Kitchen Safety Rules: Simple yet Mandatory

Keep flammable objects away

Kitchen is the place where we prepare one of our most basic everyday need. Our meals. It’s a place where we like to have everything clean and tidy because, come on, who’d want to have a dirty and untidy place to cook their food and let’s not forget how unhygienic that is. But above all else is knowing “kitchen safety rules” because we don’t want our hands to get burnt while cleaning the stove nor do we want to cut ourselves with a knife while tidying the kitchen tools, right?

So do you want to stay safe from minor accidents that could easily be avoided? If you are, here are some  kitchen safety rules to remember while cooking.

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Simple Kitchen Safety Rules to stay healthy

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of germs before starting any cutting or cooking. A very important rule to remember from the KITCHEN SAFETY RULES. We don’t want to have any tummy ache nor do we like unhygienic food which could result in diarrhea or any other diseases.

Keep flammable objects away

Keep flammable objects away

Make sure to take off any ring or dangling accessory. Keep long hair tied at the back. Try to avoid wearing loose clothes which are quick to catch fire. Wear an apron, keep your sleeves rolled up.

Wash Vegetables Properly

wash veg

Wash the vegetables and fruits properly to get rid of the dirt and germs. Use vegetable cleaning solutions with water and soak them in a bowl for 5 minutes to get any bacteria out of it.

But if the solutions are not available , mix water with a teaspoon of salt, dilute it, or throw on some Neem leaves on the water, soak them along with the fruits and vegetables for 5 to 10 minutes.

It’s an easy fix to get rid of the pesticides and the germs. These sort of homemade fixes are also part of KITCHEN SAFETY.

Avoid Touching unclean Contaminated Surfaces

Avoid Touching unclean Contaminated Surfaces

Try to avoid touching or doing something while you’re cutting raw meat or fish. Raw meats are easy to get effected by bacteria, which is why remember to always keep your hands clean when you work with them.

Keep children away

Keep children away cooking

Keep children away while cooking and avoid rushing or running while working in a kitchen. Keep appropriate distance from others while working with a knife or working around a stove.

KITCHEN SAFETY RULES also requires you to keep calm even while your cooking pot caught fire, because rash decisions can lead to bigger disasters. Rushed movements or tripping over something can cause accidents, take time while you’re working with fire or sharp things.

Use Sharp Objects Carefully

Use Sharp Objects Carefully kitchen

While using a knife or a cutter always keep it away from the body and make sure to grip their handles tight enough for it to not slip. Clean the knives and dry them immediately after using them especially after cutting anything sour with it, to prevent it from rusting.

Use Safety Covers

Use Safety Covers in knife kitchen

Keep the knives and sharp tools in wooden boxes or with safety covers. One of the most important KITCHEN SAFETY RULE is to be careful while handling sharp knives or cutters. Be extra careful while washing and drying them.

Hand hot things Carefully

Use safety gloves kitchen

Use safety gloves before moving a pot from the stove and before taking or putting something in the oven. Burns are one of the most commonly occurred accidents which happens during cooking.

A common rule from the KITCHEN SAFETY RULES is to keep precaution while handling hot things. Safety gloves , oven mitts and kitchen pliers are recommend to keep in your kitchen for having a more convenience while you prepare your meal.

Use Potholders

Use Potholders

Hot pots can easily damage your kitchen tiles or can burn a hole on your favorite table cloth. Use potholders to prevent damage from hot pots and cup mats for a hot cup of beverage.

Secure hot items

Secure hot items kitchen

An important KITCHEN SAFETY RULE is to not leave the kitchen while something is on the stove and turn the potholders away from the front while cooking to prevent it from any accidental spilling, it prevents from have unexpected burns.

Secure Electrical Appliances

Secure Electrical Appliances kitchen

Check the electric appliances before working with it and try to avoiding sensitive places while rinsing it with water. Wet hands are a big ‘no’ in the KITCHEN SAFETY RULES while handling an electronic machine. Make sure to keep your hands dry before switching any switches off.

Promote Hygiene

Promote Hygiene kitchen

Hygiene is a prioritized rule among other KITCHEN SAFETY RULES. Clean and sanitize the stove, kitchen counter and tools after using and dry the metal tools to prevent it from rusting.

Final Words

Dirt and germs are all around us that is why we have to keep our  kitchen clean and hygienic while also making sure to minimize accidents and injuries. These kitchen safety rules are the key to opening the lock of health and safety.

Buying Guide for Juicers: Easy way to choose Juicer


juicerThere is no doubt that the number of people who drink a glass of juice for energy and nutrition is increasing every day. As more dietitians and health experts recommend juicing and more people are getting to know about its health benefits this trend will keep getting more and more popular.A great way to extract all the nutrients from your fruits is to use an efficient juicer. And to help you get a get a good one, we have prepared a buying guide for juicers.

Different juicers have different features and capabilities. The same goes for the drawbacks they have. Most people don’t have the time to do the research themselves. That’s why our buying guide for juicers aims to provide all the necessary information on juicers in a small, easy-to-understand article. So let’s take a look at what you need to know about juicers.

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Buying Guide for Juicers: Top 5 Types

Centrifugal Juicer

The centrifugal juicer is one of the most common juicer in the market, used by chefs and home cooks around the globe. Its popularity is the main reason it is in this list. Being both fast and affordable makes it quite convenient as a juicer. You will not find this combination in any other product in our buying guide for juicer. And if you think such features are enough to satisfy your needs, this one is for you. Just like every type of juicer, this one has its own way of juicing.

The juicers spinning blade cuts down the ingredients which gets thrown outwards towards a strainer. The juice and pulp are separated and the drink comes pouring down into the glass. This mechanism accounts for its advantages. The juicer costs less than others because it is cheaper and easier to build. The chopping process takes little time so the juice is ready in a matter of minutes.

This also has several disadvantages. The juicer makes a lot of noise, enough to ruin any peaceful situation. The juice you get from it is also not that great. The yield of juice is lower than the other juicers. The nutrients and enzymes are destroyed by heat and oxidation. Oxidation also forms foam on top. The juice contains a lot of pulp. This pulp, as well as the foam separate easily. And to top it all, the juice does not remain fresh for long.

So this juicer won’t give you all the necessary nutrients in the fruit. The machine itself is not suited for leafy greens and seeds and hard to clean. The only other good thing about the juicer is takes up a bit less space than many others enough for a few sips of apple juice.

Centrifugal Juicer

Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer is another well-known juicer. It is rival of the centrifugal juicer. For most people, it is quite hard to decide which is better. Those who are confused must check out what a masticating juicer can do. The masticating juicer works in another different way producing juice which is also different in a few ways. There are two steps to produce the juice.

First, the ingredients are chewed up into pulp. This material is then filtered to separate the fiber from the juice. The juice is collection a glass. That’s how it works. First let’s take at the juicer itself. The juicer is expensive a bit bigger than its rival. It is also slow unlike the centrifugal juicer.

Next comes the difficulty of cleaning it. These were just the downsides. It also has some advantages. It doesn’t make the annoying noise the previous juicer does. In addition it works with leafy green and seeds.

Now let’s talk about the quality of the juice. Here, the masticating juicer has the upper hand. The amount of nutrients in the juice of this machine is higher along with a higher yield of juice. Little heat is produced an so there is less oxidation and foam. It takes more time to break down and remains fresh a bit longer. But there is still some pulp mixed. The foam may be less, but along with the bitterness in it, ruins the taste. Still if you need more nutrient rich juice and ready to spend more for this, then the masticating juicer is one you should get.

Masticating Juicer

Triturating Juicer

This juicer is another rival of the centrifugal juicer. The triturating juicer is actually another type of masticating juicer. The main difference between this one and the previous one is that this has two gears; you can also call it a twin-gear juicer. The other of was a single gear juicer. Except for this, both of them are mostly the same, and so are their juices.

The triturating juicers mechanism is similar to that of a single gear juicer. The ingredients are first crushed into pulp. This job is done by pushing them through two gears. Them the juice is extracted and the fibrous material that is left is removed.

As mentioned earlier, triturating and single gear juicers don’t have a lot of difference. Both are expensive but the twin gear usually costs more than the other. They are also heavier and their cleaning process may be more timing consuming.

They’re too powerful for some fruits like citrus fruits, unlike the single gear. Triturating juicer is also superior in some way. They are capable of extracting more juice. It can also deal with stuff that’s hard to juice. They also make very little noise. Like the other masticating juicer, you can use it for other purpose like making pasta.

The juice produced by this juicer is slightly better. There are more nutrient with a bit less oxidation and little foam. The juice separates very slowly total separation may take up to three days.

Triturating Juicer

Juice Press

The juice press is a machine widely used by professionals in restaurants and juice bars. Why, you ask? Because it can produce the best juice out of anything it can crush and press. This is actually the king of juicers in our buying guide for juicers. Want to know more? Then keep reading.

The juice press has two steps for juice extraction. The first step is common in all the juicer already mentioned. The juicer crushes the fruits into small pieces. Here, this is achieved by using a blade. The second step is what makes this machine far more superior. Then the press applies. The nutrient rich juice forced out of still has a lot of fiber. But the juicer can deal with that.

It is equipped with a bag that filter out the unwanted particles suspended in the liquid and the juice that pours into the glass barely has any fiber left. Speaking of which, it’s time to take a dive into the pool of facts, starting with juice quality. The juice press can make the finest juice which is better in several ways. It can squeeze the highest amount of juice out of anything it is capable of dealing with.

Juice Press

Why Juicer Press

This, along with minimal destruction of nutrients, ensures that the maximum amount of nutrient is extracted from the ingredient. There is another important quality of the juicer, one that the others lack. The bag in the press removes nearly all of the fibrous particles from the liquid.

The brings about a significant change in the taste and quality of the juice when compared to the juices of the others. Along with improved quality comes another benefit, minimum fiber means maximum absorption of nutrients.

Another quality that improves taste is little oxidation which results in little foam. Finally, the juice remains fresh for long and breakdown takes quite some times. The juice press can deal with leaf greens along with the other fruits and vegetables. It is also quite. Great! But the juice press comes with a heavy price tag. Okay, not great.

This is the reason why you won’t find it in most homes. Of course, there are other problems, it is big and heavy and hard to clean but for this juicer, its price seems to be the only one to keep in mind. If you have no problem with price you should get this one. Because, as a juice extractor it is literally “dripping in finesse”.

Why Juicer Press

Steam Juicer

In our buying guide for juicers, there is one item that is really unique; the steam juicer. Its juice, as well as the juicer itself is quite different from the others. Let’s see what this can do. All juicers use different mechanisms to accomplish one main task; the breakdown of the walls of the cell in the ingredient. The other juicers do it by physically crushing the structures. This juicer also breaks cell wall down. However, the juicer does this in a special way.

The bottom section boils the water, and the steam produced slowly rises to the fruit section. Here, the hot steam destroys the walls and the container below collects the juice. That’s how it extracts the juice.

The steam juicer produces nutrients and makes it almost useless as a health drink. It does, however kill bacteria and other germs. You can store it for long but it won’t be fresh. It can also juice many fruits at once.

Steam juicers are affordable and can juice a large quality of fruits. But it cans relatively few types of fruits. It is also very slow. Anyway you could use it for making jam and large amounts of juice for later.

Steam Juicer


Our buying guide for juicers has presented 5 types of juicers from the fast and furious centrifugal juicer to the steam juicer. And now that you know all their mechanisms, advantages, it is time to find the best.

All there are good but the juice press is the greatest among them all. There is no other juicer that a lot of things without any fiber in the drink. Because of these and other benefits, we highly recommend this juicer. But if it seems too expensive or are new juicing, you could check out the other juicers.

If you are new to juicing or you want to purchase a machine for a juicing business, we will recommend you to consider buying the centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer are . Steam juicer are perfect for those who make a large amount of juice.

We have given our suggestions and information on the juicer. We have done our research for you. It is your part to get the type of juicer you like.

Types of Juicer Available in the Market

juicerrJuicer is a great, popular way of getting a large amount of nutrients from many kinds of fruits and vegetables. A glass of fresh orange juice is healthy and quite refreshing at the same time. You can use many types of juicer to make your  favourite drink. There are three reasons why juices are such popular health drinks.

These drinks are better than cooked and processed food in the following ways:

  1. Processing removes roughage from certain food like bran from wheat. When food is exposed to air or boiled. Vitamin C is destroyed and minerals dissolve in water. A lot more nutrients are lost during cooking.
  2. Juices take much less time to prepare than most dishes. All you need for a glass of drink is a fruit or two and a juicer.
  3. You don’t need any fuel for juice. A manual juice doesn’t even need electricity; a good way to conserve some electricity.

These points say that while juice can give us a lot more nutrients, it can also save valuable time and fuel, making it a great beverage for many. If you want to get the most benefits out of your drink, you need to have a good gadget for it, a juicer. And with a bunch of different types of juicers, one may be a bit confused about which one to buy.

Are you confused about getting a juicer too? Don’t worry; we have listed the pros and cons of the most common ones juicers in the market. You can use our description to find out which of these fits your needs the best.

Top 5 Popular Types of Juicer

Centrifugal Juicer

As the name suggest, this juicer user centrifugal force for producing the juicer. The fruit put inside it is cut and forced outwards. A strainer holds the pulp but lets the juice through its tiny holes. That’s basically how these machines work.

The rapid cutting action of the blade and the force created by its rapid spinning makes it the fastest in our list. But the same features create excess heat and contribute to the loud noise it can make. Another disadvantage of such mechanism is that the oxygen drawn in can oxidize the juice and form foam on top. The juice also has a high amount pulp and doesn’t last for long.

Finally centrifugal juicers can’t juice leafy greens or seeds. With these disadvantages, it can be said that this juicer is fast but not the best. However, this machine is the least expensive and takes up the least space making the centrifugal juicer a convenient gadget.

Centrifugal Juicer

Masticating Juicer

The mechanism of a masticating juicer is different from a centrifugal one. This juicer user an auger to chew up the fruit or vegetable. Next the juice along with its nutrients and enzymes is extracted and separated from the pulp. This process unlike the one we saw before is slow and produces less heat. The yield of juice from a masticating juicer is that it isn’t as noisy. The juice produced goes through less oxidation and last longer.

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Despite the good quality of the product, it is still not the best juicer. The juice has a lot of pulp which makes the absorption of its contents harder. The juicer itself is quite slow and hard to clean and carry. The juicer can also be a bit harder to keep as it takes up a lot of space. As for price, the masticating juicer is more expensive than the centrifugal juicer. But its ability to deal with leafy greens nuts and seeds keeps it yet another step ahead of its opponent.

Masticating Juicer

Twin-gear Juicer

A twin-gear juicer also works in its own unique way. This juicer is equipped with two rotating gears. These can squeeze the fruit or vegetable, preparing the fibrous material for the next step. After squeezing the material is crushed, releasing the juice which is then collected. This process has some advantages. First, it reduces oxidation so the juice has less foam. They may also extract more juice and nutrients.

The nutrients in the product are safe as the process is slow and little heat is produced. The slow process has another advantage; this juicer is quite so you don’t have to worry about making too much noise for your cat to take a nap. Another great thing about this juicer is that it can make nut butter. And not just nut butter, it can make pasta.

But don’t just rush other store just yet; there are some things that are not quite great about it. This juicer is more expensive than a centrifugal juicer. It takes up a lot of space and is hard to clean. Another difficulty is that it is also hard to assemble. Its really slow juicing also doesn’t solve the high fiber problem.

Twin-gear Juicer

Hydraulic Juice Press

The juice produced by the other juices how other a lot pulp and fiber or have smaller portion of nutrients. But, the hydraulic juice press is the juicer you need. This press has steps similar to those of a twin-gear. The soon-to-be pulp fruit is first crushed and mixed. Them the fibrous material is put under great pressure.

The juice squeezed out is then collected with the remains of the fruit dumped in a press bag. The process may be similar but the juice of better quality and more nutritious. Speaking of quality let’s check the good and bad sides of this big machine.

The quality of the juice depends on the mechanism of the juicer. The hydraulic press works slowly without causing any disturbances. This keeps the nutrients safe from decomposing. There is also little oxidation creating barely any foam. This juice lets us enjoy a high yield of juice with little pulp that will last quite long. It also won’t scare your pets.

The problems of using this juicer are in the juicer itself. It is too expensive for most people and also difficult to clean. Its slow speed is also a major problem.

Hydraulic Juice Press

Steam Juicer

Are you looking for something to get the juice out of berries and fruits to store them for later? If that’s the case, the steam juicer can do the trick.

The main thing a steam juicer does is use steam to break down the cellulose walls in the fruits and release the juice. Steam juicers are able to extract a large amount of juice at once. This method of juicing is not expensive and also kills germs on the fruits. But along with germs, it also destroys nutrients and the juice also doesn’t taste very good. It can juice only few types of fruits making it on inefficient gadget. And don’t forget you could use this juice after a long time but it won’t be that good.

Steam Juicer


Each and every juicer has features which make them gadgets, and faults which make them a burden. Some work fast and efficiently, others produce fine good quality juice. Now it is up

Best Rules for Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene


Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene

Eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a small amount of protein-rich meat or fish will provide with all the nutrients you need. A diet like this is poor kitchen hygiene to ruin it. If food is not prepared in a clean environment, chances are that you may get food poisoning and even more severe problems. So it is as important to maintaining kitchen hygiene as it is to follow a balanced diet.

10 evergreen rules for maintaining kitchen hygiene

Maintaining kitchen hygiene is not a very difficult job. With a little time and effort, you could greatly reduce your use chances of getting sick. Here’s a list of ways you could fight the germs which want to live in your kitchen and cook in a clean, germ-free environment.

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Washing Hands

Germs are everywhere; on your bed, your sofa, your floor, the air and all around you. So it is inevitable that your hands are covered with microbes. The moment your hands will touch food, the bacteria and heir fellow germs will settle down for a feast. Very soon, they start producing toxins. After a while, the toxin would be enough to make one sick. That’s the reason why you must always wash your hands before and after touching raw fruit, vegetables and meat. Wash them before you eat and after you’re done working with greasy stuff. A good habit of washing hands after work will reduce your chances of getting food poisoning.

Washing Hands

Clean Utensils & Gadget

Wash your hands will prevent the contamination of utensils when you touch them. But what if the utensils, themselves are home to millions of germs. Cleaning hands alone is not enough to keep one safe. Utensils, as well as gadgets, should be clean before you use it. This means washing them after every use and not reusing the ones used to store raw meat unless clean. It is also a good habit to clean the dishes instead of piling them up for later. This will stop bacteria from accumulating in them. Another way of stopping their growth is by getting rid of chipped or crack utensils. These spaces are difficult to clean and are the perfect places for them to hide.

Clean Utensils & Gadget

Check Your Fridge

If your fridge is not well organized for quite some time, chances are that there are expired products in there. The best way to avoid consuming such products and the smell rotten vegetables can produce and the expiry date on the products. Try doing this every month. This way you’ll know which thing has gone bad, which you’ll have to use up quickly and which a long way is from expired. You can do the same with your pantry.

Check Your Fridge

Store Food Properly

The correct storage of food is important. It prevents the growth of bacteria so your food doesn’t go bad so quickly. [Try to use clean containers to store food. Never use utensils used o keep raw meat before it is cleaned. Steel utensils are good for chilling food and they can provide more protection than ordinary glass or plastic ones. Keep raw meat away from cooked food] (The following tips will help you your food better)

Wash Meat & Vegetables

Flies and other nasty bugs like living in dirty places where germs grow. These bugs can carry away such germs and leave them behind every time they sit somewhere. In other words, such insects spread germs everywhere. Unfortunately, flies like to visit meat and vegetables which are perfect places for germs to live in. You certainly don’t want them is by washing raw fruits, vegetables and meat. Running water is usually enough to remove dirt and a lot of germs. Soap or other cleaning agents isn’t required as the other parasites can be killed during cooking.

Wash Meat & Vegetables

Cooking Food For Long Enough

As mentioned earlier, washing can’t remove all the germs and parasites like beef tapeworms. But they can still be killed by proper cooking. However, if the food isn’t cooked thoroughly, there will still be parasites, especially in meat. So it’s important to make sure that the entire dish gets enough heat to kill them. It is best to cook food slowly instead of burning the outside and keep the inside raw. This way, there will be very low chances of any of those surviving. No germs, no parasites, no worries.

Cleaning The kitchen

Faucets, countertops and kitchen floors tend to get dirty and greasy, the perfect conditions for microbes. This is why regular cleaning of the kitchen must be included in your kitchen hygiene plan.


Use Trashcans

Flies and cockroaches are on the lookout for one thing; food. Scraps of food and vegetable peel will attract these and other insects, some of which can transmit diseases. So all these things should be dumped in a trash can. You could further avoid contamination by covering the can and keep it away from the cooking area.

Use Trashcans

Keep Separate Cleaning Towels

Juices from raw meat must be wiped clean. But it is not a good idea to use the same cloth or towel everywhere else. The piece of cloth must be washed before it can be re-used.

Keep Separate Cleaning Towels kitchen

Changing Gloves

Just the way one should use a piece of cloth multiple times you shouldn’t use gloves for different jobs without changing or washing. This will prevent dirt and grease from spreading.

Changing Gloves kitchen

Final Words

Maintaining kitchen hygiene is certainly as important as a balanced diet. Poor hygiene can contribute to food poisoning and promote the growth of parasites. Several other health hazards are also related to this. These hazards can be avoided with a few good habits. Our list intended to promote the habits for maintaining kitchen hygiene. Once adopted the habits will keep you safe and healthy for the rest of your life. [Happy Cooking]

Basic Essential Cooking Tools for Kitchen

Basic Essential Cooking Tools for Kitchen

Basic Essential Cooking Tools for KitchenNew kinds of kitchen tools and gadgets are always coming to the market. Some of these new items are quite efficient and powerful, some are trendy and fashionable and many of them have both these qualities. But you surely wouldn’t need all of this stuff for your kitchen. You could do quite well with some pretty basic tools. And if you want to know which tools you would need you are in the perfect place. Here is our list of Essential Cooking Tools to get your kitchen started.

12 Basic Essential Cooking Tools for Kitchen

  1. Measuring cups and spoons
  2. Knives
  3. Spatulas
  4. Whisks
  5. Cutting boards
  6. Peeler
  7. Grater
  8. Blender
  9. Colander
  10. Mixing bowls
  11. Saucepan
  12. Frying pan

Measuring cups and spoons

Measurements like “half a teaspoon” and “half a cup” may be difficult to measure; unless you have the perfect tools to do the trick. Measuring cups and spoons allow you to measure your ingredients with ease. A set of these kitchen essentials would make your work much easier than next time you bake a cake.

Measuring cups and spoons


You can make little use of your kitchen tools and utensils without a knife. it seems like almost every dish in the world requires a knife or at least something that could cut things. There are different types of knives for different purposes. The boning knife is used for filleting and cutting meat, the bread knife is for bread and bakery and the steak knife for steak. However for convenience, it is best to keep a chef’s knife and utility knife.



Spatulas are great for stirring and turning and they can scrape of as much food from cooking pots as possible. Just like knives, there are a few different types of spatulas, characterized by their purpose. And just like before it is convenient to use a multipurpose one.



Beating a cake batter or whipped cream manually require time and energy, it is best use the right type of tool which, in this case, is a hand whisk. A good stainless steel which is sure to provide good service for quite some time.


Cutting boards

Weather cutting fruit and vegetables or dealing with fish, it is best to do on a cutting board. This must have kitchen essential has different sizes and designs. Get a large one and you will be able to use it for meat as well as vegetables.

Cutting boards


There are some things you could prepare using only a knife but several fruits and vegetables need to be peeled. Instead of struggling with those carrots and potatoes get a peeler. This will save valuable time and energy, you will surely be satisfied with this simple tool.



Need to shave some vegetables for salad? You could use a grater. But which type of grater? There are a bunch of graters with different functions and for different things. But don’t get confused about which ones to buy because it’s always a good option to choose of vegetables and fruits, save your space as well as your time on getting organized.



A lot of people like having a midnight snack or drink to satisfy their craving for something sweet. For some of these people, it would mean pouring milk and dumping bananas or chocolates in the blender and making a glass of milkshake. This is one of the several reasons why a blender is a must have for your kitchen. From puree to smoothies, a blender can be used for a lot of stuff. There are blenders with trendy designs and powerful motors. A lot of these gadgets are built for easy cleaning and use. A blender is one thing that people with a sweet tooth for midnight snacks really need.


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Whether you want drain noodles or wash your vegetables is better than an ordinary bowl or strainer. A nice thing to have especially if you’re a pasta lover


Mixing bowls

A strong steel mixing bowl is one of the utensils you need for your kitchen. You could use this bowl to whisk eggs and cake batter to prepare dough and melt things like butter. You could even use it to store food in the fridge. A steel bowl is better than bowls of other materials as it is tough and will protect the stuff you put in it.

steel Mixing bowls

Sauce pan

As the name suggest, this pan can be used for making sauces and liquid dishes. It is used for boiling, making soups and stews, making sauces and simmering. It is smaller than a stockpot a so can only be used for smaller amount of water or dishes but is still quite useful. A saucepan without non-stick material is safe to use in your oven.

Sauce pan

Frying pan

From frying eggs and pancakes for your breakfast to cooking meat, a frying pan can cook many kinds of dishes. This pan is mostly used for frying, sautéing and quicker cooking, making this one thing you must get for your kitchen. This pan unlike a sauté pan doesn’t have vertical sides and a lid. You could still use a sauté pan instead of a frying pan but the latter is built for fast moving and turning of the dish and is better to have this one before getting a sauté pan.

Frying pan

Final words

Our Essential Cooking Tools of the kitchen is about the basic tools and gadgets which are necessary for every kitchen. There are many other utensils and gadgets available in the market which you could use for cooking and for storage. Whether you should buy these things or not depend on you. The items listed are the ones that you must-have for your kitchen. We hope our list of kitchen essentials would help you get everything you need to start cooking. [Thanks for reading, happy cooking]

How to organize a kitchen: 11 Exclusive way

organize a kitchen

Many people attempt to overcome the clutter and piles of utensils in their kitchen. However, most people don’t know how to organize a kitchen to make use of all the space they have. it might seem a difficult job to get a bit organized but this work can get much easier using a few smart tricks and if you use this tricks you wouldn’t have to battle with your pans and bowls to get some space for the collection of your coffee mugs. So don’t waste your time and check out the kitchen hacks we have in store for you.

Want to know How to organize a kitchen? 11 exclusive way is here

Organize your pantry

Organize your pantry

If you’re one of those people who just can’t find the stuff they’re looking for in their pantry. Don’t worry there is a simple yet effective solution for such a problem. First, you have to sort out which items you need the most and which you use occasionally. Then put the most needed ones at eye level and in a place where they are easy to grab with the others at the bottom. Also, make sure to keep the newest packets at the last with the open ones at the front. This way you can finish the oldest products first leaving the fresh ones for future use. You could further reduce the time needed to look for something is by sticking printed labels at the end of each line of items. This is how you can use your pantry more efficiently.

Organize kitchen tools

Organize kitchen tools

Putting all your kitchen tools together will increase your time in finding the right ones when you need them. Instead, try storing them in separate groups like knives, spoons and forks. This wouldn’t just help you grab stuff quicker it would make the utensils look more pleasing than a pile of tools.

Use organizer

Use organizer kitchen

Most people who use aluminium foil or plastic would struggle to keep them in a place which is easy to use them from. But why would you keep them in your drawers when you can use a more convenient, easy to wrap organizer? These will both provide a good place for your wraps and free a lot of space in your cabinet for served other things.

Wire shelf

wire shelf kitchen

Frying pans are things which are not easy to deal with when you’re trying to free up some space. This problem can be solved by using a wire shelf to store these utensils. You could fit a wire shelf anywhere on the wall but it is best to place it over your stove so you could simply take one start cooking without wasting time on looking for them. How convenient!

Spice rack

Spice rack

When a lot of spices are put together in one place it becomes hard to know which is which unless you have a closer look. If you don’t want to get through all of that hassle, try using a spice rack. With this, you can group your spices according to colour appearance or any way you want. The problem of recognizing the spices can be easily eliminated by sticking labels to the jars. Now the spices would hardly give you any trouble.

Tension Rods

tension rods kitchen

Tension rods in your kitchen might be keeping kitchen towels right now but they’re capable of holding more than just towels. Use them to keep your tools. you could use them to keep your spray bottles and hang little packets of spices or other things you may need.

Baskets and bins

Baskets and bins kitchen

Keeping everything together in your kitchen cabinet is not a good idea. Sort things out make a few groups and put each group in separate baskets. Try to get ones which will fit in your cabinet or your or your kitchen cart. You could stack one basket over another which would come in handy when you store them in a cabinet. Again don’t forget to label them or you would have to go on a treasure hunt to find your favourite frying pan.

Cabinet doors

Cabinet doors kitchen

A lot of people now keep tea bags to take a sip of their favourite beverage. If you too have tea bags and want to get the maximum space in your kitchen there is an easy way to store a bunch of them where you can’t store utensils the cabinet door. Just stick the little bags in the inside. Just stick the little bags in the inside. This trick isn’t just for tea bags but for anything small enough to be stuck there.


Countertop  AllImagesMapsVideosNewsMore Tools Collections SafeSearch Size Color Type Time Usage Rights kitchen

Everyone would like to have more space on their countertop and near the stove. But in most people’s kitchens scrubbers and plants take up some of the space which could have been used. It is best to keep the scrubbers and soap in an organizer or wire shelf which could be fit on the wall or somewhere nearby. The same goes for the potted plants. It is best to get hanging potted plants for your kitchen. Get your hands on a large cutting board, one that you could keep over the sink. When you’re running low space you could use the board to cut some vegetable. You could also use the board to cut some vegetable. You could also use the board for other purposes when you really need to.

Organize the fridge

Organize the fridge

It’s really important to check if things in the fridge have gone bad or not. Just like the pantry sort out the stuff, discard the rotten and bad products and place them the same way we did with the pantry; with the most used products at the front and top and the others at the back and bottom.

Use your backsplash rack

Use your backsplash rack

A backsplash can keep things organized and save some space on its own. You can make this much more useful. Fit magnetic strip on it and you can attach all your knives to it. Mount a few baskets on it and you wouldn’t have to worry about storing your seasoning, fruits or spices. You could even get a whole rack for keeping spices. And don’t forget to hang a towel.

Final Words

So there you have it, 11 simple tricks on how to organize a kitchen. If you use these tricks, your kitchen would be well organized and more spacious. Make sure to use them and soon your battle against the clutter in the kitchen would be over.

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Efficient way to squeeze lemon using manual squeezer

manual squeezer

manual squeezerLemon juice is an important ingredient in many kinds dishes like lemonade and yoghurt. You may also add this in your soup or salad. To get this lemon juice you might have used a lemon squeezer. This simple tool allows you to squeeze the sour juice out of a piece of lemon or lime by cutting the fruit in half and squeezing it cut side down. But what if I told you that there is is a better way of using the squeezer. Read on and learn an efficient trick which will come in handy.

Most people would just grab one and cut it in half, place it cut side down and squeeze it. But this is not the best way to use your squeezer. To get as much juice as possible, use this simple trick instead. Take the piece of lemon and cut out a thin piece of its outer skin. Then play set in the squeezer with the skin side down and press it. That’s how simply you could use your tool to get more lemon juice the next time you’re making a glass of lemonade or making a salad.

How to Clean a Masticating Juicer?


Juicing is fun but what about cleaning? Yeah it’s pretty hard, if you don’t know how to clean a Masticating Juicer rightly. Well, this article will provide you the clear concept on cleaning masticating juicer. Step by step instructions on cleaning a Masticating Juicer will be provided to give you the sense of happiness.

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Why it is important to keep your Masticating juicer clean?

There can be a question that Why should you clean a masticating Juicer with great attention.yes there’s a reason behind it. Cleaning is unseparated part if you like to enjoy the beauty of the world for long by staying healthy. It is not hidden that how masticating Juicer demands the outstanding place in our hearts by keeping your juice less oxidize during juicing. Less oxidation better quality nutrients.

From the very beginning, if there is the lacking to pay keen attention to the cleaning of the juicer then soon the day will come when you will regret for sure. Actually gunk will be seen in Juicer screen after several uses which often impossible to remove permanently.

What you must know before cleaning?

What are the things that you need to clean of a masticating Juicers? If you don’t have any slow masticating juicer or planning to buy one then this article is for you. Your long struggle will be end up for searching the correct juicer by learning the easiest option of cleaning a Masticating juicer. Yes these Juicers will be best for offering easy clean up process.

Before jumping to cleaning let us know the details of the parts that we need to clean. Cleaning each parts individually will help you to save your time. So it is also very important to know how to disassemble the juicer very quickly and how to go for cleaning. Parts of the masticating juicers that you are going to clean after juicing are:

  1. Hopper
  2. Drum
  3. Auger
  4. Juicing strainer
  5. Drum cap
  6. Juicing cup
  7. Pulp cup
  8. Pusher

It seems many by seeing the list but believe me it is the matter of few seconds. Just put your hand on it and find the work is done. Yes, really!! cleaning is so easy if you know the correct procedure.

How to disassemble the juicer?

First take out the pulp container and keep it in the kitchen sink. Then remove the pusher and hopper after making the delicious juice. Hopper sometimes known as berry tray which is very essential for the entire juicing process as through this you will enter your desired veggies and fruits to convert them into juice.

Open the Drum cap which is attached with the strainer. Afterwards it is the time to separate the strainer. Double strainer also have seen in case of different brands in that case you may open both for cleaning.

Most important part without which juicing will be the matter of dreaming only. Yes you got the correct point. I am telling you about auger or screw which will spin slowly to extract the juice from the provided fruits and veggies. At the end Juicer screen or drum will be left over to remove.

How to clean a masticating juicer? Tips for cleaning Masticating juicer:


Unplug the juicer and follow the instructions to disassemble the juicer parts that have been discussed above. Follow the steps properly to make it 1 minute easy task. Then soak the inner parts that are directly come in contact with the Juice during juicing.


Throw the pulp right after juicing. If you let it dry in the container then soon tough residue will build up on it. So what is easy ? Cleaning immediately after juicing or waiting for building up gunk which will make your holiday vanished by leaving pile of works to do. Plup container and strainer collect more pulp then other parts of the juicer. So pay keen attention while it is the time of cleaning both pulp container and strainer.


Rinse each of the pieces that need to be cleaned after separating from main motor. Warm running water will be beneficial for quick wash. Doing it help you to clean debris from the edges of the juicer parts. So don’t forget to check that everything is cleaned properly before jumping to next level.


Usually Juicer comes with a brush.If you don’t have any then buy small sized brush from the store and use it for cleaning Juicers only.

Fill up the sink with warm and sudsy water. Place the units and start brushing all to get the shiny look. Even though many manufacturer claim for rinsing without soap but it is not advisable for the natural oil comes from the juicing ingredients.


While you are done with cleaning, leave the parts on the drying rack to let it dry. You can reassemble after drying or leave until next juicing session.


Here is a good way discussed to clean up every nooks and crannies lately just within very short time if it is the matter of cleaning a Masticating Juicer.

Many would love to start a day with quick booster filled with vitamins and other blessings prior to their work. Obviously you haven’t enough time everyday to clean up and get ready for work. Then what will you do? Don’t worry as we are not telling you, cleaning is must after juicing.There is the tricks that you may follow during cleaning a Masticating juicer.

In case of short time, separate each parts immediately after juicing. Rinse all metal part under warm water and let it dry on the rack. Soak rest of the pieces in water while you are at work! When you get home from work, that’s the accurate time to clean up the rest. Take your time and enjoy!!

Final words

Cleaning Masticating Juicer is now full of fun as it takes a few minutes to complete whole juicing session. Prior cleaning was considered a tough job but this article on how to clean a Masticating juicer will surely work awesome by providing best feedback. The real technique on cleaning can save your time which will eventually allow you to spend more time to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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Juicing for Beginners Recipes – A Smart Guideline


Is juicing very difficult for newbie those are right now struggling for a healthy diet? Not at all as juicing for beginners recipes will reveal the easiest way for the beginners which will make the job more easier for sure. Actually juicing is the source of getting a ton of nutrients at a time. By accepting a glass of goodness beginning of the day will give you sturdy body to encounter with any difficulties.

Step by step guideline of Juicing for Beginners Recipes

Some individuals have the tendency of taking juices as the replacement of whole food what they are having everyday. I completely understand why do they think so. But the issue is here how will they get the fibres present in food which are consider very important for digestion. so juice can’t be the replacement of whole food.

Now the question that often comes how can a beginner start juicing ? To keep their tension away this article is going to prove very helpful as we keep in mind about the struggle of the beginners which they are probably going to face soon during juicing.

Who Can Get into Juicing?

Juicing is an art and the matter of great patience to continue juicing. So if you love doing it then do it. Or else keep it away from your daily routine as soon you will feel monotonous for the time that you are spending for it. For me I personally believe and love to get the real changes in my skin and body all because of loving juices that I take almost everyday. The amazing result you will find after continuing it for a month or two. Your skin will be more brighter and clearer, and most important you will be sick less often for obtaining varieties nutrients in your body through juicing.

Types of Juicer You May Pick

If you are new here for juicing then juicer is the most vital thing that you need to obtain at first. Without a juicer you cannot imagine about juicing. can you? Well, there are two types of juicers that are available all around: centrifugal ( fast juicer)and masticating (slow juicer).

The typical juicer that usually you grab from the store can be a centrifugal juicer. It is not recommended from me for the beginners for having numerous disadvantages. The main thing which I need to mention here is that it is not highly efficient to extract the juice from the ingredients that you put in for juicing. So what is the use of having such kind of juicer that will cost more by wasting ingredients. Even the performance in case of leafy greens is not appreciated like the masticating juicer. As centrifugal juicers having very fast spinning tendency so most often it creates the extra heat during juicing and making the juices slightly hot.

For being affordable and budget friendly product, many would love to get one for them. So if the purpose is here juicing occasionally or like to blend something for cooking then centrifugal will work better in limited budget.

For beginners and those who loved to get into juicing, slow juicer is the best option for covering a lot of advantages in a pack. The most interesting thing that the masticating juicer will even give you the pleasure of enjoying the last extract of nutrients from the food. So if you need to spend a little bit more than your expectation then it will be quite ok as it will deliver you the great deal of money by saving each penny on ingredients that will help you to get the good health that you want.

Cleaning is Essential After Juicing

Cleaning is the good option if you are ready to go with masticating juicer. Why? Wait, actually this juicer is very easy to clean although you are quite new about it. At the same time you can disassemble it without any hassle during cleaning.

So it’s enough of talking about juicer as now you have understood well about juicer. Now is the time to share the good, simple and obviously very delicious recipes to get you into juicing. Most of the recipes included only three ingredients and easy-to-find fruits and veggies so that you can get into juicing immediately. Even most of the fruits are naturally sweetens so it will taste great. Let’s get started will most wanted loving juice recipes for beginners.

Juicing For Beginners Recipes: (Recipes with correct Quantities)


ingredients needed:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Apple
  3. Celery

Green juice is admired as the part of perfect diet for containing multi vitamins in it. watery characteristics of cucumber and celery making it excellent candidate for juicing. In addition apple is going to add sweetness to the juice. Super refreshing and hydrating this green goddess is perfect for the hot summer.


Quantities that are required for Green Goddess Juice:

  • 2½ stalks of celery
  • 1/2 cucumber( large)and cut into quarters
  • 1 apple(medium)cut into eighths
  • 1 pear( medium) cut into eighths


Ingredients needed:

  1. Carrot
  2. Lemon
  3. Ginger

Many would love to get spicy kick of ginger? If you are among them then it’s specially for you. Carrot and lemon will able to give the great balance with Ginger.



Quantities that are required for Ginger Zinger Juice:

  • 2 apples(medium ) cut into eighths
  • 4 carrots
  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger
  • 1/4 lemon (remove peel )


Ingredients needed:

  1. Banana
  2. Pineapple
  3. Kale

This delicious juice is not recommended for centrifugal Juicers as it will not have such system to extract the juice from banana and kale. Use Hurom or same category juicer for juicing it well.


Quantities that are required for Tropi-Kale Juice:

  • 1/4 of a pineapple (skin and core removed) cut into 1” strips
  • 4 kale leaves
  • 1 banana( ripe)


Ingredients needed:

  1. Beet
  2. Strawberry
  3. Blueberry

This bright purple coloured juice is the combination of sweet fruity berries with beet. Regular purple beet is a little bit strong of a flavor, then try golden beet instead. Usually golden beets are naturally sweet and mild in flavor.


Quantities that are required for Antioxidant Blast Juice:

  • 2 beets(medium)cut into quarter
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup strawberries


Ingredients needed:

  1. Lemon
  2. Orange
  3. Ginger

Would you like to give power boost to your immune system? Then germ-fighting combo of these three ingredients will work like a magic.


Quantities that are required for Immune Booster Juice:

  • 2 oranges, quartered (remove peel)
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1 apple(medium) cut into eighths
  • 1/2” ginger


Ingredients needed:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Cantaloupe
  3. Celery

Surely you will experience the awesome taste of melon in this fruit and veggies juice. For more refreshing and energizing twist, add a few leaf of mint.


Quantities that are required for Cucumber Cooler Juice:

  • 1/4 cantaloupe(ripe), remove seeds and cut into chunks
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1/2 cucumber, cut into slices
  • 1/4 lemon (remove peel)

Final Words

Now is the time to put your hand on juicing for a super start. Juicing for Beginners Recipes are with you for helping you on the way to your journey of healthy life. So stop thinking and follow the storming power booster recipes.

How to Make Mixed Fruit Juices? Best Recipe Ever

Mixed Fruit Juices

Nowadays it’s a very common question “How to Make Mixed Fruit Juices”. There is no alternate of getting an awesome and delicious tasty beverage without mixing fruits together. This doesn’t mean that all of us have the same taste but the survey says that most of the people like the taste of mixing fruit juice.

If you don’t know the correct proportion of mixing fruits then the real taste will always be away after several attempts of making the delicious picture like juice. So this is the time to enjoy the varieties of the juices without sticking with the mono flavored packed fruit juices.

So leave the monotonous types of juices that you are enjoying for long and start bringing the new happiness that is lined up for long. Just it is the matter to bring your favorite fruits to make something very interesting, refreshing and energizing. Making fruits juices is also an art that may bring the fortune as it is not unknown that health is wealth.

How to Make Mixed Fruit Juices: Why mixed fruit juices are a blessing to you?

The golden time that you are getting each day is bringing something new to experience. So without stout body how would you expect that you will able to confront a complex situation.

Juicing mixed fruits together is a complete package containing multivitamins along with mineral to support and protect your body from upcoming diseases.while you will think about vitamins of ingredients at the same time keep in mind about the taste of the juice too. As without taste, your all effort will go in vain.

Mixed Fruit Juices

The first thing that all you need to do is to check the blessing that the ingredients contain. For a healthy diet, you can not consume only certain types of vitamins in large quantities as your body needs varieties of vitamins to stay stable and sturdy. Fruits which are loaded with essential fiber and mineral will certainly be the reason to energize and refresh you. So don’t forget to check the list of the fruits that you may bring together to make the juices and to stay healthy. By learning how to make mixed fruit juices may bring life-changing changes to your life.

Personally, I completely dislike to buy commercial juices as heavy doses of preservatives, colors, and sweeteners present in juice degenerating the vitamins and other blessings present in ingredients.

As energy boosters these fruits will work best:

  • mangoes
  • lychees
  • berries
  • grapes
  • watermelons
  • pineapples
  • oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Lemon

Use refreshing herbs to give extra flavor to your juice to make it outstanding. So these are few that you can try with:

  • mint
  • dill
  • basil

Actually, there are absolutely no ending of the choices of the fruits and herbs for getting the perfect fruit juices. If you are wondering to understand how you can make mixed fruit juice and use your experience to start-up then follow the step-by-step guides that have been depicted down.

1. Watermelon lychee granita


To beat the heat, this refreshing energize juice will work best. Just take few pieces of watermelon and place it in a serving glass along with ginger, few drops of lemon, 2 or 3 mint leaves and  1 lychee topped up to enjoy. Don’t forget to add enough ice cubes to make it chill before serving. That’s it. Just try and feel the cooling breeze during the hot summer.Watermelon lychee granita

2. Cool Kiwi juice

There is nothing needed if you are holding a glass of cool kiwi juice as the ingredients itself having the cooling quality. Cucumber, kiwi, and zing of Thai Ginger are perfect for making this piece of love at your hand.

Cool Kiwi juice

3. Virgin punch

As an instant power booster, this gonna be one of the best miracles. This fruits mixture will provide you a special power to increase the energy level. Apple orange mango and sparkling lemonade are enough to make this virgin punch.

Virgin punch juice

4. Grape nectar

This juice will susceptible you to taste the sweet and tangy flavor together in one glass. Grapes, lemon chunks and lychees are enough to make this cool mocktail.

Grape nectar juice

5. Pomegranate juice

This detoxifying juice is  packed with the goodness of beetroot and pomegranate. To build the strong immune system beetroot along with aloe vera and pomegranate work best. To stay hydrated and healthy in summer time don’t forget to try it.Pomegranate juice juice

6. Orange mixing juice

Oranges are great for the skin as it is the source of antioxidant and Vitamin C. Drinking it every day provide you glowing skin complexion. 4 oranges, one big apple, 2 cups black grapes, 1 cup kiwi pieces, 1 tablespoon sugar (optional), a lemon wedge for garnishing are enough for serving this Orange mixing juice.Orange mixing

Essential tips

  1. Bring your favorite fruits together to make homemade and healthy fruit juices.
  2. To get the containing energy from the fruits try to drink immediately after juicing. If you refrigerate it for long then it may decrease the nutritional value from the juice. In addition, you will not get the real taste of juices.
  3. Remove the fibrous core from the pineapple and then mix it with other ingredients.
  4. Peel off the tough skin of the fruits if it is necessary. Even don’t forget to separate seeds if it is hard enough to blend.
  5. Mix different types of colorful fruits together. Taste it and add sweetener if required. Some fruits are naturally sweet, in that case, stop using sugar to make most healthy fruit juices.
  6. To enhance the taste, lemon is the best option. So try it with most of the juices.

Final words

Making mixed fruit juices are significantly appreciated tasks for everyone. It’s an incredible beverage for getting extra health benefits doing less work. All vitamins of ingredients somehow connected to build strong protection wall to your body by providing required health benefits. So start juicing with mixed fruits by following the recipes that have been provided in the recipes section. Now, this is the end of asking how to make mixed fruit juice by varieties of fruits keeping together. So stop asking and just start juicing!!!

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