Juice Recipes for Kids – Keep them Quite Healthy

Juicing are incredibly growing up all over the world and giving us the topic to think that does juice really have such enormous blessings quality on kids to keep them quite healthy. Being a mother, it is quite hard to understand how to feed a baby if they are really allergic to fruits and veggies. And the matter often depends on the quantity too. So we need to realize precisely that which fruits and veggies contains multivitamins and can give you the awestruck results by eating it in small quantities. To feed them perfectly it is important to know juice recipes for kids.

Juice recipes for kids

If you are thinking about juicing for your kids then it is really a good replacement of eating a huge amount of multi tasted dishes instead. Juicing can open the platform of selecting all the nutrients from the food according to our wishes. During juicing you need to remember about the taste of the juice that you made for your sweet child. Picking something randomly and directly adding with other ingredients to make the most healthy and beneficial juice for your child will not come to your help if the taste is not delicious that it should be. Remember the presentation and positive appearance of drinking juice can bring huge changes to the mind of your child. Then they will be psychologically ready to take any drinks which you will offer. Keeping my son’s taste in mind I thought of sharing these loving recipes with you and your fussy kids so that they also can have the stout body to survive.

Say yes

Say yes for the small effort especially when they are trying out something newly made fresh juice and completely opposed to admitting that it is delicious. Then share your tasting experience regarding the same juice may bring a positive sense once again while you will offer them again to drink.

Juice recipes for kids

Tips for introducing juicing to your child:

  1. Get them involved in the whole juicing process. It is not recommended to give your child a chance to juice anything directly as the machine is not suitable for the Little Champs. So what to do? How can you get them involved in the work? The best option is to bring them to the super shop to select their fruits and veggies according to their choice. Let them decide which juice you are going to make today for everyone and let them serve too. This gonna be a very interesting way to get their engagement in the work at the same time they will be very passionate to know the combination of the fruits that deals with the delicious taste ever.
  2. To Grab the children’s taste, start working with the fruits first. The taste of fruits is extremely better than the veggies according to the children. Introduce vegetables slowly as they will be needed more time to adjust with the taste of veggies.
  3. To make your fussy eaters satisfied always strain the juices before giving it to their hand. If your juicer is able to make Smooth juices then this extra hassle is not needed at all.
  4. Fresh juice tastes good while it is cold so chill it before serving to them.
  5. To get the eye-catching look use colorful serving glasses and straws to make them more exciting to finish it all.

Juice Recipes for your fussy kids

  • Apple Lemonade
  • Apple, beetroot and carrot juice
  • Carrot & Orange

To make the beverage tasty, quantities of ingredients are also important. Keeping all the things in mind here these kids friendly recipes are presented below for your loving fussy eaters. Following the steps, you can present a glass of delicious drinks to your kid to bring sound health.

  • The time required: 5 minutes
  • Category: drinks
  • Cuisine: European

Ingredients needed for apple lemonade:

  • 2 Apples
  • ½ small lemon ( For 250 ml of juice)

Ingredients needed for Apple, beetroot and carrot juice :

  • 1 apple
  • 2 carrots
  • 50g beetroot

Ingredients needed for Carrot & Orange juice:

  • 4 carrots
  • 2 orange ( For 500ml of juice)

Juice recipes for kids

Process of making juice for kids


Cleaning the fruits and vegetables well is mandatory to stay healthy. As it is all about your little angel health matter so there shouldn’t have any consideration at all. Try to pick organic fruits and veggies which will make you completely satisfied after having a glass of juice. So remember to wash before jumping to the next process.


it is well known to everyone that some Juicers doesn’t allow you to use whole fruits during juicing. So know the function of your loving juicer which you are going to use for juicing. However, some juicers are giving you well opportunity to pick the whole fruits for juicing by pressing it down in the juicer. In case of chopping the fruits separate the seeds if you don’t know what does this certain portion contains. Juicing fruits with seeds sometimes consider good for health but if you are not sure about it then it is better to skip.

Chilling and serving

Before it is clearly cited that cold juices taste well. Because of the friction during juicing extra heat produced which may make your juice slightly warmer. So chill it before serving and try to use ice cubes to make it more extraordinary.


There is no option to get the fresh yummy taste of juice after placing it in the refrigerator. If you are forced means make them in bulk then keep for 48 hours in the fridge. And then keep on enjoying it!!!!

Final words

Although there are many other recipes available for kids I found these three juice recipes for kids works better for my champ. Some of you are quietly depressed while you have seen your kids don’t have any interest in juice. Even they are making troubles when you offer them multi-nutritional foods to eat. So how your kids will get the required energy to work and to survive. If you are worried then try this recipes which I share with you. It may bring good results that you were trying for long. So no worries from today, just your child and start juicing!!!!

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