Best Citrus Juicers: To Make Juicing A Breeze

Many would agree that juicing is the best of way of enjoying a glass of your favorite drink filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. All you have to do is assemble the citrus juicer, take the fresh fruits, place them on the juicer and start squeezing. And using the best citrus juicers just make thing easier.

But wait. Are you sure you are getting enough juice out of your fruits? Are you content with the amount of pulp in the juice? Is your juice free of dangerous chemicals? All of this also depends on the juicer you use.

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9 Best Citrus Juicers of all time

If you’re interested in purchasing a citrus juicer that is perfect for your kitchen, you have to find and compare many citrus juicers and choose the best from the bunch. Not an easy job, is it? Well, that’s the reason we have made a list of the best citrus juicers that will save your time while also helping you make the right choice.

  1. BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer
  2. Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor –
  3. BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
  4. Dash Citrus Juicer Extractor: Compact Juicer
  5. OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer
  6. HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout
  7. Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer
  8. Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer
  9. Proctor Silex 66332 Juicit Citrus Juicer

So lets check out the juicers we have in store for you.

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Citrus Juicer

Many people buy citrus juicers mainly for a glass of lemonade or orange juice while many others like to use this machine to extract the juice or pulp for other recipes. If you are someone who likes to use the leftover pulp, this citrus juicer is for you. With a pulp basket to collect the pulp and adjustable pulp control, it will satisfy juice and orange cake lovers alike.

Maximum extraction

People would always like to get the most juice out of their fruits. Extraction of additional juice is one of the things BLACK+DECKER is built to do. The powerful action of auto reversing cones ensures that the job is done.

Adjustable pulp control

The amount of pulp in your drink affects its taste as well as absorption of nutrients. Different types of juicers also produce juice with different quantities of this substance, which can be a problem for many when switching to a new type of juicer. But with this BLACK+DECKER juicer, you can adjust the amount of pulp to your liking. A feature that makes it one of the best citrus juicers.

Comes with pulp basket

Many people throw away the pulp but some people try using it in other dishes. This juicer collects pulp extracted from the fruits in a pulp basket. The basket’s contents can be easily taken out and is also easy to clean.

Clear, visible measurements

Citrus fruit juice isn’t always consumed as a drink but also used in cooking. Most dishes need precise amounts of ingredients for perfection. The visible measurements on the clear 32oz container allows you to collect and use the right amounts of juice.

Drip free pour spout

Pouring juice out of a container with a poorly designed spout can make a mess. But the BLACK+DECKER’s pour spout is designed to save all of your juice.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning kitchen gadgets is probably one of the biggest reasons many people think twice before buying them. However, this juicer is dishwasher safe. So cleaning is as simple as disassembling it and turning the machine on.

Built in Cord Storage

The cord can be kept in a storage pocket in the juicer. This feature reduces the risk of damage from water and sharp objects.

  • Auto reversing cones
  • Adjustable pulp control
  • Comes with pulp basket
  • Large 32 ounce capacity
  • Clear measurements
  • Well-built pour spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Built-in cord storage
  • Noisy
  • Juicer may expose you to styrene and BPA.

Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor – Large Capacity 34oz (1L)

Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line Electric Citrus Juicer Machine Extractor

The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line is another machine that has earned a place in our best citrus juicer’s list. This citrus, juicer with all its features, will surely satisfy its owners.

Powerful motor

Our time is quite precious. We can’t spend a lot of time on a glass of juice every day. That’s why this feature is so useful. Equipped with a 40% more powerful motor, the juicer’s action saves more of our time.

Auto reversing cones

Like the previous juicer, this machine has 2 auto reversing cones designed for fruits of different sizes. They also increase the amount of juice extracted.

Large capacity

A small juice container fills up quite quickly and has to be emptied several times when juicing a lot of fruits. Fortunately, the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line has a large container that is capable of storing up to one liter of juice. Another way it saves some of our time.

Adjustable pulp control

Some people like to have more pulp in their drink while many others prefer to have most of it removed. But citrus juicers with ineffective filters or screens will remove a lot of pulp while many better ones remove a lot of it. Fortunately, the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line can adjust the amount of pulp in the drink, so everyone can have juice with the taste they want

Longer shelf life

Are you worried about your drink separating quickly? Don’t worry. The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line’s juice remains fresh up to 72 hours.

Clear measurements

The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line’s container has clear measurements on it. These measurements allow you to juice fruits for your favorite dishes.

Easy to assemble

Many citrus juicers are not very easy to take apart. Some parts need a lot of force to open, which can damage any product. But the Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line is built to be easily taken apart and put together making cleaning easier.

Dishwasher safe

The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line only has a few parts that need to be washed. To make washing easier, all you need to do is put the non electric parts in the dishwasher.


The Pohl+Schmitt Deco-Line has one feature that even some of the best citrus juicers don’t. It’s juicing action may be similar to a lot others but has a big difference, it’s quiet. This makes juicing more relaxing.

  • Powerful motor Auto reversing comes
  • One liter capacity clear measurements
  • Ball control
  • 72 hours shelf life
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quiet
  • Automatic on/off may stop working

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer

OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer

When it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, features and quality material are important. The OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer’s features are what make it stand out.

Dual Cones

There are citrus fruits of many different sizes ranging from tiny lemons and limes to grapefruits. That’s why this juicer comes with a small and a large cone. These cones will let people deal with the fruits with ease.


The amount of juice used in recipes maybe written in milliliters, ounces, or cups. To save the time spent on using measuring tools, the Oxo Good Grips has all three of these measurements.

Well-designed Body

A good citrus juicer is one that makes your work easier. The Oxo Good Grips’ body is built for a comfortable grip with a drip free pour spout that helps avoid spilling the drink. It certainly makes juicing better.

Easy to Assemble

A juicer with more parts will take longer to assemble and be harder to clean. This juicer only has a body and two cones that can be easily attached to the rest. It is also very easy to clean.

Made of BPA-free Material

Even some of the best citrus juicers are made with material that could expose one to BPA, a harmful chemical. The OXO Good Grips 2-in-1 Citrus Juicer, however, is made of BPA-free material.

  • Small and Large Cones
  • Measurements
  • Body for Comfortable Grip
  • Drip Free Spout
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Made of BPA-free Material
  • Some detergents can make it cloudy

Dash Citrus Juicer Extractor: Compact Juicer


The Citrus Juice Extractor is another powerful citrus juicer that let’s juice lovers enjoy their drink with less effort. With its auto reversing cones and compact design, it is something one could keep anywhere they want.

Dual, auto reversing cones.

People want to get the maximum amount of juice from their fruits. This compact juicer’s auto reversing cones allow it to extract as much juice as possible.

Adjustable pulp control

More juice extraction produces more pulp. To prevent all that pulp from entering the drink, the juicer has a strainer which not only filters the pulp, but can also adjust the amount of it in the juice.

600 mL capacity

The Citrus Juice Extractor can store up to 600 mL of juice in its pitcher. The high capacity allows one to mix other ingredients in the fresh juice.

Made of BPA-free material

Safe material isn’t always used in kitchen appliances. Even the best citrus juicers may be built with material that is not good for your health. Those who want to avoid this may consider getting this citrus juicer built with safer, BPA-free material.


Space is one thing many forget about when looking for an ideal kitchen gadget. But size and weight do matter, which is why this citrus juicer’s lightweight and compact build will come in handy.

Easy cleaning

If cleaning is a big deal to you, you’ll be glad to know that cleaning this gadget is not hard. All the non electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

Easy to use

Assembling the juicer is pretty easy and so is juicing and taking it apart. Its container can store up to 600 ml of liquid which can be poured through a drip free spout.

  • Adjustable pulp control
  • 600 mL capacity
  • Dual, auto reversing cones.
  • Measurements
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Drip free spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Build of bpa-free material
  • Noisy

OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer

OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer

Not all people juice lots of fruits. Many people only need enough juice for cooking. Such people may be looking for a small manual citrus juicer, like the OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer.

Unique cone design

The cones of citrus juicers largely determine how well your fruits are juiced. That is why the reamer of this juicer has a unique shape. It is designed to juice fruits more efficiently.

Secure fitting

The small citrus juicer only has two parts, the cone and the container. They can be assembled easily and securely.

Drip free pour spout

Many customers may overlook the spout, but a drip free spout is important as it allows you to pour juice easily without making a mess.


A small juicer like this one is mostly used for cooking. That is why the accurate measurements printed on it will help a lot when you use it.

Made of BPA-free material

The OXO Good Grips Small Citrus Juicer is not only an efficient juicer, but also a safer choice. It is made of safe plastic that does not produce BPA.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning the juicer is easier than using it. Just take the juicer apart and put it in the dishwasher. The machine will take care of the rest.

  • Efficient cone
  • Secure fitting
  • Measurements
  • Drip free spout
  • Made of BPA-free material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Too small for larger fruits
  • Tips over easily

HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout

HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout

The HIC Citrus Juicer Reamer with Handle and Pour Spout is a small juicer made completely out of heavyweight glass. Unlike the other citrus juicers, this one will resist damage caused by acids while also keeping the juice free of harmful carcinogens.

Pointed cone

The HIC Citrus Juicer’s cone is pointed to make juicing easier. Many have found this cone more efficient than those with gentle angles.

Made of heavyweight glass

Most of the juicers in our list of the best citrus juicers are made of plastic or steel. This one is different; It is made of heavy weight glass. Heavyweight glass does not produce carcinogens and is not affected by acidic fruits.


People often find it hard to store large kitchen appliances. It is even harder to deal with them in already unorganized kitchens, but the HIC Citrus Juicer is compact and easier to put away.

Easy to wash

When it comes to cleaning, many think that dishwasher-safe items are the only ones which are easy to clean.

This glass juicer is not built for dishwasher cleaning, but gentle hand washing is enough for the juicer. Try not to apply much force and you’ll be fine.

  • Pointed cone
  • Made of heavy weight glass
  • Compact easy to watch Easy to wash
  • Small is Reservoir.
  • Not for large fruits
  • No strainer

Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer

Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer Manual Lid Rotation Press Reamer

The Hand Juicer Citrus Orange Squeezer is another unique juicer designed to help you juice as many fruits as you want. It’s special lid design makes juicing a breeze. Need to take one with you? This lightweight hand juicer is perfect for carrying around.

Fixed position lid design

The 12 pin fixed position lid design allows you to juice fruits with ease. The lid attaches the fruits to the cone properly. This increases the amount of juice squeezed out of it.

High quality strainer

The strainer of the hand juicer filters out the seeds and heavy pulp leaving the fresh juice to pour into the container. The strainer can easily be attached to the container.

16oz capacity

Worried about the capacity of the container? The container can hold a decent amount of juice, you can juice 4/5 oranges without any problem. Its maximum capacity is 485 ml or 16 ounces.

Rubber padding on the bottom

Now you may be wondering if the Hand Juicer tips over or not. The citrus juicer would have been quite easy to knock over if it wasn’t for the rubber padding that keeps it in place. Thanks to this feature, you won’t be that afraid of knocking it over and making a mess.

Made of Premium material

Looking a juicer built of food grade plastic. The hand juicer is made using premium BPA free ABS that will not do you any harm. Your juice would remain as safe as it was in the fruit.


Putting the hand juicer away is no big deal. It is compact and does not take up much space so you can keep it with other items if you want. It is also light which means you don’t have to wrestle with the juicer.

Dishwasher safe

Nobody likes to fight with dirty utensils until all the grease and other stuff is removed. And if you really don’t like cleaning, you’ll be relieved to find out you can just toss this juicer into the dishwasher.

  • 12 pin fixed position lid design
  • Heavy pulp strainer.
  • 16 ounce capacity
  • Made of Premium material
  • Compact
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubber padding on the bottom
  • Top cap may become moldy.

Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer

Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer

The Gourmia GMJ9970 Large Citrus Juicer is a heavy press citrus juicer built for squeezing as much juice as possible with little fatigue. It also has a strong build that makes sure it can be used for a long time without any trouble. Its strength and efficiency places it among the best citrus juicers.

Efficient Press

Citrus juicers are easy to use. But it’s not always easy to get the most out of your fruits. The Gourmia Large Citrus Juicer is built to juice a lot of fruits both efficiently and easily.

Durable Construction

A lot of citrus juicers are made of plastic or glass. When misused, they can deform and break altogether. But would it be that easy to break the Press Citrus Juicer. This 15 pound juicer made of cast iron and stainless steel is able to deal with the toughest fruits and still serve you a lifetime.

For fruits of all sizes

No matter which fruit you want to juice or how tough it is, You can always use your Gourmia citrus juicer to do the job. It’s much better than having different juicers for different sized fruits.

Suction caps

It can be difficult to use the Press Citrus Juicer when it keeps sliding every time you press down. That’s why suction caps are placed at the bottom. They help keep the juicer in one place.

  • Efficient Press
  • Durable Construction
  • Perfect for Large Fruits
  • Suction Caps
  • Heavy

Proctor Silex 66332 Juicit Citrus Juicer

Proctor Silex Juicit Electric Citrus Juicer Machine for Orange

The Proctor Silex 66332 Juicit Citrus Juicer is an electric citrus juicer ready to juice your fruits with its auto reversing cones and collect the drink in its large capacity container. The Juicit Citrus Juicer is also capable of preparing marinades and salad dressings.

Auto reversing cones

By now, you must be familiar with auto reversing cones and what they can do. These cones automatically change the direction in which they rotate increasing the yield of the juice. The juicit comes with a small and a large cone.

Pulp control

Pulp control is another feature found in electric citrus juicers. This feature allows you to control the amount of pulp in your juice. It is useful for both drinking and cooking.

Large capacity

All the juice produced is collected in a 34 Oz container. You can use the container to add other ingredients to the juice and serve the drink directly from the pitcher. It also has measurements for cooking.

Dishwasher safe

The cones, container and all other non electric parts are dishwasher safe. They can also be gently hand washed.

Easy to store

The juicit is quite easy to store. The juicer is already compact and comes with parts that nest and a built-in cord wrap. You won’t have to worry about making more space.

  • 2 Auto Reversing Cones
  • 34oz Container
  • Pulp Control
  • Measurements
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Nesting Parts
  • May Make Noise.

Buying guide for the best citrus juicers

To buy a perfect citrus juicer, you need to know what makes a citrus juicer perfect. Not all customers know what features a good, high quality juicer has, which is why we have prepared a buying guide for citrus juicers. This will help a lot when comparing the best citrus juicers on our list.

Strong, powerful reamers

The cone or reamer is the most important part of a citrus juicer. So a good reamer is obviously a part of a good juicer. The cone must be strong enough to deal with tough fruits. Size is also important as it allows the fruit to fit nicely and juice every part of it at once. For electric citrus juicers, the best cones are those with a good motor and auto reversing feature.

Efficient strainer

The second most important part of these juicers is the strainer, which can affect the taste of the juice. Without the strainer, the juice would be full of pulp and taste chunky. The strainers which can control the pulp content are the best strainers.

Strong build

Many citrus juicers are not quite tough and may break when a lot of pressure is applied. So a good citrus juicer should be able to resist damage caused by pressure. This will make sure the juicer lasts longer. But remember that excess force is not good for even the best citrus juicers.

Easy to clean

Nobody likes to deal with hard to clean kitchen appliances. That goes for citrus juicers too. Luckily, a lot of them can be simply put in the dishwasher.

Safe to use

Not all plastics are safe to use in food containers and kitchen appliances. They can produce harmful chemicals like BPA, so it’s best to choose the citrus juicers made with safer, BPA-free material.


Q: Can the citrus juicer deal with other types of fruits?

A: No, the citrus juicer is best at juicing citrus fruits.

Q: How much force is needed?

A: For an electric juicer, you need to apply enough Force to keep the flute and place for manual juicers. You would need more pressure, but try to avoid damaging it.

Q: Are the electric juices very noisy?

A: You can hear them from a distance, but they are not very annoying.

Final words

This is the end of our list of the best citrus juicers. The list shows different products, each with its own set of features and drawbacks. Now, it’s your turn to use these sets for comparison and find your ideal citrus juicer.

Best Manual Lemon Squeezer: Shortlisted for your kitchen

Do you find lemon squeezing to be a hassling task and thus drink lemon juice rarely that brings a great benefit to our health? Well, then this article is for you with the presentation of some of the best manual lemon squeezer.

You will be amazed to learn how easy and efficient lemon squeezing could be only if you were introduced to the following hand-held juicers before.

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10 Best manual lemon squeezers

While choosing the squeezers, we had been completely aware of their user-friendliness: comfort-ability, easy-clean-ability and durability. Mark our words that every of the following is a pure gem in terms of the mentioned features. Here we go!

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  1. Chef’n (Lemon) FreshForce Citrus Juicer
  2. IMUSA USA VICTORIA-70007 Lemon Squeezer
  3. DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer
  4. Joseph 20101 Helix Hand Press lemon squeezer
  5. OXO Good Grips manual lemon squeezer
  6. RASSE Hand Manual Lemon Squeezer
  7. KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer
  8. DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer
  9. IMUSA VICTORIA-70009 Citrus Squeezer
  10. EcoJeannie Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel

Chef’n (Lemon) FreshForce Citrus Juicer


Chef'n (Lemon) FreshForce Citrus Juicer

No matter where you do want to use the squeezer – bar or home, you can with full confidence of outstanding performance. All credit goes to its superb design and making.

Squeezes 20% more

Take any citrus fruit – lime, lemon, bitter orange, tangelo, grapefruit, yuzu etc. and hand over the squeezing responsibility to Chef’n FreshForce to have 20% more juice than the typical citrus squeezer.

Dual-gear mechanism

This is an innovative idea with which the squeezer has been designed and developed. The mechanism is responsible for multiplying your pressing power. This doesn’t only squeeze out more volume of lemon juice but also lessen the tiredness of your hand.

Chef'n (Lemon) FreshForce Citrus Juicer 1

Today’s Price on Amazon

Nylon & steel construction

Another mind blowing part of this best manual lemon squeezer is its durable making. The overall machine is manufactured with rough-and-tough nylon and stainless steel.

Both the compounds assure you additional durability. More importantly, stainless steel never rusts. So, it doesn’t matter how old your squeezer becomes, the squeezed juice will always be fresh and healthy.

Easy cleaning

We know why a lion share of people dislike squeezer – because of cleaning hassle. But fortunately, with Chef’n FreshForce you will face no such issue.

You can clean it quickly and easily for containing a special design. Moreover, you can clean it with your everyday used dishwasher without posing any risk of rusting.

Chef'n (Lemon) FreshForce Citrus Juicer

  • Squeezes 20% more juice than the typical citrus squeezer
  • Multiplies pressing power thus lessens the tiredness of your hand
  • With nylon and stainless steel making assures you additional durability
  • Allows you to clean quickly and easily with everyday used dishwasher
  • Pretty heavy

IMUSA USA VICTORIA-70007 Lemon Squeezer

IMUSA USA VICTORIA-70007 Lemon Squeezer

IMUSA has been designed and developed with a unique watchword – no seed, no pulp. That’s to say no matter how forcefully you press your citrus fruit, the squeezer promises you the extraction of fresh juice only.

Ergonomic design

With the determination of making your squeezing a breeze, IMUSA comes with a special feature – ergonomic design.

Because of this addition, you can now extract more volume of juice with comparatively less pressing. As a result, you will feel no fatigue in your hand, no matter how many citrus fruits you press.

Aluminum made

Another good quality of the best manual lemon squeezers is their durability. And, to ensure that there are a few construction materials, among which aluminum holds a significant position.

In another word, you can use the IMUSA squeezer both in a bar and at home with the guarantee of the ultimate durability.

IMUSA USA VICTORIA-70007 Lemon Squeezer

Today’s Price on Amazon


Aluminum is a compound that is non-reactive to water. Hence, you can wash the squeezer with water directly without being tensed about its being rusty or frangible.

Hanging ring

To make the squeezer completely user-friendly, its developer has left no stone unturned. This is why in it you will find a hanging ring. Using it you can hang the squeezer over a visible part of your kitchen wall thus can be found easily whenever needed.

IMUSA USA VICTORIA-70007 Lemon Squeezer

  • Promises you seed and pulp free fresh juice only
  • Lets you extract more volume of juice with comparatively less pressing
  • Usable both in a bar and at home with the guarantee of the ultimate durability
  • Directly washable with water
  • Comes with a user-friendly hanging ring
  • Works best with small lemons and limes

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

One of the rarest kinds of lemon squeezers that features a couple of revolutionary designs to offer you the most efficient performance.

Exclusive juice pouring design

Unlike many other hand held lemon squeezers, DZY doesn’t clog the extracted juice from pouring. This saves your labor and time to a great extent. Additionally, ensures a complete hygiene of the juice as you don’t need to remove the clogging by hand.

Thread groove design

One of the notable features of the best manual lemon squeezers is – they squeeze the lemon symmetrically. This eventually guarantees you the extraction of the maximum volume of juice.

Thanks to the designer of DZY who prioritized the fact and developed the squeezer with thread revolutionary groove design.

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

Today’s Price on Amazon

Ergonomic design

Because of being built with ergonomic design, there is a suitable gap between the two handles of the squeezer. Thereby, you can press your fruit with the maximum force to ensure the extraction of the maximum volume of juice.

Sturdy rivet connection

Don’t be worried about the breakage of the squeezer when you extrude it. Its rivet connection is rough-and-tough enough to ensure you literally no risk of breakage.

Highly durable

We doubt if there is any other lemon squeezer with such a high level of construction like DZY. You will be amazed to learn that it is basically made of zinc alloy upon which there is a coating of chrome.

The two compounds together make the squeezer completely non-reactive to juice or water thus never corrodes.

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

Petal design

The bottom of the squeezer’s bowl features petal design. The design is proven to be highly effective in holding the original flavor of your fruit in the juice.

  • Doesn’t clog the extracted juice from pouring
  • Guarantees you the extraction of the maximum volume of juice
  • Ensures you literally no risk of breakage
  • Completely non-reactive to juice or water
  • Holds the original flavor of your fruit in the juice
  • Upper handle is a bit more curved

Joseph 20101 Helix Hand Press lemon squeezer

Joseph 20101 Helix Hand Press lemon squeezer

With exclusive horizontal twisting design, the squeezer is well trained in making the best use of your shoulder force.

Creative horizontal twisting design

While using a Helix squeezer you will apply the force horizontally. This is accredited to be more comfortable with the guarantee of the maximum utilization of your shoulder force.

Most interesting fact is that the design can multiply your applied force by a couple of times. That’s to say with the application of less force you can have more volume of juice.

Joseph 20101 Helix Hand Press lemon squeezer

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High tolerance

Another mind blowing part of this best manual lemon squeezer is its high tolerance. The overall machine is manufactured with rough-and-tough nylon and stainless steel.

Both the compounds assure you additional durability. More importantly, stainless steel never rusts. So, it doesn’t matter how old your squeezer becomes, the squeezed juice will always be fresh and healthy.

Effortlessly cleanable

To ease your cleaning, the squeezer comes with a special mechanism and that’s – the separation of the 2-pieces. Doing so you can clean the overall squeezer with more efficiency and less effort.

Joseph 20101 Helix Hand Press lemon squeezer

  • Makes the best use of your shoulder force
  • Assures you additional durability
  • Keeps juice fresh and healthy
  • Cleanable with more efficiency and less effort
  • Squirts juice in a variety of directions

OXO Good Grips manual lemon squeezer

OXO Good Grips manual lemon squeezer

From easy gripping, extraction and cleaning, OXO offers you all the conveniences that as a professional user you may expect.

Intuitive design

An intuitive design of the squeezer makes juice extraction a breeze for you. You don’t need to struggle a lot to extract juice from lemon or lime. Even a toddler can extract juice for itself.

What might be the secret? Actually, all the credit goes to the pressure absorbing handles of the squeezer. The handles can multiply your applied force thus more volume of juice comes out with your least effort.

OXO Good Grips manual lemon squeezer

Today’s Price on Amazon

Easy grip and non-slip handles

A squeezer without user-friendly handles can’t be considered the best manual lemon squeezer. Keeping this fact in the core of consideration, the developer of OXO Good tried every strain to give you a comfortable and secure grip.

This is why both the upper and lower handles feature a rubber coating with scientific shape. When the shape lets your hands sit comfortably, rubber coating makes sure of non-slippery.

Die-cast aluminum made

With the determination of going a long way with you, the squeezer is made of die-cast aluminum. This compound is rough-and-tough enough to tolerate the maximum level of pressure for the maximum times.

Here, one more vital point to note is that the compound is non-reactive to juice and water. As a result, it never rusts, which guarantees an additional durability.

OXO Good Grips manual lemon squeezer

Happy cleaning

Even after being manufactured with die-cast aluminum, the squeezer contains a coating of a non-stick finish. This is why your juice never remains stuck to it that makes your cleaning far hassle-free.

  • Features pressure absorbing handles
  • Gives you a comfortable and secure grip
  • Made of die-cast aluminum thus has high level of tolerance
  • A coating of a non-stick finish makes cleaning easier
  • Coating could be better

RASSE Manual Lemon Squeezer

RASSE Hand Manual Lemon Squeezer

Comes with almost all the features to enable your easy using, cleaning and storing with the assurance of ironman-like durability.

Larger bowl

One of the greatest and rarest benefits that you can enjoy from RASSE is its comparatively large bowl. The bowl is large enough to squeeze a whole piece of lemon or lime in one time.

So, to fill your cup with juice, you no longer need to cut the lime or lemon into pieces. This is how the squeezer saves your valuable time and effort.

No more residue

Do you find the floating of seed or pulp over the juice to be disgusting ? Then undoubtedly, RASSE squeezer is for you.

The juicer has been designed in a unique way that prevents the seeds and pulp from coming out of the bowl.

RASSE Hand Manual Lemon Squeezer

Today’s Price on Amazon

Stain, moisture and heat resistant

Citric acid is infamous for leaving stubborn stains on metal accessories. Giving priority to this universal fact, the designer of this best manual lemon squeezer has made it in an exclusive way.

The manufacturer first of all has used stainless steel as the prime manufacturing material. Then, a coating of enamel has been given upon the made product.

Both the compounds are highly efficient in fighting against not only stains but also heat and moisture. This assures you a longer longevity of the juicer that is penny-saving.

Ergonomically designed

There is literally no use of a robust and durable squeezer if it can’t offer you a comfortable squeezing. With the thought in the mind, the producer of RASSE has given it an ergonomic design.

Because of this simple appearing addition, your holding of the handles will be far comfortable and secure.

RASSE Hand Manual Lemon Squeezer

  • With a larger bowl saves your valuable time and effort
  • Prevents the seeds and pulp from coming out of the bowl
  • Highly efficient in fighting against stains, heat and moisture
  • Gives you a far comfortable and secure grip
  • A bit heavy

KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer

KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer

Its flat sitting feature and the addition of juice catching hopper will amaze you every time you use it.

Unique design

We take pride in telling that KitchenAid is another ace citrus fruit squeezer with a unique design. The design is responsible for separating fruit seeds from the fresh juice. Thus you can drink your juice without being concerned about the clogging of seeds.

Sits flat on countertop

Unlike most of the best manual lemon squeezers, this one is made to sit flat on the countertop. This makes sure that your simple squeezing puts additional force upon the fruit.

This is how the juicer saves your energy and offers more volume of juice.

KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer

Today’s Price on Amazon

No need of cup

To amaze you in numerous ways, the juicer has a complete provision. And, one of those is its hopper that can catch your juice at the base. It means that you need no cup or bowl to catch juice. This deducts your cleaning hassle.

Premium quality

Being made of BPA-free aluminum and nylon, the squeezer has a premium quality. This offers you a long-time service with easy cleaning using a regular dishwasher.

KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer

  • Separates fruit seeds from the fresh juice
  • Saves your energy while offering more volume of juice
  • Features built-in juice catcher
  • Offers you a long-time service
  • Lacks ergonomic design

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

The juicer, besides amazing you with its multi functional features, leaves you stunned with the right flavor of your juice.

Pours juice smoothly

A special juice pouring design never clogs the extracted juice from pouring. This saves your labor and time to a great extent not requiring you to clean the pouring path. Additionally, ensures a complete hygiene of the juice as you don’t need to remove the clogging by hand.

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

Today’s Price on Amazon

Thread groove design

One of the notable features of the best manual lemon squeezers is – they squeeze the lemon symmetrically. This eventually guarantees you the extraction of the maximum volume of juice.

Thanks to the designer of DZY who prioritized the fact and developed the squeezer with thread revolutionary groove design.

Never breaks down

Don’t be worried about the breakage of the squeezer when you extrude it. Its rivet connection is rough-and-tough enough to ensure you literally no risk of breakage.


Featuring zinc alloy as the basic manufacturing compound the juicer has a coating of chrome as well.

The two compounds together make the squeezer completely non-reactive to juice or water thus never corrodes.

DZY Metal Rustproof Citrus Press Juicer

  • Doesn’t clog the extracted juice from pouring
  • Guarantees you the extraction of the maximum volume of juice
  • Ensures you literally no risk of breakage
  • Completely non-reactive to juice or water
  • Holds the original flavor of your fruit in the juice
  • Upper handle is a bit more curved

IMUSA VICTORIA-70009 Citrus Squeezer

IMUSA VICTORIA-70009 Citrus Squeezer

This hand-held press juicer contains an ergonomic design for your comfortable use. And, its bright orange exterior finish adds the right amount of color to your kitchen.


With the ergonomic design the juicer makes your extraction of juice a breeze. Your holding of the handles to pressing them will be comfortable without any risk of slipping.

Guarantees pure juice

IMUSA is of the best manual citrus squeezers that guarantees you pure juice only. That’s to say in the extracted juice, there will be no seed and pulp.

IMUSA VICTORIA-70009 Citrus Squeezer

Today’s Price on Amazon

Goes for longer time

The squeezer being manufactured with aluminum features literally no inclination for reacting with juice or water. As a result, it never rusts thus serves you for a longer time. This at the same time assures you a stain-free use of the juicer.


Just at the top of the juicer you will find a hanging ring. With it you can keep the juicer hanging over the visible wall of your kitchen.

Adds color

The bright orange color and smooth exterior finish of IMUSA adds a proper amount of color to the kitchen. This looks really aesthetic.

  • Makes your extraction of juice a breeze
  • Offers seed and pulp free juice
  • Serves you for a longer time
  • Assures you a stain-free use
  • Easy to store
  • Best performancewith lemon

EcoJeannie Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel

EcoJeannie Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel

No matter where you wish to use it, it’s being commercially graded guarantees you an indomitable performance.

Commercial grade

We feel much delighted to tell you that EcoJeannie is a commercial grade squeezer. In other words, it is a highly recommended hand-press juicer for bars besides home.

Premium quality mirror finish

In addition to being made of stainless steel that is a symbol of high durability, the squeezer features a mirror finish. This gives the juicer a glistening and smooth look that is really aesthetic.

EcoJeannie Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel

Today’s Price on Amazon

Guarantees maximum juice

With its mighty body and hinge, the squeezer allows you to apply the maximum force upon your fruit. This eventually assures you the maximum juice extraction.

Safely cleanable

Don’t hesitate to wash the juicer with water and an everyday dishwasher. Stainless steel being a non-reactive material to water poses no threat of rusting or corrosion.

EcoJeannie Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel

  • Highly recommended hand-press juicer for bars
  • Features a glistening and smooth look
  • Assures you the maximum juice extraction
  • No risk of rusting or corrosion
  • Lacks ergonomic design

Buying guide: Best Manual Lemon Squeezer

As you have come to this phase, have patience enough to check this guideline. This introduces you to the criteria that you’re to check while making the purchase of your hand-held juicer.

Premium material

The first thing, actually the most vital thing that you’re to check at the outset is – material. Keep in mind that the best manual lemon squeezers come with aluminum or stainless steel or zinc alloy.

User-friendly handles

Have a grip of the handles to check their comfort-ability and slippery. Avoid buying a juicer whose handles are slippery.

Easy clean-ability

The easier the cleaning method is, the better it is for you. This will save your valuable time and labor simultaneously.

Bowl size

The size of the bowl must be standard. That’s to say it must be large enough to hold a half portion of a lemon or orange.


Q. Can I use the lemon squeezers with lime?

Ans. Yes, you can obviously.

Q. How to use a lemon squeezer perfectly?

Ans. See, the perfect usability of different squeezers is different. So, it’s better ask the sellers. They will show you a demo.

Q. How much is a lemon juice squeezer?

Ans. Although the price varies from brand to brand and type to type yet it’s affordable for all.

Q. How can I get maximum juice from lemon?

Ans. Apply the maximum pressure upon the handles. There are some squeezers whose handles are able to multiply the users’ force.

Final words

In the end, it can be said that the best manual lemon squeezers allow you to extract the maximum volume of juice with the minimum effort. In addition, their durable construction lets you use them thousands of times with no risk of crack let alone breakage.

Best Coffee Canisters – Tested by the Experts

MOICO Stainless Steel Coffee Containers

To keep your coffee extra fresh definitely you will need one of the best coffee canisters which will extend the coffees shelf life. A perfect storage vessel is essentially needed which will be dedicated wholly to give you those delicate flavors and aromas ripe and fresh for another week.

To pick the best canister, it is crucially needed to listen the experience from the java savants like baristas and coffee-shop owners. So today’s presentation is completely unique as we considered their valuable gesture towards each products and pick up some that will surely change your experience in using canisters.

10 Best Coffee Canisters

They cleared that whole bean coffee is best than grinds to get the better results in flavor and aroma but if you re-up beans weekly then every sip will provide you with fresh flavorful coffee ever to boost up the day.  However only a high quality canister can preserve the essential benefits of coffee by containing best graded materials. So all sorts of best glass, stainless-steel, plastic, and ceramic canisters are here to grab your attention which already proven itself the best through the certified java savants. So let’s get started with all precise details.

  1. Airscape Stainless-Steel Storage Container (32 oz.)
  2. Stainless-Steel Storage Container By Airscape (64 oz.)
  3. Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister (64 oz.)
  4. OXO Coffee and Tea Pop Container
  5. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container Canister
  6. Veken Coffee Canister Airtight Stainless Steel
  7. HOKEKI Airtight Coffee Canister
  8. Oggi 60-Ounce Brushed Stainless Steel “Coffee” Airtight Canister
  9. MOICO Stainless Steel Coffee Containers
  10. Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister

Airscape Stainless-Steel Storage Container (32 oz.)

Most of the experts categorized Airscape in the top listed products for it’s stainless steel quality which is very less porous compared to other plastic products. So there is very low changes of stain with the coffee oil in case of Airscape Container although it is usual with other plastic coffee containers. To find the best canister you can have a glance to the all features of this Airscape Container which will keep your coffee reliably fresh.

Unique lid technology

Patented Airscape lid technology pressurize the air out of the canister which works well to extend the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, or any perishable goods. The top lid will allow you to see how much is left inside the canister.But the inner Airscape lid works great as it actively removes and locks out air to preserve freshness and flavor of the desired drinks. However, the “swooshing” noise is the evidence, how effectively the inner lids work.

Keeps your coffee safe

There is no comparison with this special lid technology as it resists harmful ultra-violet lights to reach the drinks inside the canister. So think how safe you are as every sip will deliver you great fresh flavor preserving all blessing nutrients.

  • BPA free
  • Restaurant-grade stainless steel
  • Canister body resists staining
  • Lid resists harmful ultra-violet light
  • Hand wash recommended

When you are looking for a coffee canister, it’s very important to look for ones that can save the food from light and force humidity. Keeping oxygen out is also an unavoidable fact that you must check before buying one for your home. If you pay keen attention to the described features of this Airscape Container, you will understand without spending time that how efficient it is on it’s tasks. Altough  Airscape Container seems simple but great in work for sure.

Airscape Stainless-Steel Storage Container (64 oz.)

If you want five- to seven-day supply of fresh coffee then you may depend on Airscape Stainless-Steel Storage Container (64 oz.). So from now on, no tension for holidays or special vacations as this container always be there for stocking up.

High quality

The quality of the product is excellent which is ensured by certified java savants. They claimed that it resists the stain for the restaurant grade stainless steel quality which often searched by the consumer.
The quality of this Airscape Storage Container (64 oz.) is basically matches with our first pick Airscape Stainless-Steel Storage Container (32 oz.). So if your choice matches to this categorized products then pick any of these for staying relax without any disturbance.

Air tight

If you search for the freshest-tasting coffee possible, then let me alarm you that air is your enemy. Yes air is, as it will be the reason of making your delicious flavors to become muted or worse – causing all the delicious flavors to become muted or worse – rancid. So air lock lid technology is the most suited option for those who would love to be advanced with the latest version.

Stabilized inner environment

Patented Airscape lid technology is completely dedicated to pressurize the air out and keep the inner environment stable to get the most fresh flavor to you. Even clear lid which prevents harmful ultra-violet light works great to achieve the title of the best. Even it will allow you to check how much is there in the canister without opening its lid. So all these great features with 64 oz capacity are really very wise for anyone.

  • Restaurant-grade stainless steel
  • BPA free
  • Resists staining
  • Lid resists harmful ultra-violet light
  • holds approximately 1 lb of dry coffee


  • Hand wash recommended

There is no doubt to claim that this Airscape Stainless-Steel Container are specifically designed for the people those want to deal with the perfection. So from now on, wherever you are or whatever you do, you are allowed to enjoy all times freshness with fresh flavor. So don’t delay to order Airscape 64 oz !!!

Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister (64 oz.)

Are you ceramic lover?  If the answer is positive then stop worrying as Airscape paid attention to your taste and presented a super stylish blue ceramic storage canister with bamboo lid. To get the airtight seal,  patented lever lock on the Airspace plays a great role.

Co2 levels maintained

Although the manufacturers claims to their own products are perfect to it’s work of keeping the air out of the canister but still it is not true in all cases. To know the best canister by seeing the characteristics is wise as you are going to spend your hard earning money on it.

Most important and special feature is in it’s patented airtight inner lid which releases carbon dioxide and preserves food freshness.

Great for storing food

As it is extremely expert on storing food so you can try anything as coffee, tea, flour, brown sugar, cereal, cookies, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food and plenty more. Always it will bring the smile on your face by preserving the ingredients flavor and freshness for longer periods of time.

Ceramic construction

High quality glazed ceramic has taken this canister to another level of perfection. Actually it creates a sturdy base to protect the freshness in.  The smooth and BPA free lid technology has added the positive responses to your need.

  • Glazed ceramic kitchen canisters
  • Patented airtight inner lid releases carbon dioxide
  • BPA free
  • Not dishwasher safe

Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister is more than that you want. It works well as per description. To make sure about it’s perfection everything is clearly discussed with all details. So if you are bored with random old fashioned canister and thinking of taking one that can preserve the food with fastastic outlook then this Airscape ceramic storage certainly satisfy you.

OXO Coffee and Tea Pop ContainerOXO Coffee and Tea Pop Container

For aesthetic pleasing option, you may choose this OXO Coffee and Tea Pop Container. It’s simplicity on look but great in work probably make it more important to java savants. Actually what we want from a special canister are all about its quality of keeping the delicate goods fresh with it’s all flavors and aromas. In this sense if you go with the look only which may bring no results at the end.

UV protector

UV protection plays very important role on preserving the flavor and aromas of the coffee,tea and other stuffs. So this UV-blocking technology going to be the best for UV-sensitive foods. It means, this is the right time to enjoy storing food without thinking of health.

Push button mechanism

These Containers have a special push-button mechanism that are responsible for the airtight seal with just one single touch. Even this button also works as a handle to lift off the lid. So it seems great and simple for your regular use.

  • offer 99% UV protection
  • Tinted body and stainless steel lid
  • BPA free
  • Press button to seal and open Container
  • Hand wash recommended

As OXO Container always effective on it’s airtight work and comes with sturdy body so it can be listed to your chosen list. Versatility with simplicity keep it among the top listed canisters for java savants. So if you want to follow the experts choices then there will be nothing to regret after buying anything.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container CanisterCoffee Gator Stainless Steel Container Canister

Is your coffee always getting spoiled by co2 and oxidation? Or just forgetting the expiry date become a problem. Whichever trouble you’re facing, this is one of the best coffee canisters to put an end to your trouble.

Made of stainless steel

One of the best materials for making coffee canisters is steel. And premium stainless steel, which is used for this canister, is really strong and highly durable. This makes sure that the coffee is well protected.

Co2 valves

The carbon dioxide gas, which the coffee releases can be bad for the beans and coffee grounds. To avoid the build-up of this gas, one way co2 valves are used to let carbon dioxide escape but prevent oxygen from getting in.


BPA is as bad for you as degassing is for the coffee, which means it’s the best to avoid it as much as possible. Fortunately, this food grade canister will not contaminate your coffee with this chemical.

Calendar wheel

This coffee canister has another feature that will come in handy for most people. There is a calendar wheel that will let you set the refill or expiry date for the coffee so you can know how fresh the beans are.

Different sizes and packages

The canister has three sizes. The small canister holds about 11 ounces of beans and 9.2 ounces of grounds. The medium one can contain 16 ounces of beans and 13.3 ounces of grounds. About 22 ounces of solid and 19.5 ounces of powdered coffee can be stored in the large one. A package of 2 canisters is also available.

Colors available

You can get this canister in different colors. These include black, silver, gray and a combination of gray and silver coler.

Measuring spoon

The flavor of your coffee depends on how much coffee you use for the drink. This is why it is best for you to use coffee precisely. And the measuring spoon that comes with the canister will help you brew some perfect coffee.

  • Built of stainless steel
  • Co2 valves
  • Free from contaminants
  • Calendar wheel
  • Different sizes
  • Different colors and packs
  • Free spoon
  • No extra valves

Veken Coffee Canister Airtight Stainless SteelVeken Coffee Canister Airtight Stainless Steel

Keeping your coffee fresh is what the best coffee canisters are all about. And we are confident that this canister will take care of your coffee the way you want it to

Keeps coffee fresh

Whether you store solid beans or grounds, carbon dioxide will always be there to ruin the flavor of the delicious drink you like. But this can easily be prevented by pumping out this gas. And this canister does this with the help of CO2 valves which effectively control the amount of the gas present inside.

High quality

The canister is made of 304 stainless steel, a type of steel widely used for its resistance to damage and corrosion. The thick walls of the container are enough for the safety of both, the canister and the coffee.

Bonus spoon

An additional spoon is attached to the canister by a hook. This convenient little feature makes it easier for you to add coffee to your drink.

Day tracker

Do you always remember when you last refilled the container? It is hard not to forget it which is why a tracker is placed on top of the lid. Just set the refill date and you will always know how long the beans have been inside the canister.

Internal scale line

An internal scan line shows you the capacity of the canister. You can use it to know how much coffee you store in it and how much is left inside.

Different colors and sizes

There are six colors available for this coffee canister. Black, gray, green, silver matte, stainless steel and yellow. Besides color, you can also choose the capacity of the canister which can have a capacity of 16 or 22 ounces.

  • Co2 release
  • Premium build
  • Additional spoon
  • Month and day tracker
  • Scale line
  • Different sized canisters
  • Many colors available
  • No bonus valves

HOKEKI Airtight Coffee Canister

From coffee beans to sugar and herbs, this coffee canister will store all types of dry food and ingredients for a long period of time.

Long lasting

This canister is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is often used for many kitchen appliances. It has a strong metal clamp and lid made of BPA-free plastic. Such construction can only be found in the best coffee canisters like this one.

Air breather

The canister has built-in air breathers which are very important for coffee. Coffee releases a lot of carbon dioxide which needs to be removed fast enough. To make sure it doesn’t ruin the flavor of the beans, air breathers work hard on, keeping the gas out.

Coffee spoon

The canister comes with an additional spoon. This one can be stuck to the canister so it will be in your reach every time you brew some coffee.

Tracker on top

A day and month tracker, that has been attached to the canister, is a great device for knowing how fresh the coffee inside it is. This also lets you know when you must throw out it’s contents or replace them.

Different sized canisters

Just like the previous canister, this one also has two sizes. One can hold up to 16 ounces while the other has a capacity of 22 oz.

Many different colors

The canister doesn’t only have different sizes, butt also comes in different colors. From blue to rose gold, there are six of them.

  • Durable
  • Built-in breathers
  • Coffee scoop
  • Date tracker
  • Canisters of different capacities
  • A variety of colors
  • Spoon has to be removed before closing

Oggi 60-Ounce Brushed Stainless Steel “Coffee” Airtight CanisterOggi 60-Ounce Brushed Stainless Steel "Coffee" Airtight Canister

Here is one of the best coffee canisters with an airtight lid and large capacity, great for preserving the taste and quality of your coffee and tea.

Capacity of 60 fluid ounces

The canister and has a large capacity of 60 fluid ounces, which is enough for most people to store their tea or coffee. It can easily hold over a pound of beans or powdered coffee.


The silicone lid effectively stops air from getting into the canister. Oxygen can react with the coffee and spoil it very quickly which is why this feature is necessary. However, this coffee canister does not have any co2 valves.

Transparent lid

The lid of the canister is mostly made of transparent material. This is to let you have a quick look at how much coffee is left inside the container. This way, you can easily do it without the risk of any air getting inside.

Easy to clean

Canisters eventually pick up dust and dirt and need some cleaning. This canister can easily be cleaned using a wet cloth.

Style names

To help you find it quickly when among other containers, a large style name is printed on it. The name can either be ”Tea” or ”Coffee”, depending on which version you order.

  • 60 fluid oz capacity
  • Airtight lid
  • See through lid
  • Easy cleaning
  • Clear markings
  • Does not release carbon dioxide

MOICO Stainless Steel Coffee ContainersMOICO Stainless Steel Coffee Containers

This strong coffee canister provides protection from carbon dioxide, oxygen, light and moisture, all of which tend to destroy your favorite drink. And with a handy scoop and travel jar, this can easily be one of the best coffee canisters you’ve ever used.


The coffee canister is built using high quality food grade stainless steel. It is locked by a clamp which is also made of strong metal. This durable construction means that it will last much longer than those made of glass or plastic. You won’t have to worry much about breaking or causing any damage.

Protects flavor and quality

The canister naturally keeps out light and a lot of moisture. A one-way co2 valve, as you’ve probably guessed, keeps out all the carbon dioxide but does not allow oxygen to get in. All of this helps the canister to keep your coffee as fresh as you like.

Numerical tracker

No matter how well protected the coffee is, it will eventually get bad. If you don’t drink coffee often, it might spoil before you know it. But as long as you have this numerical tracker, you’ll be able to tell easily whether it’s fresh or not. Just dial in the storage or expiry date and looking at the wheel again will be enough.

Travel jar

If you like to take some coffee along while traveling, you might not prefer taking the entire canister. But that doesn’t mean you can’t brew your favorite drink while you’re not at home. A travel jar that comes with the canister is small enough to carry around and holds about 0.65 ounces’ enough to serve you throughout small trips.

Additional spoon

Sometimes, you might wish you always had a spoon ready to make yourself a cup of coffee. With this coffee canister, you will never have to look for a spoon anymore. A coffee scoop, which can be kept in the canister’s hook will be enough to make your drink.

  • Durable
  • Preserves coffee
  • Freshness tracker
  • Additional jar and spoon
  • Travel jar could have been bigger

Bean Envy Airtight Coffee Canister

Here is a Bean Envy coffee canister with a durable construction, large capacity and elegant design. It surely has all the features that the best coffee canisters should have.

Large capacity

The canister holds about 22.5 ounces of coffee, which is perfect for coffee lovers. Besides coffee, it can store tea, sugar, flour and other dry goods as well.

Preserves taste

The coffee canister blocks sunlight, moisture, air and bacteria, all of which can be a threat to the taste of fresh coffee. A gas release gets rid of carbon dioxide, which is also known to attack the flavor of the drink. You can certainly trust this canister to keep coffee beans and grounds in perfect condition for much longer than glass or plastic containers.

Sturdy scoop

You probably know how annoying it is to look for your spoon every time you want to make some coffee. That’s why you’ll be glad to have this bonus scoop. A silicone grip attached to the canister will let you keep it in your reach and off the table or countertop while brewing.

Durable Construction

The body of the canister is made of premium 304 stainless steel. This makes your canister highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Another notable feature is its non-slip silicone base. This combination and materials is great for such canisters.


Do you want to keep track of the freshness of your coffee? If you want to, you should try using the calendar wheel on the lid. Use the middle wheel to set the month and the outer wheel for setting the day and you’re ready to go. A quick look at the wheel will be enough for you to know the condition of the coffee.

Elegant design

The canister has a modern and elegant look. Besides design, the canister can have four different colors. Stainless steel and gray give the canister a classic look, while red and blue can bring color to your kitchen.

  • 22.5 oz capacity
  • Protects coffee from co2
  • Great scoop
  • Sturdy construction
  • Numerical tracker
  • Nice design
  • May crack if misused

Buying guide: How to choose the best coffee canisters

To buy the best coffee canisters, you have to know which features make them the best. Do you want to know what these features are? In this section, we will give you insight into the ways you can choose a good coffee canister. So, let’s begin.


Different canisters hold different amounts of coffee. Canisters usually have a capacity of either 16 ounces or 22 ounces. If you are a coffee lover who frequently has a cup of coffee, you might want to have a large canister. But if you rarely drink coffee, we would advise you to buy a smaller one to avoid any waste.

Protection from air

You would certainly want your drink to taste as good as possible. This depends on how well your coffee is protected. Sunlight, moisture and air are coffee’s worst enemies. So it is wise to choose airtight metal canisters, which prevents them from reaching the coffee.

Release of co2

Air and sunlight destroy your coffee from outside. But there is something else which can attack it from the inside. Coffee beans constantly release a lot of carbon dioxide after being roasted. And this gas tends to accumulate inside the canister. If not released, this will easily destroy the coffee’s flavor. That’s why co2 valves that let the gas out but stop oxygen will help a lot with this problem. The best coffee canisters usually have such valves.


The durability of a canister depends on the material it’s made of. The stronger the component material, the more durable the canister. The best material for coffee canisters is 304 stainless steel, which resists both, damage and corrosion.

Additional items

Some canisters come with bonus coffee scoops. These will let you measure and add coffee without the problem of looking for a spoon everywhere. Extra co2 valves allow you to replace the older ones for better performance. The package may also include a smaller jar for taking your coffee with you while traveling without the hassle of carrying the larger canister. All these additional items are really useful.


Q: What is the best way to store coffee grounds?

A: Experts say that it is best to keep ground in airtight metal containers.

Q: Are mason jars good for storing coffee?

A: Most mason do not block sunlight, air or moisture so they are not recommended for coffee storage.

Q: Is it okay to put coffee in the fridge?

A: Temperature drop can easily ruin the taste of the coffee so do not put them in the fridge.

Q: What is the shelf life for coffee?

A: The shelf life for coffee beans is above 6 months while grounds may last for 3 months or more.

Q: Is instant coffee as good as other types?

A: Instant c0ffee is actually very fine and highly broken down coffee powder which is used mainly for brewing quickly and easily. Unfortunately, this affects it’s the quality of the coffee.

Q: Should brewed coffee be heated?

A: Heating is proven to be bad for the taste and quality of the drink and is not recommended.

Q: What is degassing?

A: After being roasted, carbon dioxide in the beans start to escape; a process known as degassing.

Q: Is co2 bad for coffee?

A: If this gas collects in your canister, the flavor of the coffee will be affected by it.

Final words

For refreshing energy there is no alternate of best canister to store the grains. As it is not always possible to store ingredients properly without a good container made specifically for that type of item, people often try getting the best coffee canisters for storing coffee, tea and many other dry foods. So why should you wait? Check the features of each individual and grab one that suits you to continue healthy diet. We are confident that our list and buying guide will help you with that. Thank you for for checking out our list of the top ten best coffee canisters to store your favorite drink. Happy cooking.

Best Masticating Juicer for Leafy Greens

To find the best masticating Juicer for leafy greens is tough work as all masticating juicers don’t have the ability to juice the greens well. If juicing is the only way to get the required health beneficial vitamins, enzymes and minerals from the greens then there is no alternate of finding the best masticating juicer that works miraculously for leafy greens. So let us go for searching the best friends of leafy greens.

Here, we reviewed 5 most suited products that can be proven as real life changers. Even to make your pick more quicker we will clearly discuss the necessary information in the buying guide follow it and find the best one that excels in this category.

The Ultimate Guide on Best Masticating Juicers for Leafy Greens

Let’s go for discovering what’s there waiting for you in the Juicers world. 5 outstanding Juicers for Leafy Greens- our reviews

Although there are many juicers claiming to be the best, our top picks will make you susceptible as we left no stone unturned to get the perfect juicer for Leafy Greens.

1. Omega NC800- Best Leafy Green Juicer- Top Pick

Presently, Omega NC800 dominates the juicer market for being the best for leafy greens. There you can find the similarities with Omega NC900, with the only difference being the color but the works remain same either one you choose.

If you go for finding probable answer of the question that what made NC800 big hits in the present time then don’t forget to remember their work on getting the accuracy on juicing. They made essential changes to the previous versions to get completely well organized and most effective features that will prove best for leafy Greens.

The most noticeable changes that has been made are its capacity of providing more yield from the same amount of ingredients. Not only that, to lessen your working pressure on cutting the vegetables, they improved the size of feeding chute so that you can spend maximum time on your other precious works. So these two relative developments of Omega NC800 reveal the stress less juicing with maximum yield. These two main features of Omega NC 800 made it suitable in the present market to complete with other specialized brand of this line.

There is no doubt that omega NC800 is made for leafy greens and thus works well for it’s functional qualities. Even the facilities of adjustable caps and larger juicing screen allow it to yield more Juice in due time. However, this juicer’s blank plate is adaptable for making nut butter, sorbet and so on. Of course, it simultaneously works good with usual fruits and veggies.

Today’s Price on Amazon

By the way along with many good features, we should consider two unavoidable downsides of this juicer. As per our discussion, it is Horizontal juicer and thus comes with larger footprint. So you should think about the counter space before buying it. Then the fact reaches to the budget. Actually, it is extremely pricey. Even it should be as we cannot deny that juicers that are specially designed for extracting juices from Greens are really very pricey. In this case Omega is also not different.

We proudly would love to recommend Omega NC 800 as the best juicer for leafy greens. It provides maximum yield with less oxidation. So it is much better to go with our top pick to make the life more enjoyable.


  • Fantastic yield
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Quiet operation
  • Flexible to use
  • BPA free


  • Takes up counter space
  • Pricey

2. Omega J8006 – Best Juicer for the Money

Our second pick, which is also from Omega, line for their great features. Omega J8006 is considered one of the best leafy juicers for the money. As it is the predecessor of Omega NC800 so there are a few changes you can notice in J8006. They kept few things in mind before manufacturing the latest version to get more fine juicing with sturdy juicer. Considering money, Omega J8006 will never be a bad choice as it will work same like it’s latest version. So who would not love to save money by picking this juicer?

This juicer maintains the standard by providing excellency on juicing. As usual, it works with slow RPM which decrease the oxidation and providing the longest storage time. Slow RPM cannot be the only standard to define a juicer good or bad. Many other features included to present the Juicer’s quality. Omega fill up these criteria by giving easy assembling and disassembling system which made the cleaning more interesting. Not only that, along with juicing leafy Greens, it provides the opportunity to juice all types of veggies, fruits and ready to make nut butter, sorbets and so on.

Today’s Price on Amazon

The main downside of this juicer is it’s smaller feeding chute than other newer models. So pre-cutting is mandatory for hassle free juicing. Even the price is little bit high compared to other centrifugal juicers and takes more counter space for being Horizontal juicer. So if you ready to manage these for getting the accuracy on juicing then this omega J8006 may help to get the desired outcome. For its special features, it can compete with other contenders and able to blow them out of the market. As it value your money and time so we strongly recommend it for your daily use.

Check in details review of Omega J8006


  • Slow RPM
  • Easy cleaning option
  • Quiet operation
  • Produce more yield


  • Takes up spaces
  • Pricey

3. Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer

Tribest Green star Elite GSE-5000 juicer is completely unique for leafy greens until the present time. It works in three ways which make it able to earn it’s name in the market. Basically the ingredients need to go through three separate section before getting the yummy beverage. Crushing, mixing and finally pressing are it’s three actions that will able to provide fine juices.

The three stage functioning leafy Greens juicer is completely new thought as other juicers which are suitable for leafy Greens are having the similar concept of extracting juices. So you can tell it is not replicated at all rather than it arrived with new concept to make your juicing more fun and easy .

Basically the gear of Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 is unique for it’s magnetic construction which made the juicer suitable for preserving retention of nutrients in juicer. So it is appreciated for providing the entire suitable environment to preserve nutrients and enzymes in juices while it itself a slow juicer and having a magnetic gear. Thus juices are less oxidize and it can be stored for up to 72 hours.

The main two factors can be hard for some users. First you need to push the ingredients through the auger and then cleaning can be a bit hard for those who are using it for the first time.But if you are habituate then it won’t be a big deal at all.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Although it comes with high price but still best compared to it’s working accuracy. To get the last drop of juices out of all sorts of produce is the ultimate goal for specialized juicer’s where Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 earns it name by fulfilling all nooks and crannies of excellence by keeping all blemish away.


  • Nutritious and long lasting yield
  • Three stage actions
  • Magnetic gear


  • Manual effort is needed
  • Difficult to clean

4. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000P

There are many outstanding things about the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000P than it’s fewer drawbacks. So it can be your fantastic choice as slow juicer for leafy greens.

Kuvings B6000P offers a great deal for those who don’t love to spend time on cutting veggies into smaller chunks. Especially we all are busy for earning our lives so I can tell it would be wise to get one to minimize the burden. By offering bigger feeding chute it gets the different impression in the juicer market. But still it is not big enough to take entire ingredients without any cutting. It requires pre-cutting but very less.

Even to keep the word ‘slow’ juicers, it works at 60 RPM which is still less than conventional slow masticating juicer. It means that Kuvings B6000P is able to extract quality juices which is tastier than the juices coming from other slow juicers. Furthermore, the fine screen of Kuvings B6000P decreasing the chance of getting juice with pulp. It shows that every time a glass of goodness in your hands.

Unlike other slow juicers, it is not ideal for juicing all like fruits and veggies. But still can perform the job well.

Today’s Price on Amazon

If you are not searching for versatility but happy with the categories of work that Kuvings B6000P can perform then it is the good choice for you. Even very less pre-cutting will make you enthusiastic on juicing for acquiring health benefits.


  • Large feed chute
  • Works at 60rpm
  • Quiet
  • • Extract quality juices


  • A bit expensive
  • Pulpy juice sometimes

5. Tribest SW-2000-B Juicer Suited for Leafy Greens

Get the work quickly done then this Tribest SW-2000-B makes the promise of working fast with slower speed. So from now on, you will start your each with fantastic juices filled with nutrients. It is best in its territory for being the slowest juicer and fantastic for greens on the market right now.

47 RPM ensures the slowest spinning rates along with better extraction. So this Tribest SW-2000-B Juicer is recognized for providing less oxidize juices with higher nutrition. One more benefits you will be witnessed of its quieter working way which will obviously give you the best positive experience on juicing.

Tribest SW-2000-B includes two blades rather than one lonely blade which can work better for leafy greens. So you will be happy to know that there’s needed very less pre cutting of the leafy greens than other juicers. Furthermore, it is a vertical masticating juicer which is suitable to use. Even though it is well known for greens still it excels all types of fruits and veggies.

This double blade vertical juicer presents extra privilege as this flexible opportunity creates less pulp with extra juices. so in this case we have to push the ingredients into the double blade auger. But those are advised to reduce hand functions they may search else for the products which needs almost no energy to push the ingredients in.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Cleaning can be tricker for Tribest SW-2000-B as it contains nooks and design body makes the entire process hard to clean. And another thing that you need to know that it is not dish washer safe.

We believe in healthy body and to go with this we need slow working juicer like Tribest SW-2000-B. As its RPM is low thus ensures the safe juice with maximum nutrients. So don’t get late and feel free to pick Tribest SW-2000-B without further queries.


  • Reduces oxidization
  • More juice yield with very less pulp
  • Quieter than conventional slow juicers


  • Requires more push
  • Not so great for greens

Buying Guide: How to choose Best Masticating Juicer for Leafy Greens

To make your diet complete, leafy greens are mandatory although some would love to keep it away from the diet. If you are planning to include these greens to get sturdy body then buying suitable juicer can make sense. So let’s know all the probable issues to consider before buying any slow juicer.

Masticating Juicer is the best choice

Ordinary Juicer is not suitable for leafy greens as these are designed to deal with other ingredients like fruits and veggies. As you can not keep the greens away, so a special juicer is needed which works well with leafy greens. Pay the closer look to centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer. you’ll understand all by yourself that centrifugal juicers are designed to juice the fruits and veggies but the problem comes when they try to juice the Greens as well. According to people’s need, manufacturers designed new juicers called masticating slow juicer that works with slow speed and provide the best outcome. Hope you understood the need of slow juicer for juicing leafy greens.

Blessings of masticating juicer

To know the working ways of both masticating and centrifugal juicers, first you need to understand the differences between both juicers. Without understanding them vividly, it would be tough to recognise which one will fit your needs.

Centrifugal juicer works in a few seconds as it contains a blade that rotates with higher RPM to get the juice out from the pulp. As it works with high speed, it generates high noise which sometimes unbearable for those who are enjoying the morning sleep. Other find it terrific as it distractes them from their work. Futhermore, fast spinning produce heat which lessen the chance of getting less oxidize juice thus it is not suitable to preserve for long time. Some claim that extra heat can degenerate the function of enzymes and vitamins present in the juice.

On the other hand masticating juicers work reverse as it comes with 10 times lesser speed to keep the environment suitable for all sorts of enzymes and vitamins. This masticating juicer keeps the speed low which granted less noise. Even it produce almost no heat to get the tasty juice everytime. So all blessing will be available with slow masticating juicer, if you give it chance to be a part to make you more healthy.

vertical vs horizontal juicer

Choosing one over another is probably depend on the space that it both occupies. Only space shouldn’t be your consideration as many other things related to this vertical and horizontal juicers. It is obvious that vertical juicer occupies very less counter space and able to yield more juice than horizontal juicer although having the same RPM. And practically horizontal juicers have smaller feeding chute than vertical juicers. So you will be needed enough strength to push the ingredients in and it will require more time in juicing. Therefore, buying a vertical juicer obviously will be more sensible, but in that case you need to use juicer only for juicing. If your wish to get own flour, crush frozen fruits to make a sorbet, or mincemeat to make sausages then horizontal would be better solution.

Auger selection

Twin and single both augers are available in the market with slow masticating juicer. So many of us got confused about which one will work better? If the product is well designed then single auger is not suitable that much than the double auger. By the way, well and sturdy product can bring the benefits otherwise stay away with twin augers because of the friction between auger gears during it’s work which may result metal shavings in your juice. So quality of the product matters.

Twin augers can bring a great benefit by extracting more juices. What a single auger can’t do, twin auger made it possible. It is completely perfect for those who would like to get every drop of nutrition out of their greens. But it doesn’t mean that single auger juicer can’t do it’s job perfectly as it can work much better which is enough to make somebody satisfied. So what do you think? Obviously you will will go with twin augers.

If you are interested in quick cleaning than single auger can perform the work appropriately as it is easy to clean and maintenance.

Finding the ideal Juicer

If you do not care the budget then Omega is the best option. As two reviewed omega are horizontal and some find it hard to deal with horizontal juicers then there are more options are waiting from Omega which are vertical. However, Tribest Green Star Elite is for those who are really picky to get the last drop of Nutrition from the leafy Greens. If economy is in your intension then you can find many older fashion juicer from Omega that can do great job for you. So whatever your budget is, you can find a juicer which will able to serve you according to your investment.


Buying juicer a great investment on your health so I took it seriously and hope that all vivid description made you able to decide which one you need to pick.

Buying one from our recommended products will make a great addition to your kitchen. As recent times leafy greens have taken a great place to our diet, so these categorized juicers exploded in numbers and quality which make us puzzle during the selection of right juicer for us. Isn’t it hard to find the right one among the pile of juicers containing many features? Hope these top 5 picks made your job easier to welcome a new healthy year with a fastastic juicer for leafy greens!!!

Best Masticating Juicers – The Ultimate Guideline

Do you think it is easy to find the ultimate best masticating juicers without trial or making an error by buying something unusual that you really don’t want to buy? Say yes as The Best Masticating Juicers will give you the sense of all sorts of popular masticating juicers available in the store and their differences on work according to the features. Well I know many of the information will susceptible you to find the knowledge on masticating juicers but without clear and precise knowledge on Masticating juicers will often misguide you to go with the wrong one. Even do not go with the look, actually, the look of the masticating juicers are almost the same but the work varies depending on the juicers.

It is possible to balance your tight budget when you will able to pick one among many by understanding the category carefully. It is completely unwise to say that masticating juicers are not performing well. Actually, each of the individuals has different tasks to perform therefore their structural and internal construction are also different from each other. So this guide on buying best masticating juicers are designed to give you all probable answers to your questions.

The Ultimate 10 Best Masticating Juicers

What is best of all? There is no answer if you don’t have the answer what work you actually want to have by the juicer. However, by knowing the product list that has been shortlisted by keeping all spectacular qualities in mind may help you to search the relevant details of all masticating juicers.

  1. Omega NC900HDC Masticating Juicer
  2. Masticating Juicer Omega J8006
  3. Omega Slow Vertical Masticating Juice Extractor (VRT330S)
  4. Champion Masticating Juicer (G5-PG710)
  5. Breville Masticating-Juicer (BJS600XL)
  6. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer Machine
  7. Hurom HU-100 Slow Masticating Juicer
  8. Natalie Styx Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
  9. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite
  10. Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer

Please do note that all Masticating Juicers are not same at all. Even a small changes on the parts and materials can bring the enormous experience in juicing. To make the right decision let us know all the great features of all individuals.

Latest masticating juicers review:

01. Omega NC900HDC Masticating Juicer

(Top pick- masticating juicer)

The latest and attractive piece of love available in the store is Omega NC900HDC that is almost similar to Omega NC800HDS. Colour is the only difference which made our pick more stylish. However, crome over silver is an outstanding combination of color that has given perfection on the look. But the works of both remain the same.

Now, if you think why both products having the same working features then let me tell you that Omega didn’t make huge changes during new production. To make the product more perfect small changes has been done to fulfill the demand of the new generation. So every case you will get better products indeed along with the fantastic 15-year warranty.

Today’s Price on Amazon

This upgraded version can make you completely satisfied by providing a large feeding chute with each which in return serve you more juice yield. Who will not be enchanted by getting more juice extraction from the produce? This large feeding chute will give you the maximum facility to put the veggies, fruits and leafy greens to the auger. The more produce will go in, the more juice will yield. Furthermore, Omega NC900HDC is an expert to work with the leafy greens and these are all because of adjustable cap and a larger screen. This juicer is very flexible and good for sorbets, nut butter and of course the usuals – fruit and veg.

The downside that possibly can’t be ignored is its space-consuming tendency for being horizontal juicer. So if you are concern about the counter space then this top pick is not suitable for you. The next thing that can come in the downside is its price. It is a little bit expensive. Why shouldn’t be? Actually, all juicers that optimize to take out maximum juices from the fruits and Greens by keeping it less oxidize are expensive. It is not an unknown fact to you that in the long run, it will return your all payment by giving you a healthy body and saving the money on ingredients.

If you have cash and space both, then don’t wait, just pick the recommended Omega NC900HDC. It will bless you with a sturdy body by preserving all nutrients from the food. As it will prevent oxidation so you may preserve the juice up to 72 hours. Now, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to go with the recommended product by understanding all blessing features of it.


  • Fantastic yield
  • BPA free
  • Quiet
  • Flexible
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • Expensive
  • Takes up a bit extra space

2. Masticating Juicer Omega J8006

Best Masticating Juicer for the Money

This is another best masticating juicer for the money present in the market. This is also omega’s brand. Our top pick Omega NC900HDC is two generations ahead of the Omega J8006. But you know very well there is a little change made for Omega NC900HDC to get the excellence.

Like its successor, Omega J8006 is an expert to perform all the jobs accurately. It is suitable to extract juice from the leafy greens as well as vegetables and fruits. At the meantime, you can use it for sorbet, nut butter, and so on. Less oxidation and storing juices for longer period of time is another excellent performance come with this masticating juicer. Easy assembling and disassembling process make it more attractive. Don’t forget about 12 years warranty with that Omega works for a longer period of time while a few other brands come with only one year warranty.

Today’s Price on Amazon

The downside of Omega J8006 is pretty similar to our top pick along with few other things that you need to take in your consideration. First, it is expensive and takes up space. For containing smaller feeding chute pre-arrangement is required to cut the fruits into smaller chunks. The smaller screen gives it less chance to yield more juice.

These relative faults could not make it separate from being one of the most selling products. Actually, it works well compared to the price. How it serves with versatility and durability is not enough, what you pay. So without further calculation, you may pick this for getting a better experience.


  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Quiet
  • Takes up space
  • Works well with leafy greens


  • Small feed chute
  • Not BPA Free

3. Omega Slow Vertical Masticating Juice Extractor (VRT330S)

The next pick that we decided to discuss with is omega slow vertical masticating juicer extractor. It is extremely trendy and very cozy to use for having vertical feeding chute. Actually, Omega makes you comfortable all ways. Whatever you demand is, Omega knows it better.

Have you considered only horizontal masticating juicer is better for juicing? Then stop thinking so as VRT330S comes with more clearing concept on making your work more easier by saving time on cutting the vegetables in smaller chunks. As it is vertical juicer so it takes up a little bit less space that can be an only concern for you. Meanwhile, you will be pleased by seeing its performance on extracting juices with fruits, veggies, and leafy greens although it remains whole.

Today’s Price on Amazon

However as its look nearly similar to a centrifugal juicer, but the work remain stable according to its category of a slow masticating juicer. Moreover, it is quieter than centrifugal juicer in work. Gravitational power works amazing while you work with slow vertical masticating juicer as there is no need to push the ingredients down to the auger. It is giving a satisfying result in juice yield which is less oxidize and can be preserved upto 72 hours where the juice from centrifugal can be stored for 12 hours only.

There is the downside is, clogging the juicer during juicing as you will have the tendency of using the ingredients whole in the juicer. But thanks for the reverse button that will make your work easier why unclogging the juicer immediately.

So if you think about space, quality and convenience then this is the right choice for you.


  • Easy to clean
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Takes up little space
  • Quiet


  • Clogged sometimes

4. Champion Masticating Juicer (G5-PG710)

This time no more Omega, it is another special juicer that can deal with grains greatly. This flexible American made horizontal auger provides the best juicing experience. Even you cannot make down comparing with other juicers. It is mentioned before, all juicers have particular action to perform. Champion Masticating Juicer (G5-PG710) excels as a slow slow masticating juicer.

G5-PG710 weights 26 pounds which ensures its stability during juicing. Although it is slightly heavy but don’t forget this heaviness gives it a sturdy body. Moreover, it spins slowly like other slow masticating juicer and brings the blessing by keeping your juice less oxidize. By seeing the spinning movement you can justify a juicer’s durability.

On the other hand, this eye catchy product can also match any kitchen for its varieties colors like black, silver, and brown. So you can have option to select desired product according to your decor.

The great feature of G5-PG710 is its special attachment for juicing aforesaid grains and greens especially wheatgrass. for being Horizontal masticating juicer, it takes up space so it can a downside for this great product.

Today’s Price on Amazon

You have seen Omega works better for fruits, veggies, and Greens but in this case of G5-PG710, it is not completely applicable. It can provide you the great juicing experience with fruits and veggies even it can be hard or soft but there you will find a few difficulties while you will take Greens. So if your primary ingredients for juicing is fruits and veggies then without worry you can think of grabbing this great piece to our hand immediately. The main factor of this product is, as it is a slow juicer still it can juice slightly faster than any other omega!!! So everything will be very quick and less oxidize!!!


  • Great for veg and fruit
  • BPA free
  • Very adaptable with attachments
  • Faster than your average slow juicer (but not your average bear)


  • Not great for leafy greens
  • Takes up quite a bit of space
  • Heavy

5. Breville Masticating-Juicer (BJS600XL)

Breville has great influence on centrifugal juicers market but now this is the first time Brevilla appears with efficient masticating juicer to foray other dominating masticating juicers. For this it is enlisted to our best 10 masticating products.

Following the centrifugal lines, it appears as vertical juicer which certainly give you the advantage of saving counter space. But it is also a matter that you might find it hard to put the produce through the smaller feeding chute and thus you need for precutting (especially leafy greens) all the ingredients for greater advantage.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Unlike conventional centrifugal juicers, this BJS600XL spins at 80rpm which will guarantee you longer storage of juice with less oxidation. It works outstanding with fruits and veggies but, if you choose leafy greens as primary ingredients then the same performance will not be noticeable. However, the price range is extremely affordable which often regarded as very less for getting a top-class masticating juicer.


  • Come at a great price
  • Not noisy at all
  • Saves counter space


  • 10-year warranty on the motor but only one year for parts
  • clog easily

6. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer Machine

Aicok slow masticating juicer probably best to our list if you are searching for top class Juicer with a limited budget. Actually, Aicok provides many facilities like other top masticating juicers. Moreover, the nutritional value of the juices will be same as other juices get from using top-listed juicers.

The Augar of Aicok Juicer spins at 80 RPM which is really beneficial for the user who would like to get maximum nutritional value from the ingredients. As it spins slow, it ensures better extraction in a shorter time. So keep on saving time along with Aicok. Furthermore, less heat build-up tendency is keeping the enzymes, vitamins, and other minerals absolutely working.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Working with Aicok is really very fun as it includes easy assembling and disassembling process which makes your task easier during cleaning. So you can claim that juicing is the matter of a span of a few minutes!! The motor works effectively and quietly at 150 watts or 110 watts. Special decelerating gear is also available to reduce the vibration during functioning. The most important thing with that many people get irritated is clogging but to keep your anxiety away, Aicok has a directional control that you can use to prevent clogging. Just allow it to spin in the opposite direction and your work of unclogging is done. All the great qualities that Aicok has for lessening the burden of those who are struggling with everyday life. So what else do you need with your tight budget?


  • Less noise.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy assembling and disassembling system.
  • Has directional control switch to prevent clogging.
  • Affordable than most other juicers.


  • Access use of juicer at a time affect motor
  • slightly narrow feeding chute

7. Hurom HU-100 Slow Masticating Juicer

Hurom is very familiar and ideal for its efficiency and reliability. It is well known for its slow squeezing Technology (SST) which ensures better extraction every time instead of shredding fruits and vegetables with high-speed blades. So there won’t be any worry about wasting money on ingredients. If you are searching quality product in a reasonable price, then let me explain to you why Hurom HU-100 is better for you.

There can be rarely alternate of Hurom HU-100 as cold press juicer. It will make you benefited by providing 35% more juice extraction than any other conventional fast juicers. Therefore, every time you will be witnessed by getting the drier pulp. Even, slow squeezing technology will gently take out the juices from the pulp while preserving the cellular structure of the foods.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Hurom new series ensures an ideal solution for juicing. As it spins slow, it minimizes the risk of high heat which eventually giving the proper environment to intact the heat-sensitive enzymes and vitamins. By the way, you cannot say that Hurom is good for juicing only, as it can perform multi-tasks like making nut butter, soy sauce, milk, marinades, and baby food. Another great feature of Hurom is its vertical structure which giving you an opportunity to stay relax for gravity while pushing the ingredients into the auger. Don’t you think it’s a great deal to keep Hurom for our personal use?


  • Slow Squeezing Technology.
  • Has a 35% more yield than a traditional high speed juicer.
  • Requires low power.
  • Quiet motor
  • 10 years warranty
  • BPA free
  • Easy to clean


  • not a good juicer for fibrous vegetables and leafy greens.
  • not easy to dismantle.

8. Natalie Styx Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

If you start analyzing the reviews on Juicer about its perfection on extracting leafy greens you will be slightly disappointed as many best-reviewed Juicer sometimes unable to show it’s a great performance to work accurately, leaving the slimy pulp behind. But this sleek piano finish design of Natalie Styx has great access to the word ‘great’. So let us go for a clear understanding of how Styx Juicer is fit for your use.

Anti-trap 3 inches feeding chute giving the Styx a standard which enables you to insert large ingredients. It means there you need to spend very less time for pre-cutting the fruits and veggies. As it is vertical juicer so you are getting the extra privilege to save the space in your countertop. Another great feature of this is that it works as a blender and suitable for making smoothies. Moreover, it is preventive to clogging which finally saves your precious time as there is no need to use the reverse button to unclog the Juicer and wait until it is in correct state to function. It means without any hassle, you can enjoy a glass of fresh juice.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Natalie Styx is ideal for having a very low speed of 60 RPM using a 240-watt motor. The motor generates enough torque for extracting maximum juices from the ingredients.

If you concern about the material then be sure it is made of high-quality material and 100% BPA free. In fact, it is certified by
top food safety organizations like FDA, UL, ETL, GS, CE, and ROHS. So imagine how safe it is to pick a juicer like Natalie Styx!!!


  • Safe from children due to the anti-trap protection.
  • Has wide feeding chute
  • Resistant to clogging.
  • Made from high quality materials
  • 100% BPA free certificate


  • expensive
  • hard to clean.

9. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite

If you like to know the true meaning of ‘masticate’ then work with Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite to understand what sort of works should a masticating juicer do. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite appears as best juice extractor and most effective food processor. This is your ‘go-to’ juicer if you are searching for cold press juicer to get maximum extraction and quality juices that will remain fresh for a longer period of 72 hours.

As it is expensive than average juicers, it will open up the floor of making varieties of items that can’t say for your average juicer. Starting from baby foods, it will provide you the chance to make bread dough’s, nut butter, pates, and frozen food sorbets. Furthermore, the GSE-5000 has jumbo twin gears efficient to extract more juices and perform well than existing twin gear cold press juicers available in the market. Like other masticating juicers, Tribest offers slow working Speed at 110 RPM which will keep your fresh juice less oxidize for a long time.

Today’s Price on Amazon

This GSE-5000 contains super shiny body for its stainless steel and stain-resistant nylon to increase durability. It is very renowned for offering three different types of teeth to function perfectly which includes blending too. All these features make the GSE-5000 a COMPLETE masticating juicer which is unlike any other conventional masticating juicer present on the market. Even, this juicer comes with extensive warranty protection ( 15 years household warranty and 3 years of professional warranty). So this can be great fun to work with such all-rounder juicer!!!


  • Suitable for making various items including baby foods
  • Has extensive warranty period
  • Low speed
  • Increases your juice yield by almost 50%
  • Has 3 stages of masticating.
  • BPA free.
  • Double Auger


  • Advisable not to run the machine more than 15 minutes at a time
  • gears wear out easily

10. Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer

Kuvings NJE-3580U is coming last on our list for it’s affordable and reliable quality. Although it is almost a 100 bucks cheaper than the best masticating juicers out there, it still holds it’s prestige by providing almost equal advantages.

Following masticating juicers family, it runs at 80 RPM which is suitable to chew and grind the ingredients to extract fresh juices. As it reduces oxidation so you will be only there to enjoy with a glass of fresh, dark and deep colored juice. Moreover, it is dedicated to increasing food processing versatility so seven extra nozzles will be there available with your advanced juicer. Even a protection cover will be there to keep juicer away from dust while it is not in use.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Unique auger system will allow you to stay relax without pushing hard during inserting the ingredients into the auger. The blank plate which has been provided by the manufacturer will let you make sorbets, nut butter, salsa, pasta, and many more foods.

Unique auger system will allow you to stay relax without pushing hard during inserting the ingredients into the auger. Blank plate which has been provided by manufacturer will let you make sorbets, nut butter, salsa, pasta and many more foods. So who doesn’t like to have such unique blessings along with Kuvings NJE-3580U while it is offering a wide range of facilities in juicing in a couple of minutes!!


  • Low RPM
  • Easy to clean
  • It is affordable
  • Not needed to pre-cut vegetables.
  • Has a redesigned auger to make it a self-feeding juicer.


  • Warranty period of 5 years.
  • No strainer included

Buying Guide: How to choose Best Masticating Juicers

As there are thousands of options available in the market so this guide is completely dedicated to giving you a better solution to find the appropriate juicer. This article basically written on most asking questions arise in a customer’s mind while they used to go for buying a juicer.

Asking questions about the features of juicers and satisfy yourself by knowing all knowledge about it, is good as it will make you mature in thinking to pick the correct juicer. Ridiculously, many of us just decide to buy and without thinking anything grab one by seeing the gorgeous silky look of the juicer. In return, they repent in the long term as the juicer could not stand according to their desire. So let us know how to use our hard-earned money on a correct juicer.

What is a masticating juicer?

Yet if you don’t know about masticating juicer then it is the right time to know about it. Do not stick with your previous old juicer as many more blessings are waiting to knock at your door with a masticating juicer.

First, you decide which one you will pick? masticating or Centrifugal. All juicers having different tasks to perform according to their features might not be what you want. If masticating then you need to know that the speed is the main factor to bring the differences between these two types of juicers. Usual speed of centrifugal juicer is 15000 RPM where a masticating juicer can have speed as low as 60 RPM! Can you imagine? Actually, for the slow working speed, Many people decide to buy a masticating juicer.

Now you can think how can a masticating juicer works with Slow speed. For slow working speed, masticating juicers simply chew and squeeze out each of the drops from the nutrients. Where the centrifugal juicers shred the fiber, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Another most important thing where many people got confused about the speed. Here speed will not define the efficiency. The real fact is here, masticating juicers along with slow speed provide you a much better glass of juice to enjoy than a centrifugal juicer.

How do masticating juicers work?

Working quality depends on the auger. Juicer can come with a single auger or a double. Its depend on your budget, obviously, the single auger will cost less and the double will cost more.

Here auger works like a drill. Not all drill is the same, it varies on the company and their used materials. This drill is responsible to chew the ingredients.
A most common type of drill available in the market is a helical screw blade.

While your blade starts functioning, juice start to extract automatically and there is a presence of filter screen or mash of wire which is providing a good job to keep the pulp in the right place. Once this Perfect of juicing has been done this blade quickly push the pulp out to the container. Remember, the drier pulp is the better extraction of juices.

What are the Benefits of a Masticating Juicer?

Probably there is no end if we start counting the benefits of a masticating juicer. This masticating juicer will give you more juice yield from the ingredients. Isn’t it a great way of expressing efficiency?

How much extra juice are you going to get from masticating juicer? If you are concern about the quantity then let me clear you that 20-30% extra juices you will get, if you choose masticating juicer to help you juicing. A great deal indeed!!! So you will be kept on saving money on ingredients during your fitness session.

If you think that you need to spend more on masticating than it is completely wrong as masticating juicer ensures longer lifespan then a centrifugal. As the motor of masticating juicer works slowly and produce less heat, it gives the guarantee to work for a long duration.

Even the low speed cause almost no oxidation which helps you to store the juice upto 72 hours in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, masticating juicer is familiar for juicing leafy greens like spinach, wheatgrass, celery, parsley, lettuce and others. Even it will spread it’s amazing efficiency on sauces, pastas, sorbets, nut butters and much more. So who doesn’t love to keep such incredible juicer for their support.

Is a Masticating Juicer Better than a Centrifugal Juicer?

Stop comparing between Centrifugal and masticating juicer. Obviously masticating juicers will win over centrifugal for its fantastic features. While centrifugal juicer works very fast with the spinning movements of steel blade and a mesh chamber to extract the juices then a masticating juicer takes out almost the last drop of juice from the ingredients by the chewing and squeezing method. Here single or double auger helps it to do all the function perfectly.

With centrifugal juicer, you can get the juice within 10 to 15 seconds. How quickly this is!! Just put the ingredients into the juicer and get the juice to enjoy. However, it is not able to extract the Pulp from the the vegetables and fruits well.

If you consider about my masticating juicer, so many things will come in your appearance. Although it works slow but it extracts the juices so well by keeping all vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in good condition. Even it will prevent oxidation to keep your juice fresh for long time.

As the motor of Masticating juicer works slow, it ensures the longevity of the products. So no doubt you will be winner if you choose masticating juicer to purchase.

Which Masticating Juicer You Should Buy?

It depends completely upon you. Actually purchasing something will depend on your requirements. The three factors that you need to think before purchasing a juicer are:

1. Your need
2. User-friendliness
3. Your budget

These three matters are equally important so if you ignore any of these then everything will end up with a waste of money.

Other factors need to think before purchasing:

All the people tend to overlook these factors but be sure, it will help you to get the appropriate juicer for your home. So you cannot overlook these important issues that are mentioned below:

1. Speed
2. Noise
3. Auger
4. Oxidation
5. Warranty

How to Use a Masticating Juicer?

It is pretty simple for containing extensive manual with the product. Most often it contains three buttons that are on, off, and reverse. This reverse button is really a blessing as it will help you to unclog the juicer. These features are very important to take in your consideration.
Best masticating juicers often come with two or three features together to function accurately. These features are:

1.single auger
2. Double auger
3. Cold press juicer

Do not go with the look of the products only. Think smart and show your judgment on choosing the right Juicer for your home.

Final words

You need to be judgemental to the listed products according to your taste and need. It is mentioned before that all best-reviewed masticating juicers will never be able to satisfy everybody. According to my prescriptive, first that you need to know, the precise works that you are going to do with the juicer. Then don’t forget about the budget that probably can make your search easier. Time, money, facilities, and warranty are the fundamental issues to consider while you decide to find the best masticating juicer in the market. This is how you can overcome the real-time challenges by winning a battle of a long search to get a gorgeous, sturdy and long-lasting masticating juicer!!

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Best Slow Masticating Juicer to Buy 2021

When the time comes for choosing best slow masticating juicer then probably many of us got confused with the decision what should we buy. Therefore the reason for knowing about slow masticating juicer having the correct logic which in the future turn into a blessing in your life. Obviously, you cannot think a sturdy body without a healthy diet. So what can make your diet complete? Actually, without juice, the diet seems incomplete in many cases.

Editor Choice for Best Slow Masticating Juicer

Before going to the vivid description of individuals, let’s have a glance at the best slow masticating Juicers. You can also check our Buying Guide to know how to pick best product which is suitable for your need.

Here,we have presented a few of them which are available in the store. So let’s jump into the vivid description of Best Slow Masticating Juicer to Buy 2019



Definitely, the name comes in your appearance while you search around for the slow masticating juicer. The best-reviewed OMEGA NUTRITION CENTRE J8006 is well admired for its features.

OMEGA NUTRITION CENTER J8006 is Amazon’s choice which is repeatedly coming with positive customer’s reviews.

With the OMEGA NUTRITION CENTER J8006, you will experience good luck by saving the money. However, it’s dual extraction process will satisfy you with more juice yield especially while the produce is leafy greens and herbs.

Thanks for the straightforward disassembling system that OMEGA NUTRITION CENTER J8006 offers. In this condition, you will be able to get the easiest option to clean up the juicer after juicing.

Today’s Price on Amazon

You may focus on the preparation time when you are looking for the products. Actually, it takes a little bit more time to complete the entire juicing session as you need to chop the produce and for having slightly narrow feeding chute, using pusher will be must. If you are super excited by seeing the qualities of the horizontal masticating juicer and really want to have one for you then check the quick cleaning article link bellow to make it one of the inseparable part of your kitchen.


  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • product weight: 15.87 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 17.35 pounds
  • Voltage: 110/120V
  • Energy: 150 Watts
  • working Speed: 80 RPM
  • Feeding Chute Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Dishwasher safe: Attachments are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Warranty: 15 Years


  • Dual-stage extraction: ( first, the juice is extracted by crushing the fruits, veggies, leafy greens and herbs *second, the pulp is squeezed out .)
  • GE Ultem Auger is 8times stronger than most other recommended plastic
  • Additional attachment available:
  • Mincing herbs
  • Grinding coffee and spices
  • Suitable for baby food, nut butter, soy milk, and frozen dessert
  • Provide easy cleaning option


  • The feeding chute is slightly narrow


What if there is very less juice extraction with more produce. It is nothing but a waste of money that you spend on the juicer.

We know time is precious to all so we try to maximum use of our time. This slow masticating juicer is advanced with the time as it understands your need and ensures the nutritional and medicinal values of the juice.

To decrease the time for juicing, this juicer provides you easy assembling and disassembling system. Moreover, cleaning the Juicer is relatively easy.

So what do you think, is it wise to buy one for you? If you are health conscious than I strongly recommend OMEGA NUTRITION CENTER J8006 for its versatility.


OMEGA VRT350 is another best product that claims to work slightly faster than the other. In reality, the differences is very less. I better tell it is nearly similar to the OMEGA J8006.
The good thing that you can consider is it’s space-saving quality. Really it can be a good choice for a neat and clean kitchen counter.

The reverse setting of OMEGA VERTICAL SLOW MASTICATING JUICER VRT350 which is a blessing option to use when ingredients are stuck and need to unclog.


Today’s Price on Amazon

As feeding chute is set up vertically so very less effort is needed on pushing the ingredients down to the auger. May be sometimes in case of leafy greens, you will be needed the pusher occasionally. So think how interesting it is. Just keep the ingredients in a feeding chute and within 2 minutes your juice is ready to drink. No hassle no worries!!!


  • Vertical footprint takes less space
  • Dual-stage juicer
  • The higher yield of juice which results in very dry pulp
  • Low speed prevents oxidation that secures the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals
  • Produced juice can be stored up to 72 hours without degradation.
  • The reverse option also available
  • Easy cleaning option
  • 10 years warranty


  • Mold keeps building up in case of leaving the used juicer uncleaned for long.

This OMEGA VERTICAL SLOW MASTICATING JUICER VRT350 is definitely a piece of love that offers great features to make you flexible to meet up all requirements. So don’t wait just pick one to try!!!


MOOKA B5100 is one of the most selling products which has proven its quality by proving better juicing service. These good customer’s reviews make it stand to our list to review.

MOOKA SLOW MASTICATING JUICER B5100 appears as one of the best products for containing Twin Juicing Program with Reverse Function. Controlling directions normal/reverse help you to take control of the better use of your juicer as it prevents clogging. Very less foaming and clogging tendency take our extra attention during the purchase.

3 stage spiral warm include chopping, squeezing and micro squeezing technology works best to ensure more Juice yield with up to 80% extraction. Let us have more clear look on
MOOKA SLOW MASTICATING JUICER B5100 before grabbing one.

Today’s Price on Amazon


  • Low heat build-up
  • Less foaming and no clogging
  • preserves vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from being destroyed
  • Soft and hard juicing choice with reverse option
  • Juice yield with up to 80% extraction
  • Easy to assemble, operate, and clean
  • Detachable parts are BPA-free so it can be safely cleared in your dishwasher
  • Motor noise is less than 60 db.


  • The feeding chute is slightly narrow

Super quality parts of MOOKA SLOW MASTICATING JUICER B5100 makes your decision super correct if you are ready to buy one. Can you imagine this versatile MOOKA B5100 that comes with only at ±$150. Don’t delay if everything matches with your requirement.


Great upgraded version with more advanced auger and filter taking AICOK SLOW MASTICATING JUICER AMR519 to another level of goodness. Although it is listed on Amazon very recently but the reviews say, it is quite enchanting to juice with this.

Simply this AICOK SLOW MASTICATING JUICER AMR519 will lessen the burden for having easy disassembling and reassembling system. Many of us get irritated by making the arrangements for juicing and finally, Juicers get stuck permanently on our shelves. So what’s the use having such uncomfortable Juicer that doesn’t suite your ways.

Using AICOK SLOW MASTICATING JUICER AMR519 is very simple. Even caring about our tendency, it simply has very fewer buttons which will not make you confused on the use of a juicer. Even, Reverse button will help you to get the spontaneous supply of juice if you really want that.

Today’s Price on Amazon

It is really good about AICOK SLOW MASTICATING JUICER AMR519 that it’s noise level is rather quiet. Now you can think about juicing early in the morning without disturbing your kids.
Furthermore, it’s footprint is small compared to other Juicers which enable you to make the super arrangements of your kitchen counter within a few seconds.

These all sort of good qualities will be packed up with AICOK SLOW MASTICATING JUICER AMR519 that are super affordable which cost ±$100. Don’t you think it is amazing?


  • Noise level is rather quiet
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Reverse function
  • One-press Install/Release Button
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Great at juicing leafy greens
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • Juicing hard and soft produce with this product seems difficult



If you consider OMEGA is the best then wait as there is another competitor which comes with almost similar quality. TRIBEST SLOWSTAR VERTICAL SLOW JUICER SW-2000 is truly best in its class for providing a better experience.

If you know how to use this properly then there is nothing except relaxing on your free time by taking the blessing nutrition in your body. This TRIBEST works at 47RPM with making the promise of minimal oxidation for preserving the essential nutrients from the food. To make your juicing experience more exciting, Mincing attachments are also available for creating sorbets, nut butter, and sauces.

To control jamming and more juicing, 3-stage reduction gears produces a torque which is 2-3 times greater than other vertical masticating juicers. Isn’t it great?

Today’s Price on Amazon

Even, Duoblade Double-Edged Auger works greatly which is doing twice as much work compared to a traditional auger. Furthermore, it will make you pleased by providing high-quality material. BPA free plastic Ultem ensures the durability of the Juicer.

If you want to prevent jamming then 3-Stage Speed Reduction Gear will take your tension away by creating a higher rotating force for crushing hard produce.

Switching juice containers with juice cap prevents leaks and drips. There are many more left if we start taking all the great qualities to our consideration.

Now is the time to ask, is it budget-friendly? Actually, Tribest Slowstar costs ±$350. I better tell that it is budget-friendly as you all must know that there are many more models available at a much higher cost!


  • Twin gear set up
  • Available Mincing attachments
  • Powerful and efficient 200watt motor
  • Detachable for easy cleaning
  • Juice cap prevents leaks and drips
  • BPA free plastic Ultem
  • 3 stage speed reduction gear
  • Low noise
  • 10 years warranty


  • The feeding chute is not wide enough compared to other Juicers.


The vertical slow juicer has one great advantage that you need not to fight with the produce to push it down to the auger. It means you are saving time. So why not use this time on cutting fruits and veggies into smaller chunks. So having narrow feeding chute is not a big deal if you know the correct system of using the juicer.


KUVINGS B6000 was the first juicer to feature a 3-inch wide mouth feed chute during its initial release date. Isn’t it fun that you can drop the whole apple without any hassle of cutting? Just take the fruits and start juicing. I hope there is no more extra happiness exist if you can finish juicing with very less time.

If you are frozen fruit dessert lover then additional attachments will able you go with your taste.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Even Drip-free cap will provide you the extra privilege for mixing the juices without any spill off. Moreover, if you switch your attention to cleaning tools then let me tell that all are really very handy. All of these tools are specially designed for the better cleaning of strainer. Use of extra brushes help you to clean the hard pulp residue stuck on a strainer for a better experience


  • Speed 60 RPM
  • Feeding chute 3 inches
  • Drip-free Smart Cap provides the chance of making mixed juices
  • Advanced cleaning tools
  • A blank strainer is available for making sorbet
  • 10 years warranty


  • Not very good in juicing fibrous or stringy produce continuously
  • Needed time to be used to for assembling and disassembling

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Slow Masticating Juicer

Buying something is very tough as you need to have the correct knowledge regarding it’s quality, model, design, warranty, the extra facilities and so on. To lessen the burden, this article on Best slow masticating juicer will help you to find a better match according to your taste in one platform. Let’s get started with the chosen products.

It is good to have the knowledge on it as it will open up the opportunity to shortlist the product which you may pick.

What to pick? Horizontal or vertical?

The horizontal version was the first Masticating Juicer, followed by vertical, giving the extra opportunity to the buyers.
Single auger or screw of slow juicer function rightly to compact and crush fruits, veggies or leafy greens before pushing them in static screen to yield juice. The produced pulp is then thrust out to separate section in the juicer.

If you go for thinking about the position of auger then let me clear you that the auger of a horizontal masticating juicer is placed horizontally and has small screen section, on the other hand, in vertical masticating Juicer, the auger is placed vertically and has larger static screen compared to Horizontal masticating juicer.

The differences between the placement of auger is not enough to take in your consideration while you will go for buying yours. Many more features are left that discussed bellow for a better understanding of each individual.


Time is a very important factor in all cases. So which Juicers will value your time? Actually not the juicer, I would better tell that the static screen is responsible for the time management. How? Well, you know very well Vertical masticating juicer having the larger static screen which giving you the extra privilege to yield more Juice at a time. So obviously horizontal masticating juicer a bit slower than the vertical.

It is not unknown to all that slow juicing prevents oxidation which eventually keeps enzymes, vitamins and minerals working in required purposes.

Time difference on both vertical and horizontal Masticating Juicer is minimal compared to centrifugal Juicer which works very fast.

Considering RPM, stands for revolution per minute, is good while it is the time for choosing your desired slow masticating Juicer. It will clearly state the rotation of Juicer per minute. Isn’t it a good option to consider?

Usually, 60-80 RPM is the normal state of work for a slow masticating juicer. It ensures less heat production during juicing. Obviously, it is the appropriate state for ensuring the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals workable which is extracted from the produce.

Preparation time

Many of you are dreaming to make yourself fit by the blessing nutritious drinks but still stuck in your previous routine by thinking about the upcoming struggle started with accumulating the ingredients to cleaning the juicer. So applied time for cutting veggies, ingredients and feed them in feeding chute also a very important issue to take in your consideration.

What if the feeding chute is larger which allows you to put the entire produce without cutting in into pieces. Yes really. This facility is available in case of slow vertical masticating Juicer.

As the feeding chute is placed vertically so the ingredients will directly come in contact with the auger without pressuring the ingredients hard to the auger to get the juice. This is one of the reasons for grabbing Vertical masticating juicer.

Practically if you think for a horizontal slow masticating juicer, you will understand, it needs more time for processing compared to vertical. As feeding chute is placed horizontally so you will be needed pusher very often to push the ingredients to the auger.

Do you think it’s not logical for spending time on cutting and feeding the juicer? If you, then vertical masticating Juicer can be the better solution which will value your time indeed.


Actually, quantities of produce will not make you ensure for maximum extraction. It depends on the types of juicer what you picked for you. As vertical masticating Juicer works faster so it gets less time to juice LEAFY GREENS.

Due to the working time of horizontal masticating juicer, it provides the satisfactory Juice yield. The leafy greens and herbs sustain longer in auger which is widening the probability to get maximum juice in each juicing session.

Comparing with centrifugal, both vertical and horizontal works better in yielding juice.


A large empty kitchen counter is always eye-catching matter so many spend enough time to do so. Without spending time on arrangements, it’s better to skip buying something which takes more space. A spare saver juicer can give you the pleasure by proving you more space on the kitchen counter.

Undoubtedly vertical masticating Juicer can appear as a space saver for the size and shape. Take into consideration about the juicer height too according to the placement of it in the overhead cabinet or shelves.


The more tiresome it is to disassemble, clean and assemble the whole unit, the more you will be irritated using it in the long term. So here the main factor depends on the easy cleaning and assembling system too.

For the fewer parts arrangements in horizontal masticating juicer saves your time on cleaning and assembling.


Juicers cap is played a vital rule during cleaning. While you have done juicing, close the juicer with the cap and simply take water and pour through the juicing chute and let it flow through the processing chamber. After a minute you will allow the water to drain by opening the cap. And then go for cleaning by disassembling each part. It’s just a magical tip for you to lessen the burden. You will be amazed by seeing it takes only 2 minutes to clean up the juicer right after juicing. Isn’t it fun?


Versatility is also a fact that measure the product’s quality as it can assure you to get the maximum number of facilities by buying one product. HORIZONTAL SLOW MASTICATING JUICER arrives with extra attachments for extracting oil, mincing, grinding coffee and making pasta, nut butter and so on.


Is the product affordable? Important fact. Isn’t it? So the pricing of the products should come in our consideration while buying.

But the price cannot be the only reason for not buying anything. Check out the other options of this Juicer so that there is no option remain to repent in the long term.


Will you not think about the durability of the products where you spend enough according to your budget? Of course. These slow categorized products often come with one or two years warranty and sometimes the manufacturers extended the warranty on juicer body parts and motor.
So before picking anything out, be sure about the warranty that your chosen product are you going to offer you.


There is no ending of searching the qualities for finding a good Masticating juicer according to your budget. Simply decide what you actually want. Are you searching for something that will be long-lasting and obviously will provide excellent service by preserving the nutrients?

Then it is better to have a look at the budget that you are going to spend on the Juicer. It is right to say that low-quality products will come at a low price. Furthermore, it will serve you for very less time by having many difficulties although most of the products come with 10 years warranty. So this is wise to have a good investment on the Juicer.

Why do we take juice full of nutrients? Obviously to stay healthy. Moreover, as you decided to have one masticating juicer then there is no doubt that you will get better performance.

Hope you are quietly satisfied with the vivid description of each product. This will help you to make the decision for purchasing one for your don’t be late. Grab one and put your hand on juicing!!!!!