Efficient way to squeeze lemon using manual squeezer

manual squeezerLemon juice is an important ingredient in many kinds dishes like lemonade and yoghurt. You may also add this in your soup or salad. To get this lemon juice you might have used a lemon squeezer. This simple tool allows you to squeeze the sour juice out of a piece of lemon or lime by cutting the fruit in half and squeezing it cut side down. But what if I told you that there is is a better way of using the squeezer. Read on and learn an efficient trick which will come in handy.

Most people would just grab one and cut it in half, place it cut side down and squeeze it. But this is not the best way to use your squeezer. To get as much juice as possible, use this simple trick instead. Take the piece of lemon and cut out a thin piece of its outer skin. Then play set in the squeezer with the skin side down and press it. That’s how simply you could use your tool to get more lemon juice the next time you’re making a glass of lemonade or making a salad.

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