Tribest Slow Juicer Review: A Great Love

Moments can be pretty tough to decide which one to pick, Tribest Slow Juicer or something else. While you are in dilemma then this article on Tribest Slow Juicer Review surely guide to you to understand – will Tribest able to bring the perfection in your diet plan? Its works will certainly make you the fan of this great product which already earned well-deserved seal of approval from other users.

Although it’s a great purchase but there is still something to consider before buying anything related to juicer. However, cleaning up this juicer is a pretty tough job if you are not an expert using this for long time. But to get something good obviously you need to do a bit more that you can do for ordinary one. Well let us heed towards the elaborate discussion on the features what we should look for before buying a juicer for us.

Tribest slow juicer review

Is Tribest will provide you the proper way possible to earn good health? To discover the fact, it is important to understand the features of rivals of this categorize juicer. Very closest rival of this line is Hurom. Then it’s worth comparing this great love with Omega’s VSJ843 Series—VSJ843R and VSJ843Q models.  These juicers come with almost same features to satisfy the users need. So let’s have clear glance on it’s every nook and crannies to find the best juicer that suits your desire.

The special mincer

What makes Tribest more advanced than others? How did it get extra processing power aside from extracting juice from fruits and veggies. Only the mincer makes it possible that comes along with the juicer and more surprisingly the price range will be same compared to other juicers without mincer. So what do you think? What will make you benefited to gain the access in world of winners? Obviously it’s your sweetheart Tribest.

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Using Tribest is fun

Tribest slow juicer is really very good and appreciated product for being straightforward which often excels it’s usability. To be something very special it comes with compact design creating easy operation.  So there are less things to assemble and therefore less chance to have pain.

Think what if only a few parts there to put together to get the great option of juicing. Yes it’s true as you need to handle only  the motor base, auger housing, auger, juicing screen, pulp wiping assembly, and the auger housing lid with hopper to start getting a glass of most healthy and beneficial drinks. Oh yes don’t forget to place juice and pulp storing containers to place before juicing.


Many of us think about cleaning of a juicer, before buying it and therefore spend hours on searching which product is having the easiest cleaning option. Do you really think easy cleaning option is the only measurement for considering a product good or bad. Actually the answer is no as the main concern should be related to the juices made by individual juicers nor the cleaning option.

Let’s see what made the cleaning challenging to this vertical slow juicer.

As you know that it’s not dishwasher safe so cleaning manually is the only option to choose.

As juicer screen gathers fibers and so it’s very complicated to wash. Be sure to wash it through running tap water first and after that follow the instructions on how to clean a Juicer.

Silicone components are having the tendency of accumulating molds so pay keen attention during cleaning up this section. Separate each, Clean and dry- this is how you can balance on doing everything perfectly with short time.

Juice quality

There is nothing to emphasize on the juice quality of the juicer.  It is producing bone dry pulp with quality juices having all sorts of nutrients in to make you feel as fit as a fiddle.

As it is having the quality of turning all sorts of fruits and veggies into juices so it is extremely ideal.  Obviously you will not seek a juicer having particular fruits and veggies to juice. So in this case, Tribest Slowstar is top pick products for those who want to drink healthy beverage.

However, 47 RPM ensures less oxidation, therefore fresh and flavorful juices for longer periods of time. So no comparison with the taste and the quality. All in one with Tribest.

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Multiple functions

If you are bored with the juices then hold as sauces, nut butter and sorbets will be available there at once if Tribest is there to serve you. Actually mincer attached with the juicer given it extra power to compete it’s rivals.

Some juicers are there strictly employed to juice but Tribest thinks for you and therefore mincers are attached with this and doing multiple functions at once.

Product specifications

  • Type: Masticating Juicer
  • Juice Quality: High
  • Juice Shelf Life: 72 Hours
  • Chute Size: 2.5 x 1.5 inch
  • Build: BPA Free Plastic
  • Design: Vertical
  • Noise Level: Very Low
  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Motor: 9 HP (47 RPM)
  • Wattage: 200 Watts
  • Best for: Juicing Soft & Hard
  • Produce, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Beans & Nuts
  • Application: Home & Personal


  • Very compact construction
  • Perfect for all types of food and veggies
  • Able to process non-dairy products
  • Working at 47 RPM which make it able to extract more juices
  • Double-edged  blade auger made it capable almost jam-free juicing
  • 72 hours of juicer shelf life
  • BPA free components
  • Quite an operation
  • Juice cap prevents leaks and drips


  • Small feeding chute
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Slow operation
Final words

There is no doubt that Tribest is a high-end product able to make someone indulge in juicing once started working with this.

Although some feel disinterested for buying Tribest Slowstar Vertical Masticating Juicer only for having difficult cleaning option but still it is extremely expert and efficient on its work of making nutrients rich drinks to start a great day. So don’t spend time on thinking only, start using this to make a glass of juice each day to find the revolutionary changes in you.

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