How to organize a kitchen: 11 Exclusive way

Many people attempt to overcome the clutter and piles of utensils in their kitchen. However, most people don’t know how to organize a kitchen to make use of all the space they have. it might seem a difficult job to get a bit organized but this work can get much easier using a few smart tricks and if you use this tricks you wouldn’t have to battle with your pans and bowls to get some space for the collection of your coffee mugs. So don’t waste your time and check out the kitchen hacks we have in store for you.

Want to know How to organize a kitchen? 11 exclusive way is here

Organize your pantry

Organize your pantry

If you’re one of those people who just can’t find the stuff they’re looking for in their pantry. Don’t worry there is a simple yet effective solution for such a problem. First, you have to sort out which items you need the most and which you use occasionally. Then put the most needed ones at eye level and in a place where they are easy to grab with the others at the bottom. Also, make sure to keep the newest packets at the last with the open ones at the front. This way you can finish the oldest products first leaving the fresh ones for future use. You could further reduce the time needed to look for something is by sticking printed labels at the end of each line of items. This is how you can use your pantry more efficiently.

Organize kitchen tools

Organize kitchen tools

Putting all your kitchen tools together will increase your time in finding the right ones when you need them. Instead, try storing them in separate groups like knives, spoons and forks. This wouldn’t just help you grab stuff quicker it would make the utensils look more pleasing than a pile of tools.

Use organizer

Use organizer kitchen

Most people who use aluminium foil or plastic would struggle to keep them in a place which is easy to use them from. But why would you keep them in your drawers when you can use a more convenient, easy to wrap organizer? These will both provide a good place for your wraps and free a lot of space in your cabinet for served other things.

Wire shelf

wire shelf kitchen

Frying pans are things which are not easy to deal with when you’re trying to free up some space. This problem can be solved by using a wire shelf to store these utensils. You could fit a wire shelf anywhere on the wall but it is best to place it over your stove so you could simply take one start cooking without wasting time on looking for them. How convenient!

Spice rack

Spice rack

When a lot of spices are put together in one place it becomes hard to know which is which unless you have a closer look. If you don’t want to get through all of that hassle, try using a spice rack. With this, you can group your spices according to colour appearance or any way you want. The problem of recognizing the spices can be easily eliminated by sticking labels to the jars. Now the spices would hardly give you any trouble.

Tension Rods

tension rods kitchen

Tension rods in your kitchen might be keeping kitchen towels right now but they’re capable of holding more than just towels. Use them to keep your tools. you could use them to keep your spray bottles and hang little packets of spices or other things you may need.

Baskets and bins

Baskets and bins kitchen

Keeping everything together in your kitchen cabinet is not a good idea. Sort things out make a few groups and put each group in separate baskets. Try to get ones which will fit in your cabinet or your or your kitchen cart. You could stack one basket over another which would come in handy when you store them in a cabinet. Again don’t forget to label them or you would have to go on a treasure hunt to find your favourite frying pan.

Cabinet doors

Cabinet doors kitchen

A lot of people now keep tea bags to take a sip of their favourite beverage. If you too have tea bags and want to get the maximum space in your kitchen there is an easy way to store a bunch of them where you can’t store utensils the cabinet door. Just stick the little bags in the inside. Just stick the little bags in the inside. This trick isn’t just for tea bags but for anything small enough to be stuck there.


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Everyone would like to have more space on their countertop and near the stove. But in most people’s kitchens scrubbers and plants take up some of the space which could have been used. It is best to keep the scrubbers and soap in an organizer or wire shelf which could be fit on the wall or somewhere nearby. The same goes for the potted plants. It is best to get hanging potted plants for your kitchen. Get your hands on a large cutting board, one that you could keep over the sink. When you’re running low space you could use the board to cut some vegetable. You could also use the board to cut some vegetable. You could also use the board for other purposes when you really need to.

Organize the fridge

Organize the fridge

It’s really important to check if things in the fridge have gone bad or not. Just like the pantry sort out the stuff, discard the rotten and bad products and place them the same way we did with the pantry; with the most used products at the front and top and the others at the back and bottom.

Use your backsplash rack

Use your backsplash rack

A backsplash can keep things organized and save some space on its own. You can make this much more useful. Fit magnetic strip on it and you can attach all your knives to it. Mount a few baskets on it and you wouldn’t have to worry about storing your seasoning, fruits or spices. You could even get a whole rack for keeping spices. And don’t forget to hang a towel.

Final Words

So there you have it, 11 simple tricks on how to organize a kitchen. If you use these tricks, your kitchen would be well organized and more spacious. Make sure to use them and soon your battle against the clutter in the kitchen would be over.

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