How to Clean a Masticating Juicer?

Juicing is fun but what about cleaning? Yeah it’s pretty hard, if you don’t know how to clean a Masticating Juicer rightly. Well, this article will provide you the clear concept on cleaning masticating juicer. Step by step instructions on cleaning a Masticating Juicer will be provided to give you the sense of happiness.

Why it is important to keep your Masticating juicer clean?

There can be a question that Why should you clean a masticating Juicer with great attention.yes there’s a reason behind it. Cleaning is unseparated part if you like to enjoy the beauty of the world for long by staying healthy. It is not hidden that how masticating Juicer demands the outstanding place in our hearts by keeping your juice less oxidize during juicing. Less oxidation better quality nutrients.

From the very beginning, if there is the lacking to pay keen attention to the cleaning of the juicer then soon the day will come when you will regret for sure. Actually gunk will be seen in Juicer screen after several uses which often impossible to remove permanently.

What you must know before cleaning?

What are the things that you need to clean of a masticating Juicers? If you don’t have any slow masticating juicer or planning to buy one then this article is for you. Your long struggle will be end up for searching the correct juicer by learning the easiest option of cleaning a Masticating juicer. Yes these Juicers will be best for offering easy clean up process.

Before jumping to cleaning let us know the details of the parts that we need to clean. Cleaning each parts individually will help you to save your time. So it is also very important to know how to disassemble the juicer very quickly and how to go for cleaning. Parts of the masticating juicers that you are going to clean after juicing are:

  1. Hopper
  2. Drum
  3. Auger
  4. Juicing strainer
  5. Drum cap
  6. Juicing cup
  7. Pulp cup
  8. Pusher

It seems many by seeing the list but believe me it is the matter of few seconds. Just put your hand on it and find the work is done. Yes, really!! cleaning is so easy if you know the correct procedure.

How to disassemble the juicer?

First take out the pulp container and keep it in the kitchen sink. Then remove the pusher and hopper after making the delicious juice. Hopper sometimes known as berry tray which is very essential for the entire juicing process as through this you will enter your desired veggies and fruits to convert them into juice.

Open the Drum cap which is attached with the strainer. Afterwards it is the time to separate the strainer. Double strainer also have seen in case of different brands in that case you may open both for cleaning.

Most important part without which juicing will be the matter of dreaming only. Yes you got the correct point. I am telling you about auger or screw which will spin slowly to extract the juice from the provided fruits and veggies. At the end Juicer screen or drum will be left over to remove.

How to clean a masticating juicer? Tips for cleaning Masticating juicer:


Unplug the juicer and follow the instructions to disassemble the juicer parts that have been discussed above. Follow the steps properly to make it 1 minute easy task. Then soak the inner parts that are directly come in contact with the Juice during juicing.


Throw the pulp right after juicing. If you let it dry in the container then soon tough residue will build up on it. So what is easy ? Cleaning immediately after juicing or waiting for building up gunk which will make your holiday vanished by leaving pile of works to do. Plup container and strainer collect more pulp then other parts of the juicer. So pay keen attention while it is the time of cleaning both pulp container and strainer.


Rinse each of the pieces that need to be cleaned after separating from main motor. Warm running water will be beneficial for quick wash. Doing it help you to clean debris from the edges of the juicer parts. So don’t forget to check that everything is cleaned properly before jumping to next level.


Usually Juicer comes with a brush.If you don’t have any then buy small sized brush from the store and use it for cleaning Juicers only.

Fill up the sink with warm and sudsy water. Place the units and start brushing all to get the shiny look. Even though many manufacturer claim for rinsing without soap but it is not advisable for the natural oil comes from the juicing ingredients.


While you are done with cleaning, leave the parts on the drying rack to let it dry. You can reassemble after drying or leave until next juicing session.


Here is a good way discussed to clean up every nooks and crannies lately just within very short time if it is the matter of cleaning a Masticating Juicer.

Many would love to start a day with quick booster filled with vitamins and other blessings prior to their work. Obviously you haven’t enough time everyday to clean up and get ready for work. Then what will you do? Don’t worry as we are not telling you, cleaning is must after juicing.There is the tricks that you may follow during cleaning a Masticating juicer.

In case of short time, separate each parts immediately after juicing. Rinse all metal part under warm water and let it dry on the rack. Soak rest of the pieces in water while you are at work! When you get home from work, that’s the accurate time to clean up the rest. Take your time and enjoy!!

Final words

Cleaning Masticating Juicer is now full of fun as it takes a few minutes to complete whole juicing session. Prior cleaning was considered a tough job but this article on how to clean a Masticating juicer will surely work awesome by providing best feedback. The real technique on cleaning can save your time which will eventually allow you to spend more time to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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