Buying Guide for Juicers: Easy way to choose Juicer

juicerThere is no doubt that the number of people who drink a glass of juice for energy and nutrition is increasing every day. As more dietitians and health experts recommend juicing and more people are getting to know about its health benefits this trend will keep getting more and more popular.A great way to extract all the nutrients from your fruits is to use an efficient juicer. And to help you get a get a good one, we have prepared a buying guide for juicers.

Different juicers have different features and capabilities. The same goes for the drawbacks they have. Most people don’t have the time to do the research themselves. That’s why our buying guide for juicers aims to provide all the necessary information on juicers in a small, easy-to-understand article. So let’s take a look at what you need to know about juicers.

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Buying Guide for Juicers: Top 5 Types

Centrifugal Juicer

The centrifugal juicer is one of the most common juicer in the market, used by chefs and home cooks around the globe. Its popularity is the main reason it is in this list. Being both fast and affordable makes it quite convenient as a juicer. You will not find this combination in any other product in our buying guide for juicer. And if you think such features are enough to satisfy your needs, this one is for you. Just like every type of juicer, this one has its own way of juicing.

The juicers spinning blade cuts down the ingredients which gets thrown outwards towards a strainer. The juice and pulp are separated and the drink comes pouring down into the glass. This mechanism accounts for its advantages. The juicer costs less than others because it is cheaper and easier to build. The chopping process takes little time so the juice is ready in a matter of minutes.

This also has several disadvantages. The juicer makes a lot of noise, enough to ruin any peaceful situation. The juice you get from it is also not that great. The yield of juice is lower than the other juicers. The nutrients and enzymes are destroyed by heat and oxidation. Oxidation also forms foam on top. The juice contains a lot of pulp. This pulp, as well as the foam separate easily. And to top it all, the juice does not remain fresh for long.

So this juicer won’t give you all the necessary nutrients in the fruit. The machine itself is not suited for leafy greens and seeds and hard to clean. The only other good thing about the juicer is takes up a bit less space than many others enough for a few sips of apple juice.

Centrifugal Juicer

Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer is another well-known juicer. It is rival of the centrifugal juicer. For most people, it is quite hard to decide which is better. Those who are confused must check out what a masticating juicer can do. The masticating juicer works in another different way producing juice which is also different in a few ways. There are two steps to produce the juice.

First, the ingredients are chewed up into pulp. This material is then filtered to separate the fiber from the juice. The juice is collection a glass. That’s how it works. First let’s take at the juicer itself. The juicer is expensive a bit bigger than its rival. It is also slow unlike the centrifugal juicer.

Next comes the difficulty of cleaning it. These were just the downsides. It also has some advantages. It doesn’t make the annoying noise the previous juicer does. In addition it works with leafy green and seeds.

Now let’s talk about the quality of the juice. Here, the masticating juicer has the upper hand. The amount of nutrients in the juice of this machine is higher along with a higher yield of juice. Little heat is produced an so there is less oxidation and foam. It takes more time to break down and remains fresh a bit longer. But there is still some pulp mixed. The foam may be less, but along with the bitterness in it, ruins the taste. Still if you need more nutrient rich juice and ready to spend more for this, then the masticating juicer is one you should get.

Masticating Juicer

Triturating Juicer

This juicer is another rival of the centrifugal juicer. The triturating juicer is actually another type of masticating juicer. The main difference between this one and the previous one is that this has two gears; you can also call it a twin-gear juicer. The other of was a single gear juicer. Except for this, both of them are mostly the same, and so are their juices.

The triturating juicers mechanism is similar to that of a single gear juicer. The ingredients are first crushed into pulp. This job is done by pushing them through two gears. Them the juice is extracted and the fibrous material that is left is removed.

As mentioned earlier, triturating and single gear juicers don’t have a lot of difference. Both are expensive but the twin gear usually costs more than the other. They are also heavier and their cleaning process may be more timing consuming.

They’re too powerful for some fruits like citrus fruits, unlike the single gear. Triturating juicer is also superior in some way. They are capable of extracting more juice. It can also deal with stuff that’s hard to juice. They also make very little noise. Like the other masticating juicer, you can use it for other purpose like making pasta.

The juice produced by this juicer is slightly better. There are more nutrient with a bit less oxidation and little foam. The juice separates very slowly total separation may take up to three days.

Triturating Juicer

Juice Press

The juice press is a machine widely used by professionals in restaurants and juice bars. Why, you ask? Because it can produce the best juice out of anything it can crush and press. This is actually the king of juicers in our buying guide for juicers. Want to know more? Then keep reading.

The juice press has two steps for juice extraction. The first step is common in all the juicer already mentioned. The juicer crushes the fruits into small pieces. Here, this is achieved by using a blade. The second step is what makes this machine far more superior. Then the press applies. The nutrient rich juice forced out of still has a lot of fiber. But the juicer can deal with that.

It is equipped with a bag that filter out the unwanted particles suspended in the liquid and the juice that pours into the glass barely has any fiber left. Speaking of which, it’s time to take a dive into the pool of facts, starting with juice quality. The juice press can make the finest juice which is better in several ways. It can squeeze the highest amount of juice out of anything it is capable of dealing with.

Juice Press

Why Juicer Press

This, along with minimal destruction of nutrients, ensures that the maximum amount of nutrient is extracted from the ingredient. There is another important quality of the juicer, one that the others lack. The bag in the press removes nearly all of the fibrous particles from the liquid.

The brings about a significant change in the taste and quality of the juice when compared to the juices of the others. Along with improved quality comes another benefit, minimum fiber means maximum absorption of nutrients.

Another quality that improves taste is little oxidation which results in little foam. Finally, the juice remains fresh for long and breakdown takes quite some times. The juice press can deal with leaf greens along with the other fruits and vegetables. It is also quite. Great! But the juice press comes with a heavy price tag. Okay, not great.

This is the reason why you won’t find it in most homes. Of course, there are other problems, it is big and heavy and hard to clean but for this juicer, its price seems to be the only one to keep in mind. If you have no problem with price you should get this one. Because, as a juice extractor it is literally “dripping in finesse”.

Why Juicer Press

Steam Juicer

In our buying guide for juicers, there is one item that is really unique; the steam juicer. Its juice, as well as the juicer itself is quite different from the others. Let’s see what this can do. All juicers use different mechanisms to accomplish one main task; the breakdown of the walls of the cell in the ingredient. The other juicers do it by physically crushing the structures. This juicer also breaks cell wall down. However, the juicer does this in a special way.

The bottom section boils the water, and the steam produced slowly rises to the fruit section. Here, the hot steam destroys the walls and the container below collects the juice. That’s how it extracts the juice.

The steam juicer produces nutrients and makes it almost useless as a health drink. It does, however kill bacteria and other germs. You can store it for long but it won’t be fresh. It can also juice many fruits at once.

Steam juicers are affordable and can juice a large quality of fruits. But it cans relatively few types of fruits. It is also very slow. Anyway you could use it for making jam and large amounts of juice for later.

Steam Juicer


Our buying guide for juicers has presented 5 types of juicers from the fast and furious centrifugal juicer to the steam juicer. And now that you know all their mechanisms, advantages, it is time to find the best.

All there are good but the juice press is the greatest among them all. There is no other juicer that a lot of things without any fiber in the drink. Because of these and other benefits, we highly recommend this juicer. But if it seems too expensive or are new juicing, you could check out the other juicers.

If you are new to juicing or you want to purchase a machine for a juicing business, we will recommend you to consider buying the centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer are . Steam juicer are perfect for those who make a large amount of juice.

We have given our suggestions and information on the juicer. We have done our research for you. It is your part to get the type of juicer you like.

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