Kitchen Safety Rules: Simple yet Mandatory

Kitchen is the place where we prepare one of our most basic everyday need. Our meals. It’s a place where we like to have everything clean and tidy because, come on, who’d want to have a dirty and untidy place to cook their food and let’s not forget how unhygienic that is. But above all else is knowing “kitchen safety rules” because we don’t want our hands to get burnt while cleaning the stove nor do we want to cut ourselves with a knife while tidying the kitchen tools, right?

So do you want to stay safe from minor accidents that could easily be avoided? If you are, here are some  kitchen safety rules to remember while cooking.

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Simple Kitchen Safety Rules to stay healthy

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of germs before starting any cutting or cooking. A very important rule to remember from the KITCHEN SAFETY RULES. We don’t want to have any tummy ache nor do we like unhygienic food which could result in diarrhea or any other diseases.

Keep flammable objects away

Keep flammable objects away

Make sure to take off any ring or dangling accessory. Keep long hair tied at the back. Try to avoid wearing loose clothes which are quick to catch fire. Wear an apron, keep your sleeves rolled up.

Wash Vegetables Properly

wash veg

Wash the vegetables and fruits properly to get rid of the dirt and germs. Use vegetable cleaning solutions with water and soak them in a bowl for 5 minutes to get any bacteria out of it.

But if the solutions are not available , mix water with a teaspoon of salt, dilute it, or throw on some Neem leaves on the water, soak them along with the fruits and vegetables for 5 to 10 minutes.

It’s an easy fix to get rid of the pesticides and the germs. These sort of homemade fixes are also part of KITCHEN SAFETY.

Avoid Touching unclean Contaminated Surfaces

Avoid Touching unclean Contaminated Surfaces

Try to avoid touching or doing something while you’re cutting raw meat or fish. Raw meats are easy to get effected by bacteria, which is why remember to always keep your hands clean when you work with them.

Keep children away

Keep children away cooking

Keep children away while cooking and avoid rushing or running while working in a kitchen. Keep appropriate distance from others while working with a knife or working around a stove.

KITCHEN SAFETY RULES also requires you to keep calm even while your cooking pot caught fire, because rash decisions can lead to bigger disasters. Rushed movements or tripping over something can cause accidents, take time while you’re working with fire or sharp things.

Use Sharp Objects Carefully

Use Sharp Objects Carefully kitchen

While using a knife or a cutter always keep it away from the body and make sure to grip their handles tight enough for it to not slip. Clean the knives and dry them immediately after using them especially after cutting anything sour with it, to prevent it from rusting.

Use Safety Covers

Use Safety Covers in knife kitchen

Keep the knives and sharp tools in wooden boxes or with safety covers. One of the most important KITCHEN SAFETY RULE is to be careful while handling sharp knives or cutters. Be extra careful while washing and drying them.

Hand hot things Carefully

Use safety gloves kitchen

Use safety gloves before moving a pot from the stove and before taking or putting something in the oven. Burns are one of the most commonly occurred accidents which happens during cooking.

A common rule from the KITCHEN SAFETY RULES is to keep precaution while handling hot things. Safety gloves , oven mitts and kitchen pliers are recommend to keep in your kitchen for having a more convenience while you prepare your meal.

Use Potholders

Use Potholders

Hot pots can easily damage your kitchen tiles or can burn a hole on your favorite table cloth. Use potholders to prevent damage from hot pots and cup mats for a hot cup of beverage.

Secure hot items

Secure hot items kitchen

An important KITCHEN SAFETY RULE is to not leave the kitchen while something is on the stove and turn the potholders away from the front while cooking to prevent it from any accidental spilling, it prevents from have unexpected burns.

Secure Electrical Appliances

Secure Electrical Appliances kitchen

Check the electric appliances before working with it and try to avoiding sensitive places while rinsing it with water. Wet hands are a big ‘no’ in the KITCHEN SAFETY RULES while handling an electronic machine. Make sure to keep your hands dry before switching any switches off.

Promote Hygiene

Promote Hygiene kitchen

Hygiene is a prioritized rule among other KITCHEN SAFETY RULES. Clean and sanitize the stove, kitchen counter and tools after using and dry the metal tools to prevent it from rusting.

Final Words

Dirt and germs are all around us that is why we have to keep our  kitchen clean and hygienic while also making sure to minimize accidents and injuries. These kitchen safety rules are the key to opening the lock of health and safety.

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