What is Masticating Juicer? Good to Know

If you are very health conscious than you must have a little knowledge about what is masticating juicer. But have you ever asked yourself that what you know all about masticating juicer is enough?  There are maybe still something more to know about it. After a lot of research today here the vivid description is presented about most important facts of masticating juice for your help.

What is masticating juicer?

These masticating juicers sometimes known as cold press juicer or slow juicer. Now you may ask the question why the same juices having multiple name? If you pay close attention to the name you will find that it reveals the reflection of work that masticating juicers actually do? So it would be rightly to say that it’s a sort of juicer  which works very slow having the lowest spinning tendency that eventually turning into blessings by yielding maximum juices. They simply work by crushing and pressing  to get the juice out of the ingredients where the single auger (screw) having slow rotating tendency. Its not all about the masticating juicer as it is further divided into three groups:

•Twin Gear Juicers
•Vertical Juicers
•Horizontal Juicers

Each of the individual categories having speciality which is revealed below.

Many claim that these juicers are keeping the nutrients and enzymes effective which is extracted from fruits and veggies. And there is nothing to say that why it is important to get the juice with effective nutrients and enzymes. It is well known that in certain heat enzyme doesn’t work. But the masticating juicer producing very less heat and giving the opportunity to the enzymes to function correctly according to some. So don’t you think it is very essential and exciting to know what is masticating juicer.

Do Masticating Juicers Preserve the Nutrients ?

In case of nutritional quality everyone urges to get the best quality that they can get. If you think about quality and quantity of juice then let me tell you that it depends on two factors: how much force is applied to get the juice out from pulp and how nicely the plant fibre are broken down.

Grinding and chewing action considered the most effective way to breakdown the plant cell and membrane. These quality is directly followed by masticating juicer rather than spinning in high speed. The juice which is carried out by the most glorious masticating Juicers is really good for containing all nutrients in action. All the environment which is created while our machine is in work are having completely positive aspect to the  extracted juice from the food. So if you completely careful to the word ‘nutrition’ than there is no worry at all.

For another best quality, masticating juicer is well known for having two stainless steel gears which ensures the proper breakdown of the food while the ingredients are passing through very small gaps between it.

How does the speed affect to the juice?

Is speed have any interference to make you more healthy? Many stuck themselves by thinking about the rotation per minute ( RPM) as they indulge in this misconception that the slower the RPM the better the juice is. In reality speed doesn’t have any effect on your juice other than the time it takes to process your food.

Although masticating juicer comes with low rotating power still it tends to breakdown the ingredients to get more juice from the food. Besides large auger,  applied pressure and force to separate the juice from pulp is also important factor for masticating juicer which has given it the title of being most qualified products in the market.

For having complicated parts and time taking slow juicing tendency, these sort of masticating juicer often been  branded with an inconvenience. While you will think about the quantity and quality then every concern will not be a great deal to you.

Like other things related to our life have pros and cons, in the the same masticating Juicers have different qualities. Let us figure it out to understand is it the right juicer for you.

Enough juice:

It yields Maximum liquid from the fruits, veggies, nuts or whatever you want to get the liquid from. This is the bonus point which will make you extremely happy. Be pleased for not having any sharp balde or parts that may the reason of hurt during your work.

Effortless to disassemble:

It is really very quicker to disassemble all the parts of masticating Juicers. If you ask why than answer is simple. Actually it is attached part by part together instead of screwed or melded shut like other electronic Juicers. So it’s a five minutes job to wash out all the extra leftover products after juicing.

Last longer than other conventional products:

5 -10 years warranty is very usual for most of the brand available in the market but this Juicers often tend to outlive warranty period quiet often. Moving parts are making it able to serve longer period of time.

This details are not really a pure pro fest so let’s have a look on cons too.


A good quality masticating Juicer demands little bit high than any other juicer. But not that much what you think about.  So it’s really up to a buyer, how much they would find them comfortable to spend on a single juicer.

Cleaning can be hassle sometime:

It’s true that fruit grinder is a bit hard to wash sometimes. Technical and specialized brushes are also sold along with these juicers or sometime it simply packed in with the products. So it is also depends on the brand that you are going to pick.


Weight is also a factor as this juicer going to be your daily companion. If it is overweight that would be hard for all to move it. Motor house which is in  machine’s centre, combined with the rest of its body which weight around 18 pounds where some commanding parts weigh around 20 pounds. Some other sporting are 16 pounds. Before purchasing it, think about the weight of the machine and extraordinary quality that the machine have during juicing.

Final words

Now it is completely clear all about what is masticating juicer. The functioning policy of masticating Juicers really awesome for it’s extremely careful attention to bring out the last drop of juice from the provided ingredients.