Omega J8006 Review: An Impressive Juicing Machine

Many juicers along with Omega J8006 have been an unseparable part of juicing industry. Actually these offer great features along with all suitable benefits. So most of us have indulged in collecting nutrition from the ingredients with a random juicer which is affordable and seems sturdy. But is it wise to have a juicer that even can’t fulfill the requirements that you are actually seeking in your juicer. So picking anything will never be a correct decision.

First of all you need to have a correct juicer what can understand and fulfill your need. In this sense, multifunctional juicer will be required to go through different directions of juicing. As Omega covers quite a lot of criteria so it makes sense to have it during your juicing war. It performs well according to the great customer reviews and their rating. It surely serve you well with it’s super special features for what it made for.

Omega J8006 review

If there is tough fight to make the juices as often the current juicer stops functioning or clog up to make the entire process hard then this article may give you the relief. To make every way possible to get a great friend in your kitchen, you should learn each of the small details of the omega J8006 juicer till the end.

Nutrition facts

Omega is a nutrition center as it is enough to take out the last ounce of juice from the produce. Even it works well for leafy greens. So whatever you have at you may through to the juicer to juice. Make sure you are cutting in into pieces before jumping to juicing. So this juicer will give you taste of spontaneous juicing. Moreover, the parts which are available with Omega J8006 are super qualified to make all natural nut butter, frozen fruit sorbets,baby food, ground beans and so on. So if you have this Omega product at your home you can find a way to get the sturdy body with natural nutrition.

Blessing of Single Auger

We all have the concept that double auger is best while the quality of the product is well enough. It even spreads the happiness by extracting the last drops of nutrients leaving drier pulp. All qualities are good. But you have forgotten the most important and unavoidable part of juicing and that is clearing. Cleaning is complicated with double auger juicer which finally lessen the interest on juicing.

Omega J8006 picks up the point front of the necessity of single auger for making the juicing more exciting. It comes with single auger which performs almost same as juicer included double auger. Even you would be amazed that Omega J8006 offers easy and quick cleaning option for coming front in the queue of popular best slow masticating juicers. Isn’t it great?

Working speed

Low working speed at 80 RPM results in less heat build up during juicing. Heat is also an important factor in case of healthy nutritious juice. As in extreme heat enzyme is destroyed and therefore there’s no value of taking a glass of juice before starting daily struggle. Omega works at standard speed of 80rpm which is suitable for proper environment. As the entire process happens slow thus there is minimal oxidation which keeps the promise of storing the juicer for longer periods of time. Actually it offers 72 hours of storing time.


Simple arrangements make J8006 an impressive piece which is very easy to handle. So juicing has become a part of our life with a perfect juicer only when it’s simple parts arrangements clarification are over there for us. There are few tasks that are engaged in juicing are cutting, feeding, getting juice and cleaning.Yes cutting too would be required for this version for having a bit small feeding chute. But it is fun to do as there won’t the change of clogging which irritated people a lot and waste more time on unclogging. So what’s the use to go for so fast.

Long lasting quality

Being a Masticating juicer, it works slow and produces less noise. As it functions slow, it covers a long life span which is suitable for those who value each penny!! Most of the parts like crome part and gear are very sturdy as it made of metal and other parts which directly involved in juicing is made of pastic. Although there comes some issue with plastic parts but thanks for the warrenty which can solve the issue at once. So carry on juicing with Omega J8006 for long lasting quality with impressive juicing!!

Special specifications

  • Product dimensions: 14.5 × 6.5 × 15.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.87 pounds
  • Voltage: 110/120
  • Wattage: 200 Watts
  • Speed: 80 RPM


  • More yield with drier pulp
  • Slow speed of 80 RPM
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Large feed tray
  • Quiet operation
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Require immediate clean up


1. Can we find the texture of fibres in the juice using this Omega J8006?

Ans: yes, of course there is the texture but it is consistent.

2. Are the juicer parts made out of plastics?

Ans: Not really. The body means chrome part and the transmission inside the body also contains gears are made of metal. But the parts which are actually involved in juicing are plastics.

3. Is Omega J8006 a cold press juicer?

Ans: Yes! As it produces very low heat which has made it a cold press juicer.

Final words

Obviously your timid-eye will be relaxed by knowing that there is something stand behind you to provide all probable beneficial services which covers almost all juicing directions. Only there is a word ‘wow’ for Omega as it spreads happiness after each juicing session. There will be great smile along with less burden of cleaning. So value your time and money with Omega J8006 that are designed to be the best among all.

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