How do Masticating Juicers Work? 6 important facts

Are you searching a juicer that will yield more juice to get all the existing nutrients from the food? Among the bundles of juicer in the present market masticating juicers are slightly different for being most selling and reviewing categorized product. But it is a common question how do masticating juicers work?

Are masticating juicers really work in the same way how they claimed? To know how it functions first you need to understand what does its name reflect? Than it would be easy to you understand how do masticating juicers work.  The word masticating symbolizes the chewing action what usually we do before galloping the food. So the way that the machine follows simply same as you do.

How do Masticating Juicers work?

The most important points that we keep in mind before writing this piece of work. Before jumping to the main article, just go through the points below to know how do masticating juicers work.

  • Design of Masticating Juicer
  • How does it Work?
  • Why these Juices are Beneficial for you?
  • Preserving all Effective Nutrients
  • Pricing of Masticating the Juice
  • Why should you pay more for Masticating Juicer?

Let’s get started with the above-mentioned options to understand how do Masticating Juicers work.

Design of Masticating Juicer

Commonly masticating juicers are available with feeding chute at the top. There is a separate section between auger and screen to put the veggies and fruits to crush or grind. An individual section is also available there to store the pulp from the fruit at the end of juicing. Extraction tube will give you the most desired outcome that you want for long.

Masticating Juicers

How does it Work?

These loving juicers work in very slow process as there is no engagement of the spinning system. Simply it squeezes out the juices from the food slowly through masticating. So there are very low chances of producing heat and friction. If you are very health conscious than you know better than in certain heat the enzyme stops working that is highly recommended for your body’s regular works. To get the enzyme in the correct way from the food heat and pressure plays an important role. So high friction less masticating ways can be the best options to get the perfect juice as it thinks simultaneously both your taste and health.


Why these Juices are Beneficial for you?

This vivid description about masticating juicers able you to understand about the slow working process. So there can be many questions arise on your part that why you should go with this slowly working technology although many other alternates are waiting for you and how it can be beneficial for your health?

making lemon jkkuice with Masticating juicer

Preserving all Effective Nutrients

It is quite amazing while masticating juicer does the work with great and effective way keeping all nutrients okay for performing its own duties. Although this whole process happens very slowly single gear also known as single auger and blade are capable to complete the task in astonishing way. While you will put veggies and fruits in feeding chute it will start to spin and crush the food until it is liquid enough to serve as juice.

On the other hand 80 to 100 rpm is the common operating speed that reveals how slowly it crush the entire food to get the liquid form. So these Masticating juicers are completely different than any other conventional juicers according to its rotating quality. Once this procedure has done then this liquid will be shifted to mesh filter. You may know it as a stainless strainer. This strainer will slowly provide you with the juices to enjoy the whole day. These masticating juicers extract the juice without any spinning action.


As it promised you to produce less heat during crush which ultimately reduces oxidation. As the blade of juicers moves slowly it helps to deduct oxidation. Oxidation is a very important factor that affects directly to the enzyme present in the fruit or veggies. If you take a bite from a delicious apple and left it somewhere. After a while, you noticed the inner soft white part turned into brown while it comes in contact with the oxygen present in the atmosphere. Actually Less or no oxidation helps to preserve the essential nutrients in the food.

On the other hand, it will give you a chance to preserve the juices for a long period of time. Many manufacturers claimed that the juices will be perfect.

Pricing of Masticating the Juice

Comparing prices with other juicers masticating juicers cost more as it deals with the great quality that you want for your use. So it is quite hard to find something with low cost. Even the initial cost prize of these Masticating juicers will not be nearly similar to the contemporary juicers if you are ready to get the good products at your hand. It is quite obvious that low-quality products unable to satisfy your desire where good quality products can deal with multiple functions.


Why should you pay more for Masticating Juicer?

Who doesn’t like to taste something very fantastic? There are no words if you get nutrients from the delicious juices. Juices are one of the best options that can make your body able to deal with difficulties which often your body affected from the surrounding. Although there is the debate on the taste, some say other juicers deal with the same taste what the masticating juicers do.

But regular user and those who switched over from another juicer to masticating juicers ensure that it is something different. How? Then let me tell you taste is the main factor which made it slightly different as it works with Masticating process. So there shouldn’t have any consideration about the prices that you need to spend to get the ultimate taste to keep your body sturdy.


Many manufacturers claimed that the juices will be perfect with its all vitamins, nutrients and enzyme up to 72 hours of refrigeration time. So it’s a great opportunity for all to save the golden time of our life.

In addition, these beautiful juicers produce very less noise since it runs at this slow speed. It is really annoying while scorching sound produced by other juicers grab the attention while you are busy in something.

Final words

Already you have known about its advanced technology and working ways. Staying healthy by following the proper system of preserving nutrients and vitamins, you will always find these Masticating juicers beside you. Once you have chosen this then it will be truly a blessing as it’s gonna be inseparable part of your daily life by keeping its promise. We are sure that our how do masticating juicers work article gave a complete idea.

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