even the best cutting board sets will one day become weak. But boards like these will serve you for a long time before you replace them.

Dishwasher safe

All cutting boards tend to get really dirty after you use them. But unlike wooden boards, you can easily clean them in the dishwasher.

Different color combinations

This set doesn’t only have only black and white cutting boards. You can get boards with various color combinations which could match the color of your kitchen.

  • Three boards
  • Large-sized
  • Durable
  • Deep grooves
  • Easy to clean
  • Boards may get scratched

HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece SetHOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece Set

We have already mentioned that cutting boards can help you a lot with cutting. This set, which includes some of the best cutting boards will show you how they do it.

Three boards

Keeping separate boards for meat and vegetables is more hygienic than using the same one for everything. The large board can be placed on the sink to make more space for other tasks. No matter how you want to use them, having multiple boards will always come in handy.

Multiple sizes

Each board has its own size, making all of them different from one another. This gives you the freedom of using the board with the perfect size. The dimensions of the large one is 16 × 9 .5 inches. The medium one is 12.5 × 8 inches and the other is 10 × 6 inches.


The boards are made of heavy-duty plastic. This material resists damage, which ensures that the boards will last for years.

Food grade board

If you try to avoid BPA and other allergens as much as possible, you can try these boards which are free of any kind of harmful chemicals.

Deep grooves

Grooves are important for avoiding any mess, especially when cutting ingredients with a lot of juice. They can keep most of it from dripping onto the countertop.

Easy to clean

Tired of cleaning your cutting boards? This one can simply be placed in the dishwasher for a faster cleaning.

Comes in different colors

You can get the boards in different colors from red to aqua.Pros

  • 3 boards, different sized
  • Long lasting
  • Made of food grade silicone
  • Juice grooves
  • Different colored boards
  • Easy to clean
  • Gets cut maks

Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove 3-Piece SetBamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove 3-Piece Set

A perfect set of 3 bamboo cutting boards that are great for cutting any fruit or vegetable. You can easily prepare anything you want with these boards, making it one of the best cutting board sets to use

Different sized boards

There are three boards of three different sizes. The small 9 × 6 inches board and the medium 12 × 8 inches board can be used for any small task and are great for medium sized vegetables. The large 15 × 10 inches one is perfect for large chunks of meat and bigger vegetables.

Makes a great serving tray

The boards have a nice bamboo design which is enough to make them good serving trays. They are are also quite comfortable to carry around.

Tough surface

The boards are made of 100% bamboo. The hard wood is strong enough to resist any scratches from the knives. The knives are also not damaged by the boards.

Reduces mess

Fruits like tomatoes have lots of juice in them. This liquid can spread all over the countertop while cutting them. The boards can significantly decrease this using the grooves near their edges.

Effortless cleaning

What is the best way to wash bamboo cutting boards? The easiest way is to hand wash them with mild soap water.

Get more boards

There are sets of 3 to 5 boards, each of a different size. The boards can be as big as 20 × 14 inches big. Large enough for easily holding steak.

  • Boards of different sizes
  • Great serving trays
  • Tough and durable
  • Holds back juices
  • Easy cleaning
  • Three sets available
  • Not dishwasher safe

ROTTOGOON Cutting Boards et for KitchenROTTOGOON Cutting Boards et for Kitchen

If you like to use large, strong, non-slip cutting boards, your kitchen will welcome this fantastic set of 3.

Best cutting boards

All three boards are really tough and durable. Their surfaces are not scratched by knives, making them your knives’ best friends.

Additional features

When we called them some of the best cutting boards, we really meant it. The corners of the boards have non-slip rubber feet. This helps you make more precise cuts. Another notable feature is the juice grooves in each board that traps most of the liquid from food. And if that’s not enough, check out how safe they are.

No health hazards

These boards care about your health which is why they contain no contaminants. What’s more is that they are antibacterial. This decreases the growth of Salmonella and other bacteria that could poison you.

Free peeler

You’ll be happy to know that the peeler that comes with this set is as great as the board’s themselves. And a good pillar can help you a lot, especially during big meal preparations.

Easy to wash

The set can be quickly cleaned by hand washing. A much easier method is to clean them in the dishwasher.

  • Three strong boards
  • Non-slip corners
  • Juice grooves
  • BPA-free
  • Antibacterial
  • Bonus peeler
  • Easy cleaning
  • Grooves on one side only

Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3

One of the best cutting board sets to introduce bamboo cutting boards to your kitchen.

Bamboo cutting boards

Are you in search of wooden cutting board sets? If you are, you might like to try out this bamboo board set. Being durable and antibacterial, the boards will give you a lot of benefits.

Perfect for knives

These boards are naturally strong enough to resist the sharp blade of your knife. Similarly, the knives do not get blunt when used with the boards. If you care about your knife, this set will not disappoint you.


How durable are these boards, you ask? Bamboo is a strong and long-lasting material. And if knives can do any damage to them, it’s safe to assume that they won’t have to be replaced anytime soon.

Great platter

These cutting boards have a nice design. This means that they can serve you as a decorative serving tray.


Most cutting boards could easily be a good spot for harmful bacteria. But not these boards. Bamboo has its own natural defense system that inhibits bacterial growth and thus actively protects you from diseases.

  • Made of bamboo
  • Knife friendly
  • Damage resistant
  • Makes a great platter
  • Inhibits germs
  • Dishwashing may damage them

Carrollar Small Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats SetCarrollar Small Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats Set

There are many people who love to try out different types of tools and items. For those eager to use something new we recommend these Carroller cutting board mats. Their features and color will surely impress you.

Thick and flexible

Anyone would expect the best cutting board sets to include the most durable boards. And these, like others in the list, are high-quality cutting boards which many look for. They are thick and flexible, perfect for avoiding as much damage as possible.

Easy to use

These cutting boards aren’t just durable, they are also quite user-friendly. Being lightweight, they can easily be carried around the kitchen. Their flexible bodies allow you to bend and curl them the way you like. You will definitely enjoy using them.

Non-slip surface

The boards have a smooth, plain surface for all sorts of tasks. The other side has a gridded design which makes them non-slip. If the countertop is slippery, just place a wet paper towel under it. It will help keep the board in one place.


There are four boards in the set, each of a different color. The boards, which can be blue, red, green, and yellow will make your kitchen more colorful. Each board also has its own unique icon on the left corner.

Bigger sizes available

The boards can come in two sizes. The smaller boards are 7.5 × 11.4 inches big while the bigger ones are about 14.6 × 11.6 inches.

Easy cleaning

They’re not only safe for hand-washing, they can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. They’re unaffected by the detergents or rough cleaning process. Any slight bend can be fixed by dipping them in boiling water and immediately laying them flat on the counter top.

  • Sturdy flexible
  • Flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Grated bottom
  • Two sizes available
  • May still slip

Smirly Bamboo Cutting Board SetSmirly Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Are you a fan of wooden utensils? Because this set includes six bamboo cooking utensils and a board holder along with four of the best wood cutting boards that will give you joy and comfort.

For bamboo boards

The package has four bamboo cutting boards, all of which have different sizes depending on which tasks they are made for. The smallest 9 × 7 inches board is for cutting bread. The 11 × 8 inches board is for fruits. The 13 × 9 inches one is for vegetables and the largest 15 × 10 inches one is great for meat. Forgetting the size of the boards is a common problem, which is why the labels at the top left corner will come in handy.

Board holder

Keeping such large boards organized is difficult without a proper organizer made specifically for them. Luckily, the perfect board holder for all four of these cutting boards is included in the set. It easily eliminates the problem of keeping them in different, often hard-to-reach places and lets you keep them ready for use at all times.

Extreme strength

The Smirly cutting boards are constructed to be really strong and long-lasting. This is a great feature as you will be able to use them for a long time without any sort of damage from knives and other objects. Bamboo boards also look better than other types

Bamboo utensils

This set offers you six wooden utensils with the same construction as the boards. And we assure that you will love to use them for cooking.


These cutting boards stop juice from making a mess on your countertop with the help of juice grooves. Side handles make it much easier to lift and carry them. They also have non-slip feet to reduce slipping and sliding. All these features show you how much they can help you out at preparing dinner.

  • Four boards
  • Board, holder strong and long-lasting
  • Strong and long-lasting bamboo utensils
  • User-friendly
  • Dishwashing is not recommended

Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Kitchen Cutting Board Mats Set

Cutting board mats often have many useful features that could easily make them your favorite. And this is one set that offers such boards.

Long lasting

The strength of a cutting board mat is largely determined by its thickness. While most other mats are less than one millimeter thick, these are 1.3 millimeters thick. This makes them stronger and much more likely to last than other boards.

Food grade silicone

Silicone is fairly resistant to heat and detergents. Another advantage of using silicone cutting boards is that they will not expose you to BPA or similar chemicals.

Anti-slip surface

Silicone is also a slippery material. A flat sheet of silicone can easily slide on the countertop, which is a problem while cutting. We all expect the best cutting board sets to have non-slip backs. And these mats utilize a unique dot structure for that purpose. This type of design is really effective at minimizing any movements during work.


Flexible cutting boards can be more useful than others. You can fold them and pour slices of vegetables easily into your pans. It also lets you remove any excess water and wash it without causing any damage.

Wash and store easily

No matter how much soap you use or how many times you clean them in the dishwasher, these cutting board mats will not lose their strength through washing. Even if you don’t dishwash them, you can easily get rid of any dirt by hand washing. A large hole at the corner of each mat will let you hang them anywhere you like for fast drying and easy storing.

Variety of colors

It’s certain that many people would like to buy colorful tools for their kitchen. If you enjoy doing this, you will love to have this set, which has boards of green, red, cyan, yellow, orange, and purple color. A little icon has been printed on the boards to help you separate them for different types of food like meat and vegetables.

Another set is available

One set offers 6 cutting boards of all the colors we have mentioned. Another set, which has four of them, includes boards of green, red, cyan and yellow. All boards are 38 centimeters long and 30.5 centimeters wide.

  • Long lasting
  • Built of silicone
  • Anti-slip
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Not damaged by dishwashing
  • Color coded
  • Hanging holes
  • Sets of 4 and 6
  • The icons may come off

Utopia Kitchen 3 Piece Natural Organic Bamboo Cutting BoardsUtopia Kitchen 3 Piece Natural Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards

This set of bamboo cutting boards is a great choice, both for you and the environment. These boards, if used with care, will stay in your kitchen for years so that you can enjoy its benefits for long without replacement.

Thick bamboo

Highly compressed bamboo is used to make the best wood cutting boards ever made. These bamboo boards only need a little oiling every now and then to remain strong and sturdy. Using food grade mineral oil will help protect the bamboo fibers.

Three boards, three sizes

This set has different sized boards for different tasks. The large 16 × 11 .61 inches board is best for meat and poultry, the 13 × 9 inches one is great for most vegetables, the smallest of them all, which is 11 × 8.6 inches in size, can be used for fruits. All of them are 0.8 inches thick.

Knife friendly

The wooden boards would do a pretty good job at protecting themselves from cuts but they are also great at keeping your knife sharp. Most plastic boards can not do this and this feature is limited to the ones made of wood.

Kills germs

Bamboo cutting boards have a unique feature that gives them an advantage over other types. The wooden surface is protected by the bamboo’s defense mechanism, making it a bad place for bacteria. And less bacteria means less chances of anyone getting sick.

Built of natural bamboo

These cutting boards are made of 100% natural bamboo. This organic material is better for your health than most plastic ones. Besides keeping you safe, it is good for the environment as it encourages the use of renewable material.

  • Big boards
  • Thick boards
  • Three sizes
  • Does not damage knives
  • Resist germs
  • Build of natural bamboo
  • Bamboo boards are not safe for dish washing

Simply Genius (8 Piece) Extra Thick Cutting Boards setSimply Genius (8 Piece) Extra Thick Cutting Boards set

Looking for some colorful, easy-to-use boards? Why not check out this great set of eight mats which are perfect for every cutting task and ingredient. Their durability and performance will make them the best cutting boards you have ever used.

Eight cutting boards

This set includes eight cutting board mats, four of them are 15 × 11.5 inches big while the other four are 8 by 11 inches in size.

Extra thick

It isn’t really surprising that the thickness of such boards is a big deal . The thicker the boards, the more durable they will be. And just like you’d expect, these mats are harder to scratch and damage. You don’t have to worry about dishwashing them either.

Flexible and lightweight

They may be thick but that doesn’t make them stiff and hard. You can bend them anyway you like, which will help you pour any chopped food easily. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry.


A non-slip grid pattern on one side makes the boards more stable. Slipping, sliding and other annoying movements are greatly reduced by this useful feature.

Safe and easy to clean

The plastic used for the cutting board mats is free of contaminants and allergens. Besides being bpa-free, the boards can also be instantly rinsed or cleaned in the dishwasher.

Different colored boards

There are three sets of these boards. One set offers boards of red, blue, yellow and orange. Another set has black and gray boards. The last set has all white ones. every set has four large and fohr small boards but with the same measurements.

  • Eight boards
  • Extra thick
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Non-slip back
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Free of contaminants
  • Different colors
  • May warp

Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board Set – (4 Piece)Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board Set - (4 Piece)

The best cutting board sets are those that offer high-quality boards which are durable and user-friendly. And this set does exactly that.

Four butcher block boards

The set has four cutting boards, each of its own size. The biggest board is 13 × 17.7 inches big. Another one is 13 × 9 .5 inches in size and the others are 11 × 8.7 inches and 8.25 × 6.3 inches. The bigger ones are good for meat and poultry while the small boards can be used for other things.

Fine quality

By now, you must be well aware of the fact that bamboo is a strong and durable material that is used to make the best wood cutting boards for chefs and cooks everywhere. And these boards are made from only those bamboo trees that are of the finest quality to make sure they are built to last.

Non-slip and scratch resistant

Frequent scratching and constant sliding are two of the most annoying things that could happen while using cutting boards. Luckily, none of this will happen with you if you are using these boards. Bamboo resists any cuts or scratches from sharp objects like knives. They are also not smooth enough to keep slipping on the countertop.

Resistant to bacteria

Bacteria love to stay on plastic cutting boards, especially when they are often used. But that’s not the case with these ones. Bamboo boards do not provide a good shelter for them but fight them instead. This feature makes these boards safer than plastic ones.

Great for serving food

Bamboo cutting boards often make great serving trays for cheese and other things. It’s natural design ensures a nice presentation.

  • Set of 4
  • Highly durable
  • Non slip material
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Not suitable for dish washing

Buying guide for the best cutting board sets

So far, you have only seen the best cutting board sets, but we haven’t given you any help on how to choose a good one, not yet. In this section, we will give you some advice on how to make a better decision for buying a cutting board set. Let’s see what you need to consider before buying a set of the best cutting boards.

Size of the boards

If you are a professional at cutting and chopping, you might be fine with sets that offer different sized boards. The smaller boards can be used for vegetables and fruits and you can keep the largest ones for meat. But if you are a beginner, or you like to have more workspace, sets with only large boards might be better for you.


There is no doubt that durability is a very important thing to check before making a purchase. You would want the boards to last. So you can compare thickness, material and construction to find out which boards might be more durable.


This might seem unimportant compared to others in this guide but there’s a good reason you should consider this. Boards may be too slippery to stay in one place while working. This causes them to slip and slide, which is quite irritating. That is why anti-slip features are important.

Ease of cleaning

Not all boards are equally easy to clean. Some are dishwasher safe while others need different cleaning methods. Whether this feature is important or not depends entirely on you.


1: What are the best types of cutting boards?

Answer: Boards made of plastic and wood are the best.

2: Which board are anti-bacterial?

Answer: Bamboo boards have natural ways of reducing bacteria populations.

3: Which boards are best for meat?

Answer: Plastic boards which do not absorb liquid are good for meat.

4: Why are bamboo boards preferred?

Answer: Bamboo boards are generally easy to clean, safer than others, good for the environment and keep knives sharp. These are the reasons why people love using them.

5: Which boards are more hygienic?

Answer: Bamboo boards are considered the most hygienic cutting boards.

6: Why do cutting boards warp?

Answer: Cutting boards can warp when there is more moisture on one side of the board than there is one the other.

7: Is it safe to cut meat on wooden cutting boards?

Answer: It is not recommended to cut meat on wooden boards unless thoroughly dry.

8: Which ones are the best wood cutting boards?

Answer: Bamboo cutting boards are very strong, highly durable, resistant to bacteria and the least porous type of wood used. This makes them the best type of wooden boards.

9: What is the best type of oil for cutting boards?

Answer: Food grade mineral oil is best for the maintenance of cutting boards.

10: How often should cutting boards be oiled?

Answer: How often the boards should be oiled depends on the type of board you use. You can oil them every two weeks or so.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a good cutting board will always help. The purpose of this list is to show you 11 of the best cutting board sets that you might like to have. We hope this article helped you find a good one. Happy cooking.

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