Chef’n Freshforce Citrus Juicer Review

chef’n freshforce citrus juicerA bowl of hot corn soup tastes quite good on It’s own. But you could add a little lemon juice to it and improve it’s flavor and nutritional value. This is just one of many dishes whose flavour could be enhanced by squeezing the citrus fruit over them. But wait. Are you sure your hand is enough to get the most out of the fruit? If you’re using that squeezing technique, you should know that using a manual citrus juicer like Chef’n Freshforce Citrus Juicer is a more effective way of juicing fruits.

Now there are many citrus juicers in the market and when you start looking for one to buy, you’ll probably be too confused to make any decisions. But a detailed review on a good, efficient squeezer might help a lot more than digging into a pool of random squeezer. That’s what this Chef’n Freshforce Citrus Juicer Review is about to do.

Chef’n Freshforce Citrus Juicer Review: 4 Amazing Features

Strong Combination of Nylon & Stainless Steel

No matter which kitchen appliance or tool you’re buying, there is one thing you have to keep in mind; which material it is made of. The same rules goes for juicers. Durability is the top priority for many people. This feature depends on the material used to make the product. That’s the main reason you should always check build. Many citrus juicers are made of steel.

Their steel build makes them heavy and difficult to use. Some might also bend under pressure. Plastic squeezers are also not the greatest squeezers you can use. But the Chef’n (Lemon) Freshforce Citrus Juicer is better that both in this regard. The Freshforce juicer is made on nylon and stainless steel, both of which make it stronger.

This juicer maybe quite tough but remember, it’s Strength durability is in your hands. Using a lot of force on the juicer will weaken it, eventually causing it break. So you should use the juicer carefully to prevent any damage.


Extracts More Juice

There is no doubt that a high yield of juice will be appreciated by everyone. However most citrus juicers are unable to extract any additional juice. This means that when you need a large amount of juice, when you’re making lemonade, for example, you’ll need another one or two fruits to get Get enough yield. But that’s not the case with Chef’n Freshforce, which is equipped with gears that can increase your yield of juice up to 20 percent.

This feature has another benefit, it can reduce hand fatigue. Just imagine how painful it is to squeeze a bunch of lemons for lemonade. Such an experience is certainly not fun. But this squeezer will make sure you won’t have to suffer that pain. Another advantage of using the juicer is that it reduces the amount of unwanted solid particles, releasing better juice.


Easy To Clean

Using most kitchen appliances is easy. Cleaning them, however can be a nightmare. Does this dreaded cleaning process keep you from buying this tool. If it does you be glad to know that cleaning the squeezer is neither time-consuming nor difficult. What’s even better is that it so dishwasher safe. There is no need for cleaning the squeezer manually.



The points you’ve read so far in our Chef’n (Lemon) Freshforce Citrus Juicer are on the advantages of using the squeezer. But there every product has it’s downsides. And in the case of the Freshforce Citrus Juicer, it’s the weight of the squeezer.

Weighing 0.3 kilograms it may make things less easier. But this does not mean that it is too heavy to work with. Even the best kitchen tools have downsides and just like every popular tool, this citrus juicers feature outweighs it’s actual weight.



  • Squeeze more juice with less pulp.
  • Dual gear mechanism.
  • Nylon and steel build.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • A bit heavy.
Final Words

Every squeezer has it’s own features and downsides making each one different from the other. The Chef’n (Lemon) Freshforce Citrus Juicers features make it unique and also a popular one. It’s build, durability and effectiveness make sure that it stands out as on of the best juicing tool out there. This tool, although mode of nylon and stainless steel, can be weakened by excess pressure and misuse, which can lead to damage only after a few months use.

This makes it very important to use it with care. If uses carefully, this will continue be your favorite juicing tool helping you in the long run. We hope that our Chef’n (Lemon) Freshforce Citrus Juicer Review will give you all the information you need to know about the juicer and compare it with other squeezers.

Citrus fruit juices are some of the most popular juices of all time, lemon juice being at the top. It can be used to make lemonade and yogurt and also enhance the flavor of many dish while adding vitamin C to your diet. To get the most out of your favorite citrus juicer like the Chef’n (Lemon) Freshforce Citrus Juicer.

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